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About Wuxi

Wuxi, the “Taihu Pearl,” is a famous city for history and culture with more than 3000 years of history. At Shantouyu, praised as “the best place to view Taihu Lake,” the great Lingshan Buddha is majestic and heavy with incense, and the sense of Zen is palpable at Wuxi's Nianhua Bay has a strong Zen. Interesting and appealing antiquities with a long history are contained in the Donglin Academy. Jiangnan's famous Jichang, Li, and Mei Gardens display the exquisite garden appearance of Wuxi. Wuxi has had an abundance of quality products since ancient times and is China's famous “land of rice and fish.” The Taihu Sanbai ("three whites") whitefish, whitebait, and white prawn are all great delicacies of the area. The Huishan clay figurines, Wuxi spareribs, and Wuxi fried gluten balls are Wuxi's three best products and all make great gifts to take home with you.

Popular Attractions in Wuxi

Lingshan Town, Nianhua Bay
15,000 Reviews
Lingshan Township's Nianhua Bay is a Zen-inspired resort town where you can go on a journey of spiritual discovery. The town is built in ancient Chinese style, with Zen as the central theme. During the day, you can visit the Zen music halls, the flower chamber, the music gazebo and Nianhua flower garden and tower, and other architectures. You can check out the arts and crafts shops. When you get tired, you can sit down somewhere to get a drink or grab a bite. In the evening, you can photograph the quiet night of Nianhua Bay and take a look at the novelty 3D water screen movie on Nianhua Lake.
Lingshan Giant Buddha
22,360 Reviews
The Lingshan Giant Buddha is located on Xiaoling Mountain on the edge of Taihu Lake in Wuxi. Its scale is grand and spectacular. Many great masters came to hold grand ceremonies during its opening, and thus Chinese locals believe that it will bring good fortune if one prays to the great Buddha. There is also an interesting thing to try out when visiting the Buddha. When you look up at the Buddha and walk left or right, regardless of where you go, the eyes of the Buddha are always watching you, as if "the Dharma is boundless and sees everything."
The Turtle Head Park
24,719 Reviews
There is a chinese saying “Taihu Lake is a wonderful place because of Turtle Head Island.” During the early 20th century, social celebrities, officials and nobles built private gardens and villas on Turtle Head Island. After the founding of the People's Warlord Era, these assets were mostly taken over by the government and merged into the Turtle Head Park. It is currently an AAAAA attraction. There are taoist temples and buddha statues on the island. If you visit during the spring season, you will also be able to enjoy charming surroundings filled with cherry blossoms!
Three Kingdoms City
8,641 Reviews
Film Studio
Three Kingdoms City is adjacent to Lake Tai. The site is a film and television lot built by CCTV to shoot the 84-episode TV drama “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” The lot was built to take advantage of the lake scenery. Sets include the naval battle involving the use of fire ships during the Battle of Red Cliffs and the Wu Imperial Palace. Visitors can see the sets of movies and TV dramas firsthand, they can take photos on the set of “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” and they can whet their appetites watching a performance of “Three Heroes Combating Lu Bu.” If you are lucky, you might encounter a crew that is filming.

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Popular Places to enjoy East China's Autumn Scenery.
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There are obviously numerous places in the world where you can see a Buddha statue, most probably inside a Buddha temple. Temples in Buddhism are said to be representations of pure land and pure environment and are designed to inspire peace both inwards and outwards. It is understandable that the architecture of these temples varies from region to region due to cultural intermixing and other impacts. A Buddhist temple is not just the main building however; rather it is the complete surrounding environment around it. The design of the temple is to symbolize the five elements of nature; fire, water, air, earth, and the fifth one being wisdom. The following guide will help you know about 10 amazing places around the world where you can see a magnificent Buddha statue.
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Trip Moments

Wuxi attractions Raiders: from the scenic spots to the ancient town of film and television, Wuxi attractions, a network of hit Jiangnan since ancient times more prosperous, apricot flower spring rain, powder wall tiles, small bridges, water, natural scenery filled with a little poetic, and outstanding people, ancient and modern The poems of praise and sigh are so close, Wuxi is such an ancient city in the south of the Yangtze River. There are many attractions in Wuxi/Wuxi. From the scenic spots to the Zen Town, you can find some of the attractions that are worth punching. There is always one for you. "Taihu Lake is a must, after all, in Shantou", Shantou can be said to be the most famous attraction in Wuxi, where you can take a boat to Taihu Xiandao, the vast expanse of Taihu Lake, the cherry blossom forest in spring Summer "Galaxy" waterfall, autumn maple leaves, etc., the beauty of Taihu Lake, different seasons. Tickets: 83 yuan (advanced online booking, including passenger ferry tickets) "For the knowledge of the garden, the cliff head asks the teenager", located in the coast of Wuhu, due to Fan Yihe Known for the story of Shih Tzu, the bridge is full of water, full of embroidered, and there is a pool of wind in the summer, suitable for leisurely strolling. Tickets: 55 yuan Huanhua Bay In recent years, Wuxi is a hot spot, like Kyoto, especially the five-storied pagoda, which has a lot of buildings in Kyoto. They all adopt the wooden structure of Tang and Song architecture, and the photographs are very beautiful. The Buddhist temple is quite Zen, and it is suitable for both quality, walking, copying, meditation, and daze. Tickets: 98 yuan (limited time offer, due to slightly different dates) Wuxi's old-fashioned attractions, is the first theme park in China that combines film culture and tourism. The TV station has built a large-scale film and television culture scenic spot for the 84-episode TV series "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms". It has taken many movies and TV dramas and is known as "Oriental Hollywood". It is suitable for people who like the antique drama of film and television dramas to go to punch tickets. : 134 yuan (Three Kingdoms + Shuiyu City) Huishan ancient town "Wei Huishan quiet and quiet", was the Emperor Qianlong when passing through Huishan, Huishan ancient town has a long history, numerous monuments, It is the only block in Wuxi Old Street. It has not only the first mountain in the south of the Yangtze River, but also the second spring in the world. Cultural relics and historic buildings are everywhere. It is still part of the leisure life of Wuxi people. There are various life, quiet riverside, a pot of sweet-scented osmanthus wine, and a bowl of silver silk, which is the slow life of Wuxi people. Tickets: Free visit Accommodation recommendation: Yishang Hotel (Wuxi Zhongnan Road Xiaohuang Duck Theme Shop) 400 price is very high, the ubiquitous little yellow duck is cute and cute, children Like, adults also have a sense of healing.
Posted: Sep 12, 2019
Wuxi TaihuLan Yuege Mountain Residence Inn choose a city, one day. In the golden autumn season, go to Wuxi, the shore of the Taihu Lake, where you can experience the Zen journey of Taihu Lake, the mountains and the ancient town! The Lan Yue Ge Shan Ju Inn is your ideal place for meditation and meditation! Close to the World Buddhist Forum permanent meeting site Lingshan Shengjing - Huanhua Bay scenic area, only one mountain apart! Surrounded by green forests, it is quiet and natural, and the scenery is beautiful. Lingshan Guzhu Old Street, after vicissitudes of life, is simple and serene. There is also a street in Taihu Sanbai, which always makes visitors feel coveted. Opened for one year, the hotel has become the top card in the surrounding hotel, with its unique mountain view room, courtyard garden view and super cost-effective stay experience. More than 40 rooms, conference rooms, tea zen Space and mountain terraces meet the needs of different customers. The three-storey independent space in the lobby front desk is very light and has a lot of functions. The hotel is a three-storey building with the second floor as the best, the southwest side of the mountain view twin room, large space, good view, especially the largest suite. Dental appliances and toiletries are readily available. Unconsciously, at sunset, taking advantage of the most beautiful time of the day, you can take a selfie in the hotel garden, and you can take an art photo. Or wait for the moment when the Hua Deng is on the second floor terrace of the mountain. However, usually at this point, the guests will go out for food~ and the owner of the hotel is recommended to be a few kilometers away from the Yapu Farm in Changzhou Xueyu Town, Taihu Sanbai Authentic, beautiful environment, good service, Shanghai guests have eaten, can not forget Specialty restaurant featured room type mountain view twin room, more than 400 nights, including mountain farmhouse breakfast. Near the water tower, the first month, there is a Qiankun in the Moon Pavilion. In addition, the Lan Yue Pavilion has a Qiankun, a private garden with a small bridge and a Zen nature. Look, when the golden autumn sunset, that kind of Jiangnan style. Rockery, stone trails, bamboo forest, terrace, samovar, cloister, mountain view floor-to-ceiling windows... 5 minutes drive to Lingshan, 10 minutes to Huanhua Bay. The hotel can be parked.
Posted: Oct 20, 2019
Its another year when the spring in the south of the Yangtze River is warming up, whether it is a flower cluster, a small bridge running water or a pavilion, the ancient rhyme element of the flying rafter Jiangnan always has so many suitable for Hanfu. Chic small scene. The place recommended for everyone today is not far from tourists. That is the Donglin Academy in Wuxi City. 1 Makeup and hair accessories antique style creation, makeup should be as clean as possible, not too thick, make a good foundation, a little blush and eye shadow can show warm and fresh, Hair style may be a little troublesome, I can't quite get it. We were looking for a make-up teacher in the local area to send the hair 2 / an antique fan is a good hand-made props, Covering half of the face, meditation on the chin, etc., may make you look unpretentious, but the most important thing is the gesture. Regardless of the props or sleeves, remember to use orchids. 3How do photographers take pictures outdoor scenes suggest that telephoto can be used to make the effect of the peas swaying and catching up more naturally. If it is indoors, the focus is 50mm. If you get enough light on your face, it will make the beans look very transparent. 4 How to choose the scene In fact, the composition of many small scenes is enough, such as a plum tree, a pavilion, In front of a wall with an ancient hand-painted wall, or even a wooden lattice-shaped door, the simpler the picture and background, the more elegant and lingering the picture. Sujia Lane, No.867 Jiefang East Road, Liangxi District, Wuxi City Tickets: 5 yuan/person
Posted: Mar 19, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Longbeishan Forest Park, Linggu Cave, Xuelang Mountain Ecological Park, Taozu Sacred Site, Jiangnan Ancient Canal Ship Tour (Wharf in Nan Chan Temple).
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Wuxi: Ben Su · Pickled Fish ( Bao Long City Square ), Hu Bin Hotel Yu Restaurant, YueFu 65 ( Hyatt Regency Wuxi ), Wu Yue No.1 (InterContinental Hotel Wuxi), Ai She Mexico Restaurant.
Here are the best places to visit in Wuxi, including: Wuxi Zoo, Taihu Lake Amusement Park, Li Garden, Shanjuan Cave, Mei Garden, Huishan Ancient Town.