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"Ancient Settlement"
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"It took about three and a half hours by train from Wuhan to arrive at Wuyuan. The scheduled hotel sent a car to pick us up. When we arrived at Xichong Village, the warm winter sun was gradually going west. As soon as the sun set, there was not much effort, and the cold in the mountains immediately hit, and suddenly became cold and quiet. Along the way, the driver's master proudly introduced us to the history and culture of Wuyuan and the hometown of celebrities. At first glance, it is someone who has met the world. is not that right? In a county-level rural village like Wuyuan, relying on the geographical location of two mountains-Huangshan Mountain, Sanqing Mountain, and one town-Jingdezhen, the unique tourism economy has been developed by digging deep into the local human history. Along the way, we can see the tangible benefits that Wuyuan’s tourism economy has brought to the locals from the environment of the Hui-style architectural villages hidden in the hilly areas on both sides of the road. Among other things, just from the description of the local folk customs by the driver's master, it can be seen: the road does not pick up, and the house is not closed at night. Let me ask, how many places in China can achieve such a living environment? Located at the entrance of Xichong Village in Hejian·Shujia·Mo Suo's Centennial Hometown, Qing Dynasty Cultural Center B&B Hotel is a 270-year-old Qing Dynasty ancient building. It should have belonged to a large local family. The furnishings of the hotel inherit the cultural and artistic characteristics of Huizhou architecture. Although it is located in the countryside, it does not have the slightest smell of soil that you might think. It makes people discover from some subtle places that Xichong is in sync with the outside world and modern civilization to a certain extent, and it is a kind of rural life we dream of in big cities, but it does not lose the shadow of ancient civilization. . Because we missed lunch on the high-speed rail at noon, the hotel specially prepared dinner for us early. A dish of green Malantou, a dish of local flavored pork with pickled vegetables, a dish of braised fish, a dish of sauteed water celery, and a bowl of corn rib soup. Wow! Unexpectedly, this meal is really delicious! Just for this country side dish with Jiangxi local characteristics, this trip is not in vain! So, we rushed to press the shutter for a while before the sun went down. It’s a pity that I am not familiar with the various functions of the camera at all. The photos taken are far from the photographer. It is not enough to express the ancient civilization and modern atmosphere of Xichong, nor is it enough to capture the characters. Get into it. Let's take a look? What do you say? As night fell, a bright moon sprinkled clear light on the top of the bamboo forest not far from the entrance of the village. Tomorrow, it should still be a sunny and warm winter day, right? ! ——November 23, 2018, essays by Yu Wuyuan Xichong"