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Things To Do in Wusheng

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Historical Architecture
滇国剑客Qin brick Han tile can really do this place footnote, this village has some ancient history, also to become the attraction, every visitor, will the village's construction wind surrounding the environment, send out amazement.
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Ancient Settlement
滇国剑客Along the pace of the development of the times, along the ancient town of the entrance into the modern, but no matter how the change, so an ancient simple will not change, so an ancient town characteristics will not change, attract tourists will not change the essence.
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City Park
MayqueenEvery time I come back, I have to go for a walk. What I most look forward to is that the good weather can take pictures of the beautiful sunset. After five o'clock that day, I went and waited after reading the book from the bookstore. Comfortable
Nearby City
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Historical Site
爱登山-菲菲哥Just this year Qingming Holiday, and family played with the fishing platform, the specific historical background will not say, after all, as a well-known attraction. The friends should be able to find it online, there are too many historical and cultural experts in the comments! Today, I will review this scenic spot. 1.2021Starting, the scenic spot ticket is 60 yuan. There is no money. If you don't have money, the standard ticket for the scenic spot is 60 yuan. The preferential group is consistent with the general scenic spot, there is no difference! 2. In addition to the ticket, there is a transportation fare of 9 yuan a person. It is the visitor center to the gate of the scenic spot. It takes about 10 minutes by car. You can walk and take the bus. But the traffic is inconvenient, and there is nothing to see on the way. It is highly recommended to take the bus! 3. The fare is 9 yuan for a one-way trip, if you return for 18 yuan! 4.21The scenic spot is being repaired in April of the year, a little chaotic, some areas have been partitioned, but the core scenic spot does not affect, there is no problem to visit, the pursuit of perfect friends can slow down! 5. There are more concentrated places to buy snacks and water in the whole scenic spot. If you miss it, there is no long road, so be prepared properly! 6. There are too many places on the climbing slopes and there are many moss, be careful that the road is slippery, a pair of sneakers is necessary! 7. The ticket purchase tourist service center and the gate are not in one place. If you buy the ticket, navigate the fishing platform tourist service center, don't go wrong! The overall scenic spot is very quaint, suitable for slow play, or recommended, it is too expensive!
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冰之炙点Wusheng Baiping Feilong Rural Tourism Resort is known as the "embroidered agriculture" on the hilly land, and is a new rural agricultural leisure resort. Located in the northeast of Wusheng County, in the heart of Chengyu Economic Zone, Yuewu Road, Provincial Highway 304, Suiguang Expressway, Nanyu Expressway pass through it, and it is 9 kilometers away from Wusheng City. Half an hour's drive to the five major cities of Guang'an, Nanchong, Suining, Hechuan and Tongnan, and one hour's drive to Chongqing and other megacities, the location is superior and the transportation is convenient.
Nearby City
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Historical Site
瓶中精灵252Overall is still good! There is a taste of the Millennium Best City, which is that the culture of the country is less, a lot of commercialization and modern supporting facilities, there are light clubs, and temples, the overall feeling is worth the family to walk around, unfortunately, the creation of this cultural city. And the food style street is almost hot pot, strings, barbecue, children do not have the right meals, if you are like us, there is a kindergarten children on family trip, lunch is best to bring your own.

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Longnv Lake Tourist ResortGuang'an,China

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Yankou Ancient TownGuang'an,China

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Yin Mountain ParkGuang'an,China

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Baozhen FortressGuang'an,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Wusheng, including: Baozhen Fortress,Yankou Ancient Town,Yin Mountain Park
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