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Wudalianchi Scenic Area

4.6/5424 Reviews

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High season: 5.1-10.31, 7:30-18:00; off season: 11.1 - 4.30, 8:00-17:00


Wudalianchi Town, Wudalianchi City, Heihe City
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About Wudalianchi Scenic Area

Wudalianchi Scenic Area is located in Wudalianchi Town in the north of Heilongjiang Province. There are many volcanoes, which constitute a peculiar volcanic landscape. A large number of lava fields such as rope, twist, and wood row can be seen everywhere in the scenic area. Ascend to the crater to see the whole scenery, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hot spring lake area, see the mossy woods on the ground, and the underground ice cave with icicles in the summer.

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  • 妖娆

    Just returned, take the children and mother to the self-service tour, two days is enough, 7:30 in the morning from Harbin East Station by train to Beian 1:30 in the afternoon, there are many people on the train, but this train does not delay play, get off directly in the railway station chartered to the Wudalianchi Scenic Area, take the bus to 20 yuan per person, I chartered two days 260 yuan, the whole journey chartered to pick up and deliver, or chartered taxi, if there are many people. Appropriate. The driver, Master Xu, is a very clean and enthusiastic veteran. It's more than an hour's journey from Beian to Wudalianchi Scenic Spot, and there's also a car to use between the scenic spots. Here, I really want to thank Master Xu for his special kindness and the hotel he helped us find. It's clean and cheap. Master Xu is a taxi driver in Beian. I wrote down his telephone number 15145609090 deliberately. Arriving at Wudalianchi Scenic Spot is already 3 o'clock, we found a good hotel and went to Wenbo to play. Wenbo, I personally think, is the most worthwhile scenic spot. It is to go in by boat and come out on foot, or vice versa. Two exits, one-way ticket selling is 50 yuan. Students with old people's card must take it with them, half price. One pool, three pools, is simply beautiful. There is a feeling that people are swimming in the painting. From the warm pool, driver Xu Shifu pulled us to Erlong Spring, which is a free scenic spot, where you can take bottles to catch the water coming out of the spring eyes, which can be directly quoted. It's cool and tasty. I heard it's amazing that it won't freeze all the year round. Then we went directly to the Wangmao donkey Tofu House for dinner, which I found on the internet, all said his family's authentic tofu banquet. Only then did I know how many people called it, and they all came in admiration of their names. It really tasted good, but it was very expensive. I didn't order mineral fish, because the three children did not eat fish yet. We ordered mineral tofu, four dishes, all spent 1. 60 yuan. The next day we also had breakfast here, mineral duck eggs are also good yo, after breakfast we went directly to the Old Montenegro scenic spot, I went by boat, this is a separate fee, 100 yuan a person, no one has preferential policies, this is a two-way return can also do this, I think it is still worth a seat, the main tour is the scenery of Three Pools Bailong Pool, along the way to see. To 14 volcanoes, it is really spectacular and beautiful. After arriving at the shore, there will be a direct sale of tickets to the scenic spots of Old Montenegro, tickets 80 battery cars 25, tickets have preferential policies, take the battery car to Old Montenegro, on the way to see the burning mountains, really spectacular, this section on their own experience.... We came back in the afternoon. We were supposed to go to Beiyin Spring after lunch. Heaven was not beautiful. It rained heavily, so we had to cancel it. I asked Master to take me to Xianchi Factory to buy authentic volcanic products. This general Master would not tell you. In the evening, I stayed in the north because I had to catch the 7 o'clock train back to Harbin. Anyway, it was a pleasant trip to Wudalianchi.

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    Reviewed on 1439187250000
  • 武圣教主

    Wudalianchi Town in the north of Heilongjiang Province is a scenic spot of Wudalianchi, a world geological park. There are fourteen volcanic cones and a series of shield volcanoes, which constitute a spectacular volcanic landscape. Volcanic cones and shield volcanoes were formed in the Quaternary Period, and the latest eruptions occurred in 1719.1721 A.D. in Old Montenegro and Burning Mountain. The lava from the eruption blocked the Shilongjiang River in four places, forming five volcanic barrier lakes and finally forming "Five Great Lianchi". In the scenic area, there are many kinds of lava landforms, such as rope-like, twist-like, wooden row-like and so on. Climbing the crater gives you a panoramic view of the scenic area. Appreciate the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, taste the taste of cold mineral springs. In spring, the lava is covered with lichen moss and the woods are full of colorful wild flowers; in summer, the green leaves are green, the lake is clear as a mirror, and the whole scenic area is clear in color; in late autumn, the poplar, birch and other plants here are rendered with large areas of red and golden yellow, which is the photographer's paradise. In winter, the snow is shining, and the scenery of the North Country is in full view.

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    Reviewed on 1499077356000
  • qd5967837

    The Wudalianchi Lake consists of Lotus Lake, Yanshan Lake, Bailong Lake, Heming Lake and Ruyi Lake. Scenic area 5A level is not controversial, it is really beautiful, beautiful scenery. Lianhua Lake is the first lake in Wudalianchi Lake, also known as Touchi. It is the only natural lake with water lilies in Wudalianchi Lake. It has the smallest area in Wuhu Lake, covering an area of 0.117-0.187 square kilometers. Its scenery is unique - "first, water lilies in the lake in summer; second, the turbulent overflow outlet in winter, which is also a great wonder in the northern part of the alpine region. Here water turns around rocks, volcanic lava reefs and Xiushui melt. It is - "the middle reaches of the gentle and exquisite painting, the two phases of Longyan Xiushui, the surging overflow of the weir lake, and the fragrance of the lilies. " Yanshan Lake covers an area of 2.544-7.500 square kilometers. Second pond is a well-known natural farm. It is characterized by three : one is the ideal water surface to see the sunset in the five pools; the other is the fog in summer and autumn in the morning, like hot springs, with an average water temperature of 30 degrees Celsius; and the third is the most concentrated water area of the big fat head fish. Bailong Lake covers an area of 21.5 square kilometers during the flood season. The open water reflects 14 volcanoes with beautiful scenery. There are many legends and landscapes in Sanchizi, such as "reflection of mountains" in summer and "ice break in Sanchizi" in winter. On both sides of the lake, there are spectacular volcanic lava platforms of the new period and green pastoral scenery of ancient volcanoes. Bailong Lake is an important "geological boundary lake". The West Bank of the lake area is a new volcanic lava landform, while the east bank is an ancient sandstone landform. The two sides of the lake pass through hundreds of millions of years of time tunnel with different scenery, which can be called "one lake and two sceneries". Bailong Lake is a folk "legendary lake" - "with the mystery of Lake monster, the mystery of hidden river, ice break, the mystery of lake bottom sands, the legend of black dragon and white dragon, the story of clam city, the myth of Lianchi fairy. Located in the middle of the reed pond, Heming Lake, with its back to the world's spectacular jet cone dish, faces the lake of the ancient stone pond with a water depth of 3-5 meters. Its water surface is famous for its reed pond, crane observation and quiet environment. There are two aquatic plant belts with a width of 50 meters. Cattails, reeds, water chestnuts and other outcropping plants are very dense. The bottom of the water is volcanic sand. The pond is rich in fish and rich in crucian carp. Interested tourists can fish on the boat. On the shore of Sichihu Lake, there are many aquatic grasses, wild water birds, white cranes and red-crowned cranes, which often build nests and lay eggs by amphibious flying. It is a rare summer camping area. When visitors sit quietly on the ancient stone pond opposite the lake, smelling the strong fragrance of grass and listening to the singing of cranes far and near, they will surely fall deeply in love with this volcanic paradise and beautiful crane home. Ruyi Lake covers an area of 15 square kilometers. The area occupies the second place in the Five Pools. Standing on Heilong Mountain, it looks like a "Yuruyi". It is the source of the whole water system of Wudalianchi. However, there is neither river inflow nor Mingxi Juquan, which is also its wonder. Another strange thing is that suddenly there is no wind and waves, and the waves clatter on the shore. The rising waves make it impossible for you to sail. This pool is rich in "three flowers and five Luo", with volcanic sand on the lakeside and bottom, and long beach on the lakeside is the ideal natural bathing place. The poet praised Bailongtou in Xianyan Lock Town. No wind, no waves, no rain or drought, no harvest. "

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    Reviewed on 1491985894000
  • E62****743

    I would recommend to anyone who wanna have a real feel of how the volcano erupts and what it leaves behind and also how it looks like

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    Reviewed on 1565104325000
  • xhjjclt

    On this self-driving tour, we took G1 from Beijing, along the eastern border, all the way northward and westward. Today we came to live in Wudalianchi scenic spot. First we visited Wenbo scenic spot, and the next day we went straight to the classic scenic spot, Old Montenegro. It's only at the foot of the volcano. Walking along the forest trestle road in the shaded woods, the cool breeze breezes, to the top of the eye suddenly bright, standing at a high point looking around, the rest of the volcanoes and barrier lakes clearly in sight, deep volcano bottom black magmatic stone fragments quietly told me the story of hundreds of years ago. There is a circular trail around the top of the hill. It looks like a half-hour tour. Walking down another road, along the way to see all kinds of lichen moss, and volcanic associated plants. Down to the bottom of the mountain is the lava landscape area, looking at the black stone beyond the horizon of the turning stone sea, and imagining the magnificent scene of volcanic eruption in my heart, the power of nature can not be underestimated! When we came out, we went to Bailong Cave again. The result was very disappointing. It was only a 500-metre underground cave with various lights. We advised everyone to give up the scenic spot.

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    Reviewed on 1501484860000
  • 爱弥尔的理想国

    Old Black Mountain and Fire Mountain of Wudalianchi are the main scenic spots of Wudalianchi. They are worth visiting. The traces left by the eruption of the volcano 290 years ago are shocking! There are traces of volcanic eruption everywhere, full of scars, rocks burned into porous black like steel charcoal, the land is burnt black, most places are barren of grass, some places gradually grow green lichens, poplar trees are small, winding, compared with the common poplar across the Weishore, it is extremely ugly, but such poplar trees are said to be after the volcanic eruption. The first batch of plants have been growing for hundreds of years. You can imagine how many songs and sobs the story of the growth of Populus davidiana, how many tribulations it has endured to survive tenaciously, so that it can have today's green and vitality! ______ It is so beautiful and lovely in my eyes! In addition to the remains of volcanic lava, there are a large number of barrier lakes beside the burning mountain. There are small fish, flying ducks, beautiful birds, wild flowers and water plants in the lake. It makes people feel the power of nature. It is more awe of nature and has a deeper understanding of life. It 's a rewarding trip!

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    Reviewed on 1470897609000
  • SY梧桐

    In October of the golden autumn, Northern Xinjiang Travel - Wudalianchi Scenic Spot (22), "Wudalianchi Scenic Spot" is located in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province. There are 14 volcanoes scattered all over Heihe City, 14 volcanoes scattered all over the city, 14 peaks of Yamasaki, vast sea of turning flowers and rocks, exquisite jet cone dishes. Natural wetlands, reed shrubs, barrier lakes and deep shallow Yaoquan Lake, North and South crescent bubble, Bagua Lake, warm pool scattered distribution. Up to the top of the edge peak of the crater of Laoheishan, look eastward - "five, four, three, two, one continuous pool from left to right, look eastward - "Taishan, Morab Mountain, Donglongmen Mountain, Xilongmen Mountain, Xiaogushan, Dongjiao Debu Mountain, Xijiao Debu Mountain and seven other mountains, spread from north to south; turn to west, from south to north, there are - "Yaoquan Mountain, Wohu Mountain, Bijia Mountain, Nanglaqiu Mountain and Beigao Mountain. In my eyes, a truly "Natural Geology Museum" is a rare world treasure.

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    Reviewed on 1541911482000
  • 善了哉的

    Wudalianchi Scenic Area is mainly composed of Wudalianchi Lake Area and surrounding Volcanic Group geological landscape, related human landscape, vegetation, waterscape and so on. From 1719 to 1721, volcanoes erupted and lava blocked the Baihe River, forming five interconnected lakes, hence the name Wudalianchi. Wudalianchi Volcanic Group in Heilongjiang Province is a famous Quaternary Volcanic Group in China. It is generally believed that Wudalianchi Volcanic Group in Heilongjiang Province consists of 14 volcanoes. If it includes Lianhua Mountain in the western part of the volcanic area, Wudalianchi Volcanic Group should consist of 15 volcanoes, with an area of more than 800 square kilometers. The formation of Wudalianchi Volcanic Group has a history of nearly 700,000 years. It is known as the "Volcanic Museum" and has become the first volcanic Nature Reserve in China.

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    Reviewed on 1491982477000
  • 兔乖乖开门

    You'd better drive by yourself if you swim in the Five Lianchi Pools. For those friends who don't drive, because the scenic spots are scattered, some of them need to drive for 120 minutes, and it's inconvenient to take a taxi, even if they run into a black car, so they don't recommend to travel freely, so they have to follow the group. I drove here in June, and there were already a lot of tourists. On the way here, I saw the countryside with blue roofs. It was very beautiful. Wudalianchi service area is also tall, 5A scenic spot is not the same. The first thing to do when you get to the distribution center is to consult the tourist center and ask for the tourist map (free). They will recommend the tourist attractions and routes in detail according to my time. Then I went to the museum to learn about Wudalianchi. Then we went to Old Montenegro, Yaoquan Mountain, Nanyaoquan, Beiyaoquan, Crystal Palace, Bailong Lake, and finally to Weibo. Living in the scenic spot that night. Leave early the next morning. It takes one day. If you only have half a day, you must go to Old Montenegro.

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    Reviewed on 1534077992000
  • 123-traveller

    Wudalianchi is mainly volcanic landform. There are more than ten volcanoes protruding on the flat land. Among them, Old Montenegro and Huoshan are representative. The five lakes mentioned by Wudalianchi are all volcanic barrier lakes. Interestingly, volcanic groundwater forms a landscape of medicinal springs in the north and south. Water is naturally vaporized and tastes like soda water.

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    Reviewed on 1500934444000
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