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Hot Springs Resort
Huaqing Aegean Hot Spring

Huaqing Aegean Hot Spring

4.6/5530 Reviews
"Hot Springs Resort"
Open from 11:00am-11:59pm (Local time)
"This is the first time I came to Xi'an. It rained on the last day of April 15th, cancelled the trip to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, and decided to find a hot spring. The first time I came to Huaqing Aegean Sea, the place was very easy to find. When I entered the gate, the guard asked for directions. Open on time at 10 o'clock. The front desk, shoe storage, and locker room services are proactive and caring. Although there are 55 hot spring pools, many of them are privately charged, and the public areas are only open one after another. When they first arrived, only cucumber, moxa, and small fish ponds had water. Afterwards, a few guests from the hotel came to take a bath in the hot springs. The waiter was very thoughtful and took the initiative to serve them tea and water, and led them to the lounge for a nap and refreshment, without paying any attention to us. It was not until after the shift was changed at about noon that a waitress named Tang took the initiative to say that it was cold, and sent us hot barley tea, and also replaced us with dry bath towels and reminded us to go to the nearby tea room to eat something regain strength. After it rained heavily, I came back to the hot springs again. In addition, a waitress who was in charge of the inspections kindly discovered the mobile phone I had missed by the hot spring pool and kindly reminded me to take good care of my things. The service is still very good, but it is better not to treat guests differently. The hot spring water is also very good, and the skin is really slippery after washing. I will consider it next time I come to Xi'an and recommend it to tourists who come to Xi'an."