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Three Kingdoms City

4.5/57,191 Reviews
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Taihu Lake, Shanshui West Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City
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About Three Kingdoms City

Three Kingdoms City is adjacent to Lake Tai. The site is a film and television lot built by CCTV to shoot the 84-episode TV drama “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” The lot was built to take advantage of the lake scenery. Sets include the naval battle involving the use of fire ships during the Battle of Red Cliffs and the Wu Imperial Palace. Visitors can see the sets of movies and TV dramas firsthand, they can take photos on the set of “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” and they can whet their appetites watching a performance of “Three Heroes Combating Lu Bu.” If you are lucky, you might encounter a crew that is filming.

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  • 小晓军

    Three Kingdoms City is built on the edge of Taihu Lake. It is a film and television base built by CCTV for shooting 8 TV plays "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". There are water battlefields burning Chibi, Wuwang Palace and so on. Tourists can see scenes in one film and TV play. There are performances for tourists to watch for free. There are about 34 performances. They are performed in the Juxian Hall under the Wu Palace and the racetrack on the right-hand side of the gate of the scenic area. The "three-British Battle Lub" is the most beautiful racetrack. The morning performance is the same as the afternoon performance, and the performance lasts about a minute or two. There are many vendors in the three cities offering ancient clothes for rent and photography. Service, tens of yuan. Who do you want to play in the heroes of troubled times? It's good to be an emperor. There are antique beauty, you can take photos with them, of course, is also a fee.

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    Reviewed on 1471267783000
  • M53****445

    I went on the third day of the New Year. Three Kingdoms are richer than Shuihu. Pure film and television base, play for almost a day, go early without traffic jam. We went to the hotel by taxi, and when we came back, both black cars and authentic taxis were priced from the ground. Because it's very difficult to get a car. There is a bus over there, because there are more people and fewer cars, as you can imagine, it is like seeing hundreds of people rush up to save the stars.

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    Reviewed on 1485978843000
  • 138****7810

    There are many scenes, professional performances, good results, it is worth seeing. Personally, I think the content of Three Kingdoms City is good, better than Shuihu City. Maybe it's because there are film crews in Shuihu City, which occupy a part of the scenic spots. There are also decorated houses, which are supposed to be in the layout of the venue, and there are new plays to be filmed, so there are not many places to play. Anyway, it's worth seeing if you want to know the scenes in the play, the shooting scenes of TV and movies.

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    Reviewed on 1505553547000
  • 滟宝

    Funny, scenic spots are very beautiful, but there are too many people, many scenic spots can not take a good picture, and the scenic spots are very close, I suggest you can rent a battery car or ride a bicycle to play more convenient, and not very tired, do not recommend that you take a short barge around the scenic area, although 30 yuan can be unlimited rides, but it is too difficult to wait, even if there is a car, you still do not. You must be afraid of crowds if you can sit on it. Next time I'm going to play.

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    Reviewed on 1443882687000
  • 和顺郡杨秀

    Originally, I didn't have much expectation for this scenic spot, because before I went, I commented a lot, and the photos were sent by others, but the real situation made me change my view, and those random photos. Maybe I went to the flowering season, cherry valley, Cherry Orchard blossom, beautiful, you can see my photos, as well as the performance, those actors performed very well, not comment. The first time I saw such a big horse anyway, the actors and actresses were very good at riding. Only when they were in the situation can they feel it. It's a worthwhile trip.

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    Reviewed on 1491205357000
  • 歪十字星

    This scenic spot is better than imagined. Shuihucheng of the Three Kingdoms is not far away. It can travel by boat in the scenic area, but this time it only went to the Three Kingdoms because of the time problem. Located on the shore of Taihu Lake, there is a direct bus from Wuxi Railway Station. If you play in both cities, it will take about a day. Although it is not a real scene, it is more impressive than the real scene. The horse-to-horse fighting performance is also beautiful and worth going.

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    Reviewed on 1549795626000
  • 当地向导江南游子

    The second time I visited Wuxi Three Kingdoms City, I felt much better than before. I watched the programs of burning Chibi and the Three British Wars, and appreciated the beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake. I walked along the Chibi Trestle Road and found that the water pollution of Taihu Lake was too serious. And the three British wars left a deep impression on Lv Bu!

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    Reviewed on 1471099392000
  • 太阳

    You can play with your boyfriend if you haven't played with him. You can play with him after you have played. For friends who like the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, you can play with Hi-Pi. I think it's normal. It's 8D movies. I like the first experience very much. Many projects in the cities of the Three Kingdoms are self-funded. There are many people going to the Dragon Boat Festival. There are many people in the tour group and they are very busy. Next time, they will go there. Water Margin City

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    Reviewed on 1465548928000
  • M14****963

    Pan Jinlian is always seen on TV. In Shuihucheng, you can see this window. There are also special people pretending to take pictures beside the window. When you enter the gate, you can see that some stars are on the wall to take TV signatures. The whole scenic area is built around the past allusions. The performance of the Wu Palace is very good. You can watch it when you have time.

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    Reviewed on 1478911947000
  • M55****447

    The scenery is still good. Lv Bu is very recommended for the three British wars. The children like it very much. The things in the training camp are also interesting. It's quite good. It's very cold in winter by boat. The Three Kingdoms City is still cost-effective.

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    Reviewed on 1486887161000
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