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Trip Moments

The first place in the Aventure Index: Dioscorea
A smooth eggshell was knocked open, revealing the white body wrapped in golden potato mud. When I got on the court, I captured everyone's heart. I didn't take the opportunity to take a photo with my mobile phone. The eggshell is not filled with eggs, but the milky savory potato puree, sweet but not greasy, has been seduce your taste buds. The top is the Australian belt. The first time I took the Australian belt with the mashed potato, I felt very unusual. I personally felt that if it could be thicker, the taste would be better.

Aventure Index Second Place: Shacha Wild Spotted Shrimp
As a meer to the black tea, I will never let go of any chance to taste the sand tea. This dish still uses sand tea as the soup base, and adds wild spotted shrimp, tofu doll dishes, etc., and then heated in a casserole with a small hot pot. The bottom of the soup is slowly simmered, and the longer it tastes, the more fresh and delicious the sand tea with the shrimp!

Aventure index third place: black truffle deep sea fish risotto
this staple food on the table, has already filled the stomach, but still attracted by its fragrance, could not help but live again A bowl, I did not expect to open the stomach again, can't stop! Black truffles are extremely precious ingredients. They are added to the deep-sea fish and roasted into the rice. The softness is moderate, and each one is very tasty. The thick sense of the deep sea fish is very chewy.

Aventure Index 4th Place: Cherry Goose Liver Toast
The romance of the feast can always be reflected in small details. Don't look at some of these hamburgers, but there are some connotations, each with a foie gras on top and a cherry sauce on top.
Xiamen cuisine | Seasonal food restaurant, four years of love for you, as early as

different from many restaurants after a while, short-lived disappear, this time after the taste, I know that the opening two It is said that it is not unreasonable that the weekend is full. Every month, the private kitchens of the ocean showcase different tastes of different themes, combining fresh ingredients from the ocean with local diets.

Appetizer juice Thousand-cut zucchini: A green dinner is a visual feast.

Baixiang juice apple: After the vitamin C full of passion fruit juice soaked, the apple sweetness is just right,

: the fighter in the lo mei is not a duck tongue Just the right taste of the taste of the mess, the feeling of lips and silk you know.

Alpine honey sand sweet potato: the sweet potato carved into an olive-shaped sand is sweet and not greasy by honey,

-style Xiamen Port Spring Roll: as a rooted Xiamen for 20 years The natives, this spring roll really eats the ancient taste of childhood, and added the spring rolls for sugar to dare to say that it is the real production of Xiamen Port.

Spreaded sesame oil chicken: Drinking a bowl is comparable to real chicken blood! Flax oil, rice wine, ginger with chicken, high soup, chilling, dampness, for the debilitating physique of the people, the body is hot and should not eat.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Can be used as a dish.

: In fact, the simpler the ingredients, the harder it is to do is not the quality, although the tofu has nothing new, but it is better than the crab powder juice, the peach gum silk is not bad taste. The tofu is so addictive.

Private fried snail head: The color and scent are all played to the extreme, and the unique effect of garlic is to neutralize the slightity of the screw head. It is not easy to grasp the fire of the two.

Fujian burns eight flavors: Uncover the lotus leaves on the jar, the fragrant aroma escapes the whole box, the soup bottom is red, the sputum protein is red, a spoonful of mouth, the taste is soft, the aroma is tangy, The adhesive paper pulled out by the hoof is thick and thick between the lips and teeth, and the unique taste of the seafood dried soup base is unforgettable.

: I never thought that the creamy crab with the longan red dates can match the seamlessness. The original taste of the crab is cold, and the warmth is only the new one. Consolation.

Sichuan Majiao Kungfu Waist: I think that when the main dish is high or high, it is a bit of a loss. The scent, hemp and spicy taste of the waist are superimposed on the occasion. The taste bud is activated instantly, and the aftertaste is endless/hh. /
Winter : The appetizer has passed, a bowl of soup is clear, the soup is smooth and full, and the rare melon is so crystal-clear and cute.

: Healthy health, restore the original taste of the cabbage, accompanied by the fragrance of the spring water, the hard dish in the vegetarian dish, the person who wants to clean the mouth must point.

: In the end, there will be a soup from day to end that is perfect. The entrance is first of all the succulent and refreshing of Xueyan, followed by the sweet and sweet taste of the sweet potato.

Environmental steel frame, split-level space, transparent glass box structure replaces the cold and hard box, plain white wall combined with ferrous metal texture corridor will separate the dining area public area, simple Without losing the sense of design, every detail is humanized yet elegant and elegant.

In fact, the restaurant is the last, in addition to the taste of the dishes, the service is more worthy of study, the intimacy of the ocean is far less than the HDL.

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