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Tongxiang Zhiwuyuan-Tongxiang Culture SquareNearby City

Tongxiang Zhiwuyuan-Tongxiang Culture Square

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"Flowers, is the spring, picnic, also belongs to spring, did not smell flowers, did not go to picnic spring, is not complete, do not take food in and kite day to go to the waves, is not the best failure to the beautiful spring. While the wind and sun were bright and the sun was right, a picnic was brought with the little sugar beans to the botanical garden at the door to welcome the spring! Many people will find it difficult to go out with large bags of picnics, but it is really important to make a ritual of life. Choose a small green space, put a picnic mat, spread out the food box, set up bottles and bottles of drinks, sit down with your cross legs, and wait for the sun to warm you up. Good mood is also starting to wantonly ~. In order to create a perfect picnic experience, there are no lack of preparation in all aspects, we will share from the location, equipment and food ~ picnic location picnic grass picnic is the first choice for most people, choose a better scenic park, It's too comfortable to eat in the sun, in the breeze and eat food ~ The beach is also a better picnic location. Blowing the sea breeze, maybe you can see the sunset, as if the time is still at this moment. Or choose to go to the countryside, in the mountain grass listening to the stream water, jungle birds, in the fresh and wonderful natural environment, enjoy a leisurely and healthy picnic life new experience. Picnic basket: Must be concave, no picnic basket picnic is soulless, backpacks too broken, suitcases not suitable, large and rural picnic baskets, basic utensils and small food can be packed in. Picnic mat: Find a suitable grass to spread it, sit on it enjoy the food! Tent: It is very necessary when the sun is shining. It is very comfortable to take a nap in the tent ~ Fresh Box: It is recommended to use 100% Sealed Box for picnics, so that food can be avoided during the trip, or bacteria can be avoided. Umbrella\Sun hat\Sunscreen: Although the spring sun isn't as glaring as summer, ultraviolet sunscreen is essential for scissors\Paper towel\Garbage bag\Disposable gloves\Toothpicks: These trivial items are also a must for picnics~Dry flowers\Balloon\Bubble Machine: Photo artifacts! Can't be less ~ Sunglasses\ Magazine: Very suitable for selfie talons to use for concave styling~ Walk-in stereo: Regulate the atmosphere of picnics, whether you want to get high or soothe your emotions, use it. The picnic food goes out to enjoy the bright spring, naturally need energy supplement, prepare a list of spring picnic is necessary. Picnic food selection, mainly for light, easy to carry, non-corrupt types, sandwiches, sushi, fruit, desserts, drinks, snacks, rituals, and making life a little more lively"