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Beichen Mountain

Beichen Mountain

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Open on Mon-Fri,9:00am-4:30pm;Open on Sat-Sun,9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"There is Beichen Mountain in Tong'an, Xiamen. The mountains and clear waters are very beautiful. Come here to breathe fresh air, climb mountains, watch waterfalls, and appreciate the beauty of nature. In the end, Beichen Mountain, walked through the huge gate, climbed up the steps, first worship the King of Fujian, and then enjoy the scenery. Follow the trail to the mountain and up the mountain to the Shuitian Cave. Continue from the Shuitian Cave to the Twelve Dragon Pond. The waterfall seems to fall from the sky, the water is misty, and the pearls are splashing. Whenever you see a waterfall that flows past your eyes like ten thousand horses, it is as if all the troubles are gone with the water. Twelve Dragon Ponds don’t turn back, and down the small stone steps is Xiangu Cave. Down from Xiangu Cave is the Fairy Waterfall. It is also the waterfall with the largest drop in Beichen Mountain. The beautiful and imposing waterfall is like a fairy's elegant figure, which makes people intoxicated . Walking down the mountain along the path, listening to the sound of the water flowing from the waterfall, accompanied by the birdsong in the mountain, all the way back, passing by the bamboo forest and the villa area, the scenery continues all the way. It is a good place for leisure and outing. It is also good to have time to spend a few days here."