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Things To Do in Wuyi

Niutoushan National Forest Park
945 Reviews
National Park
wzj042724051I climbed once before, this time with my wife and children to climb again the water is really beautiful, Jiangnan Jiuzhaigou is not a blowing baby jumping on the Golden Lock Bridge, the wife is too timid to walk a line sky is also very interesting people a little more than the top of the mountain down this hanging corridor is a little scary, It's scarier than the glass bridge, there is a jungle crossing for children at the top for free, adults can play (it is estimated to cost another 50 bucks outside, here is free) next time find a summer to play with water. The scenery is good, fun, cost-effective, overall great,
Qingshuiwan Qin Hot Spring
851 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
JCNReally enjoyed the hotsprings. Very clean environment and polite staff. Alot of different pool to choose from.
Tangfeng Open-air Hot Spring
333 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
mdczimmermanWe had the most relaxing vacation! We spent 4 days at the resort and came to Hot Springs every day. It was never too crowded or loud! Every day we could find at least 1 pool empty, so it felt luxurious and private. If you soak in the pools near the road, you will occasionally here traffic. But, if you soak in the center, you will feel like you are in your only little paradise. We absolutely Loved it and can’t wait to return. ❤️
Dahongyan Kongtongshan Scenic Area
325 Reviews
Geological Sites
冷月入心Because of the epidemic, there are very few people, a total of less than 20 people, and about 6 tourists. It is climbing, going up and down the mountain, young people climbing good, elderly people can not go. The adults, the knees are not good, it is not recommended to go. I have been to Huangshan Taishan Zhangjiajie, and have been to Qinghai Tibet, Gansu. The scenery here is really so general.
Guo Dong
348 Reviews
JCNMagnificent scenery and clean environment. Alot of trees and nature surrounding this area. The old architecture and feel of the old town living was also beautiful. Alot of nice places to take pictures
Yuyuan Taiji Xingxiang Village
187 Reviews
Old-FU1. Yuyuan Village, belonging to Wuyi County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, is located in the southwest of Wuyi County, 20 kilometers away from the county seat. Recently discovered that there are as many as 395 ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, surpassing Liukeng Village, Le'an, Jiangxi, which is known as the "first ancient village in China". The village has attracted many tourists from home and abroad with its profound cultural heritage, strange layout, rare ancient buildings, exquisite wood carvings, brick carvings, and unsolved mysteries. It has been open for more than two years. Experts and scholars from 13 countries, including Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Japan, and Austria, came here. According to "The Genealogy of the Yu Family", the village of Yu Yuan was built by Liu Bowen, the national teacher of the founding emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty, according to the village layout designed by celestial phenomena. 2. Yuyuan Taiji Astrology Village has a strange layout and is full of magic. According to research, Yuyuan Village was designed and built by Liu Bowen, the founding adviser of the Ming Dynasty, according to the celestial astrology "Twenty-eight Zodiac Signs". The village entrance is equipped with a giant Tai Chi diagram with a diameter of 320 meters and an area of 120 mu. The main 28 in the village The ancient buildings are arranged according to the constellations in the sky. There are also "Seven Star Ponds" and "Seven Star Wells" in the village for fire prevention and suppression of evil spirits, which embodies the ideal state of harmony between man and nature and "the harmony between man and nature". 3. The visit to the ancient village is free of charge. The so-called admission ticket refers to six scenic spots that can only be visited for a fee. Opening hours also refer to the time to enter the six attractions. Opening hours 7:30-17:30, (summer and autumn); 8:00-17:00 (winter and spring), ticket price: 30 yuan. 4. The beams, columns, doors and windows of the big houses in Yuyuan Ancient Village There are a large number of woodcarvings on the corbels, queti, and Dou Gong. As long as there is a wooden structure, there must be sculptures. The subject matter ranges from flowers, fish and insects to figures, pavilions, and pavilions, and they are well preserved, making it a wood carving museum. 5. The nine inexplicable mysteries of the ancient village of Yuyuan are still unsolved. Tai Chi culture is extensive and profound, and it is too valuable for research. Visit the ancient village of Yuyuan, appreciate the harmony between man and nature, explore astrological culture, and interpret Tai Chi culture. 6. For more details about the scenery of Yuyuan Ancient Village, please refer to my Ctrip Travel Notes "Classic Remains of the Unity of Heaven and Man, Wonders of Celestial Objects on the Ground, Specimen of Ancient Chinese Villages, and Every Ancient Building Can Write One Book-Wuyi Yuyuan Ancient Village Travel Notes, link address:

Popular Hotels in Wuyi

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Deefly Origin House
353 Reviews
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Yishuijian Hostel
70 Reviews
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Mijing Liangjiashan Hostel
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Vienna International Hotel (Wuyi Hushan)

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Guo Dong
Guo DongJinhua,China

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Shenniugu Drifting
Shenniugu DriftingJinhua,China

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Hushan Forest Park
Hushan Forest ParkJinhua,China

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Wuyixian Museum
Wuyixian MuseumJinhua,China

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Liucheng Lotus Museum
Liucheng Lotus MuseumJinhua,China

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Shuxi Bridge
Shuxi BridgeJinhua,China

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Wuyi Travel Tips

About Wuyi

Wuyi county is situated in center of Zhejiang province. Home to China's largest reserves of fluorite, it is known for its rich mineral resources, beautiful mountainous scenery and hot springs. It is also famous for its lotus seeds. Popular attractions include Yanfu Temple, Mount Niutou, Qingshui Bay Hot Springs Resort, the ancient village of Yuyuan and the Dahongyan Rock.

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Wuyi Weather

Apr 23, 2021
17 ~ 26
Apr 24, 2021
Light rain
16 / 25
Apr 25, 2021
Light rain
13 / 22
Apr 26, 2021
16 / 25
Apr 27, 2021
Light rain
17 / 22
Apr 28, 2021
Light rain
18 / 21
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Wuyi
Apr 23, 2021 Wuyi Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:95%, Sunrise/Sunset:05:28/18:31
Wuyi Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Wuyi, including: Niutoushan National Forest Park,Qingshuiwan Qin Hot Spring,Dahongyan Kongtongshan Scenic Area
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