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Laohei Mountain

4.6/5257 Reviews

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Wudalianch Scenic Aream, Wudalianchi City
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About Laohei Mountain

Laohei Mountain, also known as Black Dragon Mountain, commonly known as Xianren Mountain, is a dormant volcano. It is one of the typical volcanoes in Wudalianchi. Due to its typical landforms, the forest is composed of black pumice. The green vegetation in summer and the white snow in winter can't hide its black luster, so it is called Black Dragon Mountain. The surrounding area of ​​Laohei Mountain is a lava platform. Many years ago, when the volcano erupted, the lava went along the white river, forming "Stone Dragon". The stone dragon scene is rare and is a famous landscape of the Laohei Mountain. Looking far away like the waves of the sea, myopia is strange. The strange lava channel and the stalactite in the lava cavity are attached to the walls of the cave. It is a wonder.

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  • 无疆行

    The scenic spots are worth playing, and the management of the scenic spots is poor. I drove to play on August 7th, and provided some experience: 1. Today, Sunday, there were many people. I arrived at the parking lot at 8:30, queued up and entered the last few parking spaces. After that, I stopped at the roadside. It was unsafe and I had to walk more. The parking fee is 5 yuan, which is quite cheap. 2. Vehicle queuing, must follow the people to queue to buy tickets first, so as to save time, ticket window on two, queue is very long. 3. Take a minibus for a few minutes to the destination crater. Walk from Shihai to Andromeda Palace. The uphill road has a gentle slope, but it's a long distance. Walking along the crater to the top of the mountain, you can see a lot of beautiful scenery. Then down the steeper mountain road. There is no obvious sign on the top of the mountain. Ask more people. Today, many people go down without seeing the crater. Some people don't walk around because there is no sign. 4. It takes a long time to go to Huoshan to take a battery car, and the scenery along the road is also very good. At the destination, there are several pavements, you can walk, especially a few pools Damei. There is a viewing platform in the third pool, but you need to buy a 100 yuan ticket to get in. If you don't want to spend money, you can visit the small pool next to it. There are reeds, which make you feel better. After the tour, return to the original road to take a bus. 5. I arrived at the scenic spot at 8:30. It took me a lot of time to stop and buy tickets. It took me 5 hours to go to the scenic spot at 1:30. 6. There are not many toilets in the scenic area. They are all simple ones like mobile toilets. They need to be queued up one by one. If you see fewer people and hurry to line up, otherwise more people will waste more time. 7, the landscape is not introduced, there are dramatic suspicions, anyway, I feel very beautiful, it is worth visiting.

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    Reviewed on 1470577773000
  • 爱弥尔的理想国

    Volcanic eruption, lava eruption around, at the same time, the hot torrent rushed to the distance, where life instantly turned into smoke. Lava falls to the ground, cracks and cools, forming a porous stone sea, full of coke, a dead silence, like a battlefield without a single armor left behind. I don't know how many years later, birds, or the wind, brought seeds, scattered in the cracks of differentiation, germination, rooting, flowering, and the result, life began again. This is the earth, constant, impermanent, birth and death, cycle after cycle.

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    Reviewed on 1470917086000
  • qd5967837

    Old Montenegro is the tallest of 14 volcanoes. The mountain is towering with an elevation of 515.9 meters. The forest is mostly composed of black pumice, which is called "Old Montenegro". Panshan Road can reach the top of the mountain on both sides of the East and the north. There is a funnel-shaped crater on the top of the mountain. Its diameter is about 350 meters, and its depth is about 140 meters. Its inner wall is steep and the scene is brilliant. There are footpaths around the crater, and looking down at the bottom of the crater is daunting. Old Heishan, also known as Heilongshan, is the second largest volcano in Wudalianchi. The volcanic landform here is complete and the landscape is peculiar. It is called a rare exhibition hall of volcanic geology by geologists. It mainly consists of "Shihai", "Shuixian Cave", "Andromeda Palace", "Volcanic Forest", "crater" and other scenic spots.

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    Reviewed on 1491987103000
  • 渭南松赞干布

    Laoheishan volcano, located in Wudalianchi City, Heilongjiang Province, is the second largest volcano with an elevation of 515.9 meters. Panshan Road is needed to climb up the crater. The crater is funnel-shaped, with a diameter of about 350 meters and a depth of about 140 meters. There are pavements around the crater, which can be seen in circles. The volcano erupted for the first time in 1741 and many weeds were found growing in the crater. Laoheishan is surrounded by lava platform, which is a 10 km long stone sea formed by the flow of lava ejected in that year. Down from the crater and along the trestle road, you can enjoy the various shapes of the Shihai Sea.

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    Reviewed on 1520896634000

    The best scenic spot of Wudalianchi is worth visiting. Ticket 78 yuan, battery car 25 yuan, this battery car is too valuable, the entrance to take the bus to the scenic spot, boarding the old Montenegro, watching the crater of the old Montenegro volcano, down the mountain, take a 40-minute shuttle bus to see the fire burning mountain, to three pools by boat, 100 yuan ticket, it is too expensive to just watch the fire burning mountain, but it must take the battery car, this is the best battery car I have ever taken, the scenery on both sides is beautiful.

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    Reviewed on 1468749759000
  • E62****743

    It was a good trip I had which helped me to relieve some stress and boredom and it was very exciting too with some mystery and history which I would recommend to to anybody who wanna trip.

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    Reviewed on 1565103941000
  • 当地向导文学自助游

    Lao Heishan is located in Wudalianchi Scenic Area. It is famous for its barrier lake, Weibo, North-South Yaoquan and ice cave. It is a tourist scenic spot after the eruption of volcanoes. The lake also has local specialty carp delicacies.

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    Reviewed on 1473638418000
  • Lv混混

    Wudalianchi is located in Heilongjiang Province. It is more than 4 hours'drive from Harbin. There are airplanes and flights to Harbin for 1 hour. Ctrip can check flights. There are 14 volcanoes here, including 12 dead volcanoes and 2 dormant volcanoes. This old black mountain is a dormant volcano. It is black all the year round, such as coal piles. The crater is well preserved. There are underground forests on the north side of the mountain. The Old Black Mountain in Wudalianchi Scenic Area is like a picture. You can see it on the main road of the scenic area. Friends who have time must go around, the four seasons are good, winter snowscapes, hot springs, hot pools; spring flowers and volcanic poplars; summer ice caves; autumn birch forests in Longmen Shizhai, as well as hot pools and Yaoquan Mountain, are beautiful. And delicious mineral fish, mineral tofu, duck eggs...

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    Reviewed on 1546881276000
  • _M13****0351

    Wudalianchi tourism must go, about 4 kilometers away from the scenic area, it is suggested to go early, otherwise there is no place to park. Ticket season 78, tour bus 25, 6 years old and under, 60 years old and above half price (show ID card), this is very commendable. It takes about 10 minutes to get in. Along the way, you can see the Shilong Zone formed by the volcanic eruption and the vegetation growing above, including volcanic poplar, volcanic moss, and the tour bus with its own explanation. After 10 minutes to reach the foot of the Old Black Mountain, you can choose two roads from the left or the right. The Road on the left side is steep, but the downhill from the right side is more and more gentle, and you can also pass through the Shihai. You can appreciate the Shilong landform, which lasts a long time after the volcano eruption, and marvel at the magic of the force of nature. The top of the mountain is a crater. It can circle around. On the top road, there is a circular marker stone, which marks the name and orientation of the adjacent volcanoes and pools around the Old Montenegro. It is suggested that we go on a sunny day. Although it's a little sunny, we have a good view of the scenery. We have a great view and a refreshing spirit.

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    Reviewed on 1502850297000
  • dalianmao

    Wudalianchi is well worth visiting. Old Montenegro is the focus scenic spot. Ticket 80 is the Ferry Bus 25. Two roads on the mountain are shorter, steeper and slower. They must not go back. They choose to go up and down while watching a lot of mushrooms and laughing all the way. It's perfect to go to the top of the mountain and circle around the pit.

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    Reviewed on 1441620914000
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