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Attractions in Wuyishan

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Wuyi Mountains

4.6/56,224 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
May 1 - October 31 (summer) Monday - Sunday 6:30-18:00; November 1 - April 30 (Winter) Monday - Sunday 7:00-17:30; Closed at 14:00 on New Year's Eve. Please check the official website for the detailed opening hours. (Local time)

Wuyi Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Center, is an attractive landscape in East China. It is divided into Mount Wuyi Nature Reserve and Mount Wuyi Scenic Area. The Mount Wuyi landscape that tourists visit is a scenic spot that is concentrated on the west side of Chongyang to the Xincun area. The Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area can be divided into four areas, namely Tianyou Peak to Taoyuan Cave, Jiuqu River to Wuyi Palace, Tianxian Tigers Rock, Dahongpao to Shuilian Cave.

Wuyi Mountain Nine-bend Stream

4.6/52,085 Reviews
May 1st - October 31st (summer) 6:30-18:00; November 1st - April 30th (Winter) 7:00-17:30; Special: Chinese New Year's Eve closed at 14 o'clock. (Local time)

Wuyi Mountain Nine-bend Stream is located in the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area. It is called 'Nine-bend' stream because the stream meanders and bends The stream twists and turns its way past Xingcun Village and into Wuyi Mountain, broken into nine sections, divided into nine bends. The primary means of touring is via rafting Nine-bend. Take a bamboo raft to enjoy the mountain view. Along the way, you can see such views as Dawang Peak, Yuting Peak, Lion Peak, Jade Peak, Xianbangyan and Xianguanyan. Wandering through the green hills and blue waters, add a little sunshine, there's nothing more comfortable.

"Impression Da Hong Pao" performance

4.6/52,327 Reviews
March 15th, 2018-September 30th, 2018, the first show time: 20: 00, the second show time: 21: 30, the third show time: 22: 50 (Local time)

The "Impression Da Hong Pao" performance is directed by a group of famous directors -- Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue, and it is their 5th work in the Impression series, which was created after the "Impression Liu Sanjie", "Impression Lijiang", "Impression West Lake" and "Impression Hainan Island". The Mount Wuyi Impression Dahongpao Performance Theater is one of the world's largest teahouses. It is the world's first 360-degree rotating auditorium and unprecedentedly integrates 15 movie screens into a natural landscape, which truly displays the culture of Wuyishan amid nature.

Tianyou Peak

4.6/5876 Reviews
May 1st - October 31st (summer) Monday to Sunday 6:30-18:00; November 1st - April 30th (Winter) Monday to Sunday 7:00-17:30; Special: New Year's Eve closed at 14 o'clock (Local time)

Tianyou Peak is located in the north of Liuqu River in Jiuqu River, Wuyishan Scenic Area, and is located in the center of the scenic spot. The origin of its name is because when there is a sea of ​​clouds, in Tianyou Peak, it seems to be in the fairyland, swimming in the Tiangong, hence the name "Tianyou." Here you can enjoy the spectacular view of Wuyi Mountain from Jiuqu River from more angles.

Jiuquxi Bamboo Rafting

4.4/5270 Reviews
6:00-18:00 (Local time)

The rafting is usually done on bamboo raft with wooden chairs for passengers to sit. Jiuquxi is the most popular tourist attraction in Wuyi Mountain. The river is located in the east of Wuyishan City and can be easily accessed by tour bus. There are other type of rafting available also, but they are not as common. The water of the river is usually very calm and perfect for taking in the scenes. Just remember purchase tickets from proper companies or agencies and to ride the rafts operated by reputable companies. With shallow draft and large buoyancy, visitors can enjoy a stable and comfortable ride with a wide field of vision.

Dahongpao Scenic Area

4.2/5410 Reviews
Tea Plantation
Summer 6:30-18:00, winter 7:00-17:00. (Local time)

The Dahongpao Scenic Spot derives its name from the Dahongpao mother tree in the scenic spot. Dahongpao is the champion of Wuyi rock tea. It grows in Jiulong Nest in the north of Wuyi Mountain. There are only a few Dahongpao mother trees remain now, which are very expensive. It is known as "The king of tea." The main attractions in the scenic spot includes Niulan Keng, Yongle Temple, Dahongpao. The main attraction is to visit the Tianxin Yongle Temple and Dahongpao, which is known as fantastic tea.

Xiamei Ancient Residence

4.1/5289 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
7:30-17:30 (Local time)

Xiamei Ancient Residence is located in the southeast of Wuyishan City and is part of the Wuyishan World Cultural Heritage Site. It has a long history and beautiful scenery. The Xiamei Ancient Residences in Ming and Qing styles are a combination of brick carving and stone carving art, with a simple appearance and rich local flavor. The narrow artificial canal passes through the village, and ancient streets and ancient wells are built along the banks of the river. Together with the simple customs of the people, it creates a typical Jiangnan water town.


4.2/5314 Reviews
8:00-17:00 (Local time)

One-Line-Sky is located in the south end of the Wuyi Mountain peak and in a secluded valley in the south of Erqu Creek. There is a giant rock at this place, named Fu Lingyan. Rocks tilt out and cover three adjacent caves. A closer look inside the hole, if you look at the cracks on the top of the cliff, you can see the wonders of the sky. This is what is called the "One-Line-Sky". In the straits of the One-Line-Sky,, there are rare white bats, and there are also a bamboo species called Sifang bamboo. On the right side is the Fuxi Cave, with a wind tunnel in the middle and the Lingyan Cave on the left.

Wuyishan Polar Ocean Park

4.3/5340 Reviews
9:30-17:00 (Local time)

Wuyishan Polar Ocean Park is composed of polar animals area, marine biology area, and whales and dolphins theater. It is a large-scale open-air theme tourism park integrating tourism, leisure, and catering functions. It has polar bears, white whales and other rare polar animals, and marine animals such as dolphins, sharks, and jellyfish are exhibited, performed, and interacted, allowing visitors to become a great marine explorer while conducting a polar ocean fantasy trip.

Roaring Tiger Rock

4.4/5293 Reviews
Summer: 6:30-18:00, Winter: 7:00-17:30. (Local time)

Roaring Tiger Rock is located in the south of Erquxi, in the middle of Yufu Peak and the first-line days. It is one of the famous scenic spots on the southern line of Wuyi Mountain, and several characters of “Huxi Lingdong” are on the rock. The location of Roaring Tiger Rock is Hanhanpo, with cliffs next to the rock steps and narrow steps. The end point of Roaring Tiger Rock is the Dingming Bridge, but this is not the highest point. There is a viewing platform not far from the Dingming Bridge. It is a good place for Hu Xiaoyan to look at the mountains and rivers. You can see the face of Wuyi 36.

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