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About Wuhu

Wuhu is located in southern Anhui. Southern Anhui is mostly mountainous but Wuhu is located on a flat alluvial plain at the confluence of the Yangtze and Qingyi Rivers, which make this a city’s scenic landscape spectacular. People here have a leisurely lifestyle. From the broad avenues to the narrow lanes, the city is completely suffused with a rich breath of life. Once night falls, many "dapaidang" outdoor restaurants set up and sell late-night meals. The whole city is quite compact. Fantawild is an entertainment venue favored by many young people, while Jing Hu, or Mirror Lake, Zheshan Park and the Ma Renqi Mountain Scenic Area are all excellent places to take the whole family for a weekend holiday.

Popular Attractions in Wuhu

Wuhu Fantawild Dream Kingdom
5,721 Reviews
Theme Park
Fantawild Dreamland is a modern all-around amusement park that uses a high-tech interpretation of themes to intricately combine elements of international entertainment, such as animation/cartoons and movie stunts, with symbols from traditional Chinese culture. The park has over 10 areas, including a magic castle, a show recreating the Flood of Jinshan Temple, and the Cave of the Seven Spiders. In Fantawild Dreamland, taking different paths leads to different experiences. The park is a blast for adults as well as children.
Wuhu Fantawild Oriental Heritage
3,556 Reviews
Theme Park
Wuhu Fangte IV, also known as Oriental God Divine Painting Park, is another major theme park built in the wake of the first, second and third water parks of Wuhu Fangte. It is an intangible cultural heritage expo park, and the Wuhu Fangte is a special non-heritage garden. Wuhu Fangte Oriental Divine Painting has eight major divisions and more than 20 theme project areas. Among them, we recommend the following: the Charm of Jiuzhou: it is a visual feast; the Bear Appearance Theater: it takes you into a real fairy tale world; the Cowherd and Weaver Girl: it takes you to a quiet starry sky, where you can watch the meeting of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl on the bridge and bear visual witness to their epic love legend. The Goddess Nuwa repairs the sky: this is a realistic 4D theater, with an authentic recreation of a wasteland.
Wuhu Fantawild Adventure
3,545 Reviews
Theme Park
Located on the banks of the Yangtze River in Wuhu, China, Wuhu Fantawild Adventure is a theme park that incorporates technology into its rides to provide visitors with an interactive experience. It is a great place for family outings as it has rides that cater to the needs of both adults and children. As an amusement park with many themed attractions, it offers various entertainments to visitors, including the Sky Sailor—a world top-ranking entertainment item which simulates flying in the sky, the Space Scheduled Flight—a large-scale space flight simulation program, and the Solomon's Seal—the first large-scale multi-water-curtain adventure item in Asia.
Maren Qifeng Scenic Area
2,077 Reviews
The Maren Qifeng Scenic Area is the only provincial-level forest park in Wuhu City, Anhui Province. Its scenery is unique and its cultural heritage is profound. The whole scenic area is composed of two peaks, the Sun Mountain and the Moon Mountain. The two mountains are both parallel and connected. They are known as the "Zhangjiajie of the southern Anhui Province and the small Huangshan Mountain of Jiangbin". You can also try the cliff's glass sky ladder, which is made of transparent glass. It is 200 meters in length and 180 meters in height. It is suitable for anyone who dares to take the challenge.

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Trip Moments

Steven Zhang   
Wuhu Lushan Park, the green leisure place of the Lijiang city, the red resort of the revolutionary period. is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, where the mountains are clear, but the altitude of the mountains is very low. There are many parks named after the mountains in the city. They are actually hills and small hills, such as Lushan. A typical. The beautiful scenery of Weinan is not only Huangshan, Chizhou, but also the economically developed Lijiang city, Wuhu. Entering the public park, Lushan Park is a beautiful scenery. This kind of beauty is very good in the city leisure park. The beauty of it. Lushan Park can not be underestimated for the purification and beautification of Wuhu urban environment. It has a high concentration of negative oxygen ions, which is in stark contrast with the winding roads. It is a quiet and pleasant fresh place here. Although it is a place where citizens come here for leisure and walking, the beautiful scenery has become a place for foreign tourists to come to Penghu. Wuhu City's economy is the second largest city in Anhui Province after Hefei City, the second largest city in Anhui Province. It is bordered by Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. It is influenced by Nanjing's economy and history and culture. The customs here are basically similar to those of Nanjing. Not only that, but even the style of the scenery is quite similar to the Yanziji of the Yangtze River in Nanjing. Although Wuhu Park in Wuhu City is a free and open park, it is also a green leisure place in the city. It has become a city green park that the public loves. In the evening, it looks beautiful outside. In addition to the function of the urban green space recreation area, the Lushan Park is one of the few red-hot tourist resorts in the city park. There are many incidents related to Penghu in the famous "Southern Anhui Incident" in history, and many anti-Japanese heroes have also been born in the Penghu area. Walking in front of the sculptures of the revolutionary martyrs gives a very solemn, solemn and awe-inspiring atmosphere. During the revolutionary period, the national leaders also attached great importance to Wuhu. Because it is one of the important cities in the Yangtze River Basin in China, the national leaders strategically laid out the development plan of the urban agglomeration and economic belt in the Yangtze River Basin. I also personally came to Penghu to inspect the situation here, so I can see the statue of Chairman Mao in the Lushan Park in Wuhu. If you say that Wuhu Mountain is a mountainous area, it may be counted as a mountain. Walk from the intersection of the statues of Chairman Mao to the top, you can reach the place where there is a mountain, walk Very comfortable during the period. Going forward is to reach a higher place and the path in the left hand is a memorial to the revolutionary martyrs. There is also a tomb in the Lushan Park in Wuhu. I went to see the cemetery of the anti-Japanese hero Dai Anzhen. Dai Anzhen is a Wuwei County people in Wuhu City, and paid a precious life for the liberation of the city. Become one of the top ten martyrs of the national anti-Japanese war. We must remember the blood of the martyrs when we live a good life. Cherishing life, loving life, and studying and working hard are the roots of a good future. Visiting Wuhu Lushan Park is not only a place to enjoy the beauty but also to learn the great achievements of the martyrs of the revolutionary period. It is a very interesting scenic spot.
Posted: Aug 22, 2019
[Spring food early adopters] Wuhu Fu Wanda Jiahua Hotel, the highlight of the Huizhou cuisine on the tip of the tongue waiter recommended two restaurants now hot health hot drinks, choose the red jujube now, warm and concentrated Just right sweet. , really beautiful, good beef, huge shrimp balls, cold fungus, clear broccoli, pumpkin with sweet blueberry sauce, a few The essence of cold dishes is a piece of beauty that instantly brightens your mood! , fresh green wild vegetables fresh and tangy, with sour and sweet tomato juice, the entrance is crisp and layered. Extraordinary appetizer. Fresh Cordyceps flowers fried in the seven, very healthy spring vegetables, I also eat for the first time, Wuhu is not the ancient city of the code, the folks of the recipe for the food is also so handy, it is desirable. Black garlic old chicken soup, according to the position, this is a very high nutritional value of the tonic soup, not only delicious, but also has a multi-effect of blood and Qi. , , , , , , The fire control of this dish is excellent, the cucumber is crispy, the shrimp ball is tender, fresh and delicious. The most famous Huifu River fresh-smelling squid, also known as stinky squid, is also a traditional dish of Huizhou, one of the representatives of Huizhou cuisine, this "flavored carp "It smells stinky, tastes fragrant, the meat is tender, mellow and refreshing, and maintains the original flavor of the squid." Musk fried tofu, this is another recommendation on the tip of the tongue!
Posted: Mar 8, 2019
Steven Zhang   
This time, I went to Penghu for a business trip and chose the Country Garden Phoenix Hotel in Wuhu. The reason why Country Garden Phoenix Hotel was chosen is actually quite a lot. The reason for the one is that the price of the hotel is not high. The same is the five-star hotel, the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Wuhu, the Hilton Hotel and other room rates are more than 700 yuan a night, and the Country Garden Phoenix Hotel in Wuhu The price is only less than 400 yuan, although the hotel brand is not as well known as Crowne Plaza or Hilton. The other aspect is that the owner hotel of Country Garden Hotel is specialized in real estate. It is better to be a real estate company than a professional hotel. Why? Because real estate developers know which design is the best in terms of human settlements, the practical experience of Feng Shui is familiar to the old, which is the guarantee of the balance of yin and yang in the hotel's occupancy environment. The last aspect is that the hotel has its own property rights, and the activity area is large and unconstrained. In this way, every detail of the hotel will be done with great care, and the investment will also appear to be a lot of big, and will not bring the psychology of the rat because of the long return period of the investment. Probably because of the above advantages, I have resolutely chosen the Penghu Country Garden Phoenix Hotel as the temporary destination for this Wuhu leisure vacation. Professional real estate companies will be better than professional hotels, why? Because real estate developers know which design is the best in terms of human settlements, the practical experience of Feng Shui is familiar to the old, which is one of the guarantees of the yin and yang atmosphere of the hotel's occupancy environment. Seeing the exterior of the hotel, you will know that it is more like a luxury European villa rather than a hotel. The same model as the previous Huangshan Country Garden Hotel, the first time to give me the feeling that the scale of the real estate should not be commercial and residential buildings? There are so many hotel departments, it is really very angry. From a distance, the hotel feels that this hotel is very tall and has a European-style elegance that is the first visual experience. Like the two Country Garden hotels that I stayed in, the hotel's lobby gave me the first impression of atmosphere, fashion, a European Renaissance gas field, I really like this feeling, and the entire hall view is very Broad. From the hotel's main entrance to the lobby has always left a spacious, bright and atmospheric environment and space. And it is more professional in the division of the entire functional area and the layout of the spatial pattern. Perhaps the hotel group pays more attention to this. Therefore, entering the lobby will feel the environment of the entire Country Garden Hotel is very good, and very comfortable. Standing in the front hall, watching the entire hall, very luxurious, magnificent atmosphere is the most important reason for me to stay here for a few days!
Posted: Jun 21, 2019