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Attractions in Wuming District



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Great Flower World

Great Flower World

4.5/5286 Reviews
Botanical Garden
9:00-17:00 (Local time)
Located in the northern part of Nanning and in the south of Wuming County, Great Flower World is a large-scale botanical garden where you can enjoy a variety of flowers, such as lavender, rape, and peaches all year round. At the same time, there are many animals such as black bears, sika deer, ostriches, and others and you can pet and feed them. It's great fun for the entire family!
Nanning Zoo

Nanning ZooNearby City

4.4/5744 Reviews
8:00-17:30 (Local time)
Nanning Zoo is located in Wuliting, the Western suburb of Nanning. It is also sometimes called Xijiao Park. The zoo has a gorgeous natural environment perfect for taking the kids to see and enjoy the wide variety of animals. The zoo offers not only a great view of animals, such as black langur monkeys, hornbills, giant pandas, white tigers and camels, but also a variety of rides and waterparks. The amusement park is right inside the zoo, and includes rides like a giant pendulum swing and drop tower. If you're craving an adrenaline rush, be sure to check it out.
Seabed World

Seabed WorldNearby City

4.4/51,287 Reviews
9:00-17:30 (Local time)
The Seabed World is located in the Nanning People's Park and contains over 300 kinds of marine life. Visitors can view the various sea creatures and even feed and touch them. Strolling through the "undersea tunnel" in the scenic area is like under the sea. There are also shark performances, mermaid ballets, and other great shows. Don't miss it!
Nanhu Park

Nanhu ParkNearby City

4.6/51,025 Reviews
City Park
Open all day (Local time)
Nanhu Park is located in the southeast of Nanning City. It is a comprehensive park with a lake and a subtropical garden. Three-quarters of the entire park is water surface, the lake is clear, there are long banks and nine arch bridges on the lake. People can also go boating in the South Lake, or walk along the lake, and enjoy the beautiful night view of the Nanhu Bridge at night. And the park is full of vegetation, you can see plants from all over the country as well as many foreign famous trees.
Nanning People's Park

Nanning People's ParkNearby City

4.5/5342 Reviews
City Park
Open all day (Local time)
Nanning People's Park is situated in the north of Nanning City and is a famous urban park in Nanning. The park has Bailong Lake reflecting the clear blue sky. There are also sights such as the Chairman of the National People's Memorial Museum of Guangxi and the Monument to Revolutionary Martyrs. Visitors can board the Zhenning Fortress overlooking the surrounding urban areas, and Guangxi Museum of Nature is also close to the park. The Monument to the Revolutionary Martyrs is built on the north side of the park. It is a historic monument marking the heroic dedication of the liberation of Nanning and the establishment of new China during the period of the Great Revolution, the War of Resistance Against Japan, and the War of Liberation.
Nanning Rongcheng Jidi Haiyang World

Nanning Rongcheng Jidi Haiyang WorldNearby City

4/5175 Reviews
Guangxi Medical Botanical Garden

Guangxi Medical Botanical GardenNearby City

4.3/5344 Reviews
Botanical Garden
8:00-17:30 (Local time)
The botanical garden is located in the northern suburbs of Nanning, where not only the vegetation is lush, but also a variety of useful plants. Here you can see plants that have been heard in life, such as Zanthoxylum nitidum, Sarcandra glabra, etc., and many plants that are unheard of, which are eye-opening. The Botanical Garden is large and can be accessed from the West Gate, which is close to the Science Park. The Science Park is based on Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica" and is divided into several regions.
Fengling Ferris Wheel

Fengling Ferris WheelNearby City

4.7/5151 Reviews
Ferris Wheel
Monday-Friday 10:00-22:00, Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays 10:00-23:00, lightning weather is suspended (if there is any adjustment, the park announcement will prevail). (Local time)
Fengling Ferris Wheel is located in the Fengling Children's Park in Nanning. It is a very good experience whether you enjoy the beauty of the city or visit the gorgeous night scene at night. The cabin of the Fengling Ferris Wheel is a fully enclosed structure. All cabins are equipped with air conditioning, leather sofa seats and background music. They run for about 20 minutes. As the cockpit moves slowly, they can take in the bustling city scene of Nanning.
Nanning Garden Expo Park

Nanning Garden Expo ParkNearby City

4.5/5611 Reviews
City Park
9:00-18:00 (Local time)
Shimen Forest Park

Shimen Forest ParkNearby City

4.5/5192 Reviews
City Park
Open all day (Local time)
Shimen Forest Park is conveniently located near the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangxi region of China. The beautiful forest park is very close to the center of the city and boasts of convenient transportation. The park provides avenue for cyclists and also barbecue facilities for picnickers. The pleasant environment of the the park is suitable for family outings where picnickers can enjoy cherry and peach blossoms during spring season. The forest park also boasts of tourist attractions such as Sakura Valley theme park. Kids can enjoy several amusement rides at the theme park. Even though the forest park is not very large in size, its tree cover is extremely high. Dotted with ornamental plants and cherry blossoms, the park is a natural oxygen bar in the city.