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Riguang Mountain Temple

Riguang Mountain Temple

4.5/5188 Reviews
Ranked #3 in Xiamen Important Religious Institutions
Open from 7:00am-7:00pm (Local time)
Steven Zhang
"The only Chinese monastery in Gulangyu, built in 1586, has a sanatorium-level environment in Gulangyu, which has just been listed in the World Intangible Cultural Heritage by the United Nations Science and Education, and is full of national treasure-class cultural relics, whether it is ancient streets or centuries-old buildings in various countries. Gulangyu traces. Gulangyu has been an important strategic position since ancient times and has become the outer window of our southeast coast and even the whole country, especially after the Ming Dynasty. The strategic position of the external window is doomed to Gulangyu's international status, and today Gulangyu has many national embassies with China. Although the island is small, it is the largest island in China with foreign embassies, of course, these embassies are all former sites. There are so many foreign buildings in Gulangyu, is there no Chinese-style monuments before? There must be, and there are many. There is a very important site, the only Chinese Jingzong temple on the island, called Nikkoyan Temple, which is definitely inseparable from Nikkoyan, the location at the foot of the mountain. From the south gate of the Sunlight Rock Scenic Area, you can see the buildings of the South of the Fujian style, which is marked with four characters, "Sunlight Rock Temple". It is said that this gate was the site of the mountain gate in the Ming Dynasty, and after the restoration, it was replaced by the wooden gate of the Chinese style building. The temple is not very big, the atmosphere temple hall, the dizo hall, the hall of Kannon, the hall of the great and the grand master memorial garden and so on several parts. Although the temple is not big, but the environment is very good, after entering the temple can feel the most quiet and air quality of the ambiance in the sunstone area, a sense of quiet and endless aftertaste. In addition to the pleasant environment, there is a good viewing angle, standing at the outermost part of the temple hall can enjoy the city view of Xiamen, can also see the sea and Gulangyu red house perfect combination of the scenery, plus the quality of air and quiet environment, This Nikko Rock Temple has become a rare sanatorium on Gulangyu Island in Xiamen. If you bring elderly people or children with mobility problems to visit the Nikko Rock, if you don't want to climb to the top of the rock, it is still very good to stay at this Nikko Rock Temple and enjoy the scenery of Xiamen Island. Although the view is not better than the top of the rock, it is a great place to see things for people with mobility issues. The overall layout of the temple is the maximum use of the sunlit rock footing environment the best limited space, there are many temples in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the site, for historical and cultural interest, may wish to see."