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Dazhang Mountain Wolong Valley

Dazhang Mountain Wolong Valley

4.3/5260 Reviews
Ranked No. 11 in Wuyuan Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 1/1-12/31,7:30am-6:30pm (Local time)
"📍 Detailed address: Dagushan Township, Wuyuan County, Shangrao City 🚗 Traffic Caption: Wolong Valley is a attraction in the North Line of Wuyuan Tourism. It is suitable for driving by yourself or chartered car from Wuyuan County for about an hour. There is a mountain road in the middle. 🕙Open time:07:30—17:30💰Ticket price: 60 yuan for a separate ticket. If you want to go to other scenic spots in Wuyuan, such as Jiangwan, Likeng, Qikou, Sixi Yancun, it is recommended to buy a set ticket, more than 200 yuan in five days. It is more cost-effective. 🌟 Highlight Feature: Wolong Valley is a primitive eco-gorge landscape, known as "Jiangnan First Canyon." There are a group of waterfalls in the alpine valley, connected by pools, tree-lined and beautiful. The stone monument at the entrance of the scenic spot is the inscription of Mr. Jin Yong. Wolong Valley is about four kilometers long. It can take more than 100 meters from the ropeway to the second highest "Bailong Waterfall" in China, and then take a photo down the mountain. 📌Small Tips: It is recommended to take the ropeway up the mountain, the ticket price is 50 yuan. Down the canyon, the peak turns back to the water, and the scenery changes. This saves energy and time, and the whole journey is over in two hours. I feel that this attraction is still suitable for summer to cool off."