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About Wuhu

Wuhu is located in southern Anhui. Southern Anhui is mostly mountainous but Wuhu is located on a flat alluvial plain at the confluence of the Yangtze and Qingyi Rivers, which make this a city’s scenic landscape spectacular. People here have a leisurely lifestyle. From the broad avenues to the narrow lanes, the city is completely suffused with a rich breath of life. Once night falls, many "dapaidang" outdoor restaurants set up and sell late-night meals. The whole city is quite compact. Fantawild is an entertainment venue favored by many young people, while Jing Hu, or Mirror Lake, Zheshan Park and the Ma Renqi Mountain Scenic Area are all excellent places to take the whole family for a weekend holiday.

Popular Attractions in Wuhu

Wuhu Fantawild Dream Kingdom
5,113 Reviews
Theme Park
Fantawild Dreamland is a modern all-around amusement park that uses a high-tech interpretation of themes to intricately combine elements of international entertainment, such as animation/cartoons and movie stunts, with symbols from traditional Chinese culture. The park has over 10 areas, including a magic castle, a show recreating the Flood of Jinshan Temple, and the Cave of the Seven Spiders. In Fantawild Dreamland, taking different paths leads to different experiences. The park is a blast for adults as well as children.
Wuhu Fantawild Oriental Heritage
3,201 Reviews
Theme Park
Wuhu Fangte IV, also known as Oriental God Divine Painting Park, is another major theme park built in the wake of the first, second and third water parks of Wuhu Fangte. It is an intangible cultural heritage expo park, and the Wuhu Fangte is a special non-heritage garden. Wuhu Fangte Oriental Divine Painting has eight major divisions and more than 20 theme project areas. Among them, we recommend the following: the Charm of Jiuzhou: it is a visual feast; the Bear Appearance Theater: it takes you into a real fairy tale world; the Cowherd and Weaver Girl: it takes you to a quiet starry sky, where you can watch the meeting of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl on the bridge and bear visual witness to their epic love legend. The Goddess Nuwa repairs the sky: this is a realistic 4D theater, with an authentic recreation of a wasteland.
Macrolink Beluga Ocean Park
2,148 Reviews
The Macrolink Beluga Ocean Park is located in the Jiujiang District of Wuhu City. It introduces about 400 kinds of marine life and 60 polar animals, including beluga whales, false killer whales, and polar bears. The park consists of a magic show arena, a children's theme park, a polar museum, a multimedia exhibition center, a penguin hall, a shark hall, an outdoor seal park, a water world and other venues. It is a good place for children to learn and have fun.
Wuhu Fantawild Adventure
3,330 Reviews
Theme Park
Located on the banks of the Yangtze River in Wuhu, China, Wuhu Fantawild Adventure is a theme park that incorporates technology into its rides to provide visitors with an interactive experience. It is a great place for family outings as it has rides that cater to the needs of both adults and children. As an amusement park with many themed attractions, it offers various entertainments to visitors, including the Sky Sailor—a world top-ranking entertainment item which simulates flying in the sky, the Space Scheduled Flight—a large-scale space flight simulation program, and the Solomon's Seal—the first large-scale multi-water-curtain adventure item in Asia.

Wuhu Weather

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Trip Moments

Follow Li Bai to travel: Tianmen Mountain to enjoy the autumn Raiders |
The first stop of driving to Penghu, I chose Tianmen Mountain not far away. Tianmen Mountain is located in the town of Daqiao Town, Wujiang District, Wuhu City. For thousands of years, Tianmen Mountain has attracted many famous celebrities and literary visitors with its unique mountain-shaped water potential and rich historical and cultural heritage. The famous poet Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty repeatedly Travel here, leaving the quatrain of "The King of Heaven".
In addition to climbing the mountain, you can also go to the Tongfo Temple and Tianmen College. Although the Tongfo Mountain Temple in Tianmen Mountain does not know much about it, it has a long history and has experienced many storms. The Tianmen Academy, which has a long history, has the same name as Jixi Guizhi Academy, Yinzhou Xihu Academy, and Ziyang Ziyang Academy.
The scenery of Tianmen Mountain is also worthy of our appreciation. Here you can see the magnificent Yangtze River and a small beach. Many people walk and play here when the weather is good. When the autumn weather is fine, take a look at the river view here, step on the soft sand, and it will be a good place for us to relax.

1. The road to Tianmenshan is very beautiful. Now the reed is very tall and suitable for taking pictures.
2. There are people fishing on the beach and the scenery is beautiful, suitable for taking pictures.
3. No tickets are accepted here.

: Fengming Hubei Road, Dongming Village, Hanjiang District, Wuhu City, Anhui Province
Posted: Oct 14, 2019
Steven Zhang   
Wuhu Lushan Park, the green leisure place of the Lijiang city, the red resort of the revolutionary period.
is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, where the mountains are clear, but the altitude of the mountains is very low. There are many parks named after the mountains in the city. They are actually hills and small hills, such as Lushan. A typical.
The beautiful scenery of Weinan is not only Huangshan, Chizhou, but also the economically developed Lijiang city, Wuhu. Entering the public park, Lushan Park is a beautiful scenery. This kind of beauty is very good in the city leisure park. The beauty of it.
Lushan Park can not be underestimated for the purification and beautification of Wuhu urban environment. It has a high concentration of negative oxygen ions, which is in stark contrast with the winding roads. It is a quiet and pleasant fresh place here. Although it is a place where citizens come here for leisure and walking, the beautiful scenery has become a place for foreign tourists to come to Penghu.
Wuhu City's economy is the second largest city in Anhui Province after Hefei City, the second largest city in Anhui Province. It is bordered by Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. It is influenced by Nanjing's economy and history and culture. The customs here are basically similar to those of Nanjing. Not only that, but even the style of the scenery is quite similar to the Yanziji of the Yangtze River in Nanjing.
Although Wuhu Park in Wuhu City is a free and open park, it is also a green leisure place in the city. It has become a city green park that the public loves. In the evening, it looks beautiful outside. In addition to the function of the urban green space recreation area, the
Lushan Park is one of the few red-hot tourist resorts in the city park. There are many incidents related to Penghu in the famous "Southern Anhui Incident" in history, and many anti-Japanese heroes have also been born in the Penghu area. Walking in front of the sculptures of the revolutionary martyrs gives a very solemn, solemn and awe-inspiring atmosphere.
During the revolutionary period, the national leaders also attached great importance to Wuhu. Because it is one of the important cities in the Yangtze River Basin in China, the national leaders strategically laid out the development plan of the urban agglomeration and economic belt in the Yangtze River Basin. I also personally came to Penghu to inspect the situation here, so I can see the statue of Chairman Mao in the Lushan Park in Wuhu.
If you say that Wuhu Mountain is a mountainous area, it may be counted as a mountain. Walk from the intersection of the statues of Chairman Mao to the top, you can reach the place where there is a mountain, walk Very comfortable during the period. Going forward is to reach a higher place and the path in the left hand is a memorial to the revolutionary martyrs.
There is also a tomb in the Lushan Park in Wuhu. I went to see the cemetery of the anti-Japanese hero Dai Anzhen. Dai Anzhen is a Wuwei County people in Wuhu City, and paid a precious life for the liberation of the city. Become one of the top ten martyrs of the national anti-Japanese war. We must remember the blood of the martyrs when we live a good life. Cherishing life, loving life, and studying and working hard are the roots of a good future. Visiting Wuhu Lushan Park is not only a place to enjoy the beauty but also to learn the great achievements of the martyrs of the revolutionary period. It is a very interesting scenic spot.
Posted: Aug 22, 2019
Wuhu Green Heart Valley Liufuxuan Chinese Restaurant, tasting the unique creative Anhui cuisine

Penghu travel back some days, but still often think of the food of Penghu, especially every morning eat To the porridge of the bean curd, you will think of the green heart valley Liufuxuan, although it is a simple bean curd, the taste is not ordinary, the bean curd is slightly spicy, drenched with sesame oil, the chopstick tip is small and some entrance, The delicateness of the tongue is gone, and the fragrance between the lips and teeth is open. It is actually the fermented bean curd that I have tasted the most.

, is the Chinese restaurant in Wuhu Green Heart Valley. It is connected with the hotel by a corridor, which is intimately sheltering the guests from the hotel, while the other side is open in the scenic area of the town. It is convenient for receiving tourists from all over the world.

has a hall and a number of large, medium and small boxes, each room will have a dedicated servo during the meal, so that you can enjoy the most comfortable dining experience. Liu Fu Xuan Chinese Restaurant offers guests high-end Jiang Xian, Hang Bang, Hui Cai and local traditional specialties. The chef is from the old restaurant of Wuhu.

Appetizing four small dishes, all of which are characteristics of Wuhu. The first dish is the Wuhu fermented bean mentioned in the opening, followed by pepper edamame, Anhui tribute, and bean dregs.

The restaurants new-styled, along the river, the stinky mandarin fish pomegranate bag, is the most special pomegranate bag I have ever eaten this year. The bags I used to eat are all spring vegetables, wild vegetables, and Luk Fook. This package of Xuan's is actually a squid squid in Huizhou. It not only bears the green summer scenery, but also allows guests to taste Anhui specialties. The taste is first-class, and its creativity is truly amazing!

Wuhu smoked duck, the duck meat is marinated and then baked, the meat of the duck meat is tasted, accompanied by the smoky flavor of the fruit wood,

yak oily salmon Salad, which is the current net red dish, has also been built into a more artistic style with the emblem garden. The avocado is covered with salmon steak, the entrance is blended in the rich, and the salmon + avocado control is a big one. Satisfy.

, used in the old geese of the southern foothills of Wuhu, these geese are grazing and growing, the meat is delicious and firm, and Master Chen said that this is a taste of Liu Fu Xuan Dishes, summer is here, everyone will eat a lot of dishes light and tasteless, so this dish uses a slightly spicy golden soup, the taste is a little heavier, but not so braised, so it is also specially matched with the hotel's homemade powder, chef Bean powder made by yourself, very green food, tastes slick, and eats with old goose soup, it is a perfect match!

, is a very refreshing stir-fry, chicken head rice is tamping, is a kind of water lily fruit, has the same good therapeutic nutrition effect as beef, this dish tastes light The ingredients are rich in flavor, full of color and flavor, and it is also a summer recipe for the restaurant.

Hand-made leeks steamed dumplings, followed by the temperament of Penghu, the skin is quite tough, the filling is full, just the right ratio of meat. The exquisiteness of this meal has given a new understanding of the impression of Anhui cuisine.

is already in the early summer, the first lotus in the Green Heart Valley outside Liufuxuan has been sharply pointed. After the meal, visit the garden of this hotel. The afterglow of the setting sun will set the garden with the golden edge, the emblem of Wuhu travel to meet. Yun Yun, it should also be the scene, with the heart...
Posted: Jun 28, 2019
Experience the different Huixiang style, the feeling of naturally waking up in the morning in the frogs, very beautiful!

is a symbol of Wuhu City, Anhui Province. In ancient times, the terrain of Lugu Lake was low, and it was a shallow lake that was full of "salty algae". It was rich in fish, and the ostrich was born, hence the name "".

has a large area. The eastern commercial area is similar to the common urban ancient street. It has many old-name merchants in Anhui, and the west side will be a static area. The ancient town has a history of Jia Rutang and Zhongjiang Academy. The culturally rich landmarks have been restored, and there are breathtaking energy in the original buildings and arches that were discovered unexpectedly during the tour! The town of

displays the folk customs of Anhui's peculiar charm and various handicrafts with its own characteristics. Here you can see the oldest archway in Penghu and the largest iron painting. In the ancient town, the representative venues of the Huizhou merchants such as Dajiang Escort, Republican Post Office, Wuhu Old Street and Folk Museum are everywhere.

Dinner is finished, go out and walk, the ancient town in the curtain has a light, and the half-stringed moon is very charming in the quiet night view of the ancient town. The ancient town of Ziz is now free, and the Green Heart Valley is a hotel in the scenic area that blends with the landscape. In the mansion courtyard under the night, if you have the opportunity to come to Wuhu to play, you can experience the different Huixiang style, and the feeling of naturally waking up in the morning of the frogs is very beautiful!
Posted: Jun 27, 2019