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Popular Attractions in Wurzburg

Residenz Würzburg
65 Reviews
Historical Site
Residenzplatz 2, 97070 Würzburg
82 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Historical Architecture
Historical Site
Würzburg, Germany
Festung Marienberg
39 Reviews
Historical Site
Festung Marienberg, 97082 Wrzburg
Alte Mainbrucke
40 Reviews
Historical Site
Old Main Bridge, 97082 Würzburg, 德国

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May 28, 2020
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May 29, 2020
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May 30, 2020
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May 31, 2020
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Trip Moments

Shirley Zhu   
The official residence of Wrzburg, also known as the Episcopal Palace, was built between 1720 and 1744 and is the main masterpiece of Baroque in southern Germany and one of the largest castles in Europe. As the first stop of the romantic road, Wrzburg is not very popular. In addition to the need to meet the religious beliefs of the various cathedrals in the city, only the Wrzburg official residence and the Marienberg fortress are really worthy of the sights. Even if you encounter a tour group here, visitors can use the few to sum up, and we have a great experience. We also met the only Chinese compatriots in Wrzburg, two. After entering the palace, you need to store the carry-on package first. The locker needs a coin switch. Please prepare in advance. No photos are allowed in the palace. Entering the palace, you can see the large staircase designed by Neumann. It is located on the 1st floor and the steps are criss-crossed to the 2nd floor. Above the grand staircase is a mural created by Tiepolo in 1750. The size of 667 square meters is still the largest mural in the world and the treasure of the town hall of the Wrzburg mansion. The palace has 350 rooms, and the 40 rooms that are now open are enough for the first time visitors to see it dazzled. If you really want to taste it, you need a whole day. As the first palace we visited in Europe, it was deeply shocked by its sculpt and luxuries. I am used to the solemn atmosphere of the Chinese royal palace. Although the palaces in Europe do not have our layers of courtyards, they are another unique and exquisite. Out of the palace, the court garden on the side gave us a new round of surprises. A well-balanced axisymmetric design with fountains, waterfalls, steps, plants, and tree-lined paths. The Mozart Festival is held here every summer. Tips: It is highly recommended to come to Bavaria to buy their 14-day palace coupon. The Bavarian palace is extremely rich in resources, and the palaces can be visited by ticket and enjoy the full ticket.
Posted: Jun 19, 2019
Shirley Zhu   
Wrzburg is known as Little Prague. This bridge is naturally a replica of the Charles Bridge. Old Main Bridge Alte Mainbrucke was built in 1473-1543. In order to save maintenance costs, the wood was arched in stone in 1512. on. During the Baroque period, the bridge gates and towers were demolished. Around 1730, the typical 4.5-meter-high Baroque saint statue was refurbished. Although the old bridge was badly damaged in the bombing in 1945, it has been repaired. It is now a pedestrian bridge, from which you can see not only the Marion Castle, the grape fields on the hills, the clear waters of the beautiful rivers, but also the spires of the churches in the old town of Wrzburg, Wrzburg. The most beautiful scenery. I always thought that the people on the market square were already the highest in Wrzburg. When we arrived at Main Bridge, we were really scared. The most densely populated place was on this century-old bridge. Its not too much to shoulder! On the same day, there were many mobile stalls selling crafts and ornaments on the old bridge of Maine, tourists who stopped to shop, and Germans who used the side rails as a wine table, which made it not too wide. The bridge is more crowded. If there is a lot of time, you can actually walk down the bridge along the river, or sit on a bench by the river to see the scenery. It is very pleasant. Vehicles and bicycles on the bridge can pass, but there are very few vehicles, so everyone is running around on both sides. At 4 or 5 in the afternoon, the bar at the bridgehead is a crowd of people. Everyone raises a glass of wine and chats at the entrance of the bistro, or standing on the edge of the bridge and drinking and watching the distance is really an enviable life. To be honest, the most beautiful angle to see the fortress is on the bridge. This type of fortress castle on the mountain must be kept at a distance, leaving enough visual space to see its awkward momentum. Otherwise, if you really get a fortress, you will understand what the ancients said is "only in this mountain."
Posted: Jun 19, 2019
Shirley Zhu   
Living somewhere else, when you walk into a foreign market square market square, it is a point to visit on the tourist list, and it is also one of the places where local people buy daily ingredients. The market square is always the most in the city. A place with a sense of life. A place like a bureaucratic palace, close to culture, far from life, stripped of life, and seeing more of it is a passing passenger after all; to stay close to the life of the locals, go to the streets and alleys, and feel and experience the locals. Life has to go to the market. As a rich and inclusive magical venue, the Market Square connects the local people's table and their lives. bought a particularly fresh and delicious strawberry in the market, a box of only 3 euros. Ask the boss to wash before eating, the boss is slightly surprised to answer of course, the easy mode country is easy to eat fruit. Dai Xiansen ate praise. After all the way, no matter what you buy, you should compare this box of strawberries: this xxx is so expensive, I can buy n boxes of strawberries! Next to the square is a small yellow goose house called the Falcon House. Located on the north side of the Market Square, it was built in 1735 and in 1751 added a Rococo-style faade. Until the 19th century, it was the only concert hall and ballroom in Wrzburg. The building was destroyed in World War II and later rebuilt and transformed into a visitor center and library. The distinctive Rococo style is engraved with regular and finely carved carvings. After reading this, you will never be confused with other styles of architecture. The most enviable pigeons in the market square are the pigeons, which are leisurely parked on the obelisk. Perhaps their only job is to look down on the crowds in the square day after day. We chose to sit in the square and sell the seat on the 2nd floor window. The window is the Virgin Mary and the Market Square. Eating hamburger chickens does not delay the enjoyable lunch time.
Posted: Jun 19, 2019
Posted: Nov 28, 2018