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Tianjin Happy Valley

Tianjin Happy ValleyNearby City

4.6/54,332 Reviews
Theme Park
Amusement Park
Water Park
Entertainment Center
June 30-September 2: 8:30-22:00; night time opened at 17:00. (Local time)
Tianjin Happy Valley is a well-known large-scale amusement park in Tianjin. It is also a good destination for local family and travellers. Tianjin Happy Valley is located in Dongli Lake Holiday Village and is divided into six theme areas including the Performing Arts Center, Happy Hour, Heart of the Sea, Viking Harbour, Christmas Village, and Leaping Caribbean. There are numerous attractions; the roller coasters in particular are very exciting, with just the right combination of speed and passion. If you come in the summer, the water attractions in the park will let you beat the heat for a while.
Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great WallNearby City

4.8/510,395 Reviews
Ancient Trail
7:30-18:00 on weekdays, 7:00-18:30 on weekends, 08:00-17:00 in winter; for cables, 8:00-17:00 in summer, 8:30-16:30 in winter (Local time)
Mutianyu Great Wall is located in Huairou district, Beijing. To the west of Mutianyu is Juyongguan Great Wall, while to the north is Gubeikou. Since ancient times, this has been a location with military significance and has defended Beijing from attack. Mutianyu Great Wall is principally built on the edge of a steep hill, using the hillside as an advantage. The height of the Great Wall reaches seven to eight meters and the width reaches four to five meters. The main building material is granite, making the structure both majestic and solid. There are many towers on the Mutianyu section. There are 22 towers on the currently open section, which is 2250 meters long.
Panshan Ski Resort

Panshan Ski ResortNearby City

4.5/5230 Reviews
8:00-16:00 (Local time)
Panshan Ski Resort is located in Ji County about 8km west of the city. Panshan Ski Resort has intermediate and beginner level ski slopes as well as snow tubing facilities. There is also a beginners' practice area and a children's play area. If you can not yet ski or are nervous about hitting the slopes alone, professional coaches are there to help you out. Panshan Ski Resort also has restaurants providing food and beverage service for guests.
Yuyang Ski Resort

Yuyang Ski ResortNearby City

4.5/5321 Reviews
The scenic spot has been closed ,Expected to open in the snow season of 2018/2019 year (Local time)
Yuyang Ski Resort is an awesome ski site located in the scenic Pinggu District. In the Resort, there are primary, intermediate and advanced snow courses available to meet the needs of different tourists. Visitors can also experience exciting mountain bikes and grass skiing here. There are romantic horse sleigh ride and outdoor open hot springs in the Resort.
Bird's Nest (National Stadium)

Bird's Nest (National Stadium)Nearby City

4.6/53,420 Reviews
On-season (April - October) 8:30-19:00; off-season: (November - March) 9:00-17:00, site cleared at 17:30 (Local time)
The Bird's Nest is officially called National Stadium. It is located on the northern part of Beijing. In 2008 it hosted the Beijing Olympics. Due to its magnificent architecture and the international competitions that are regularly hosted there, it has become a famous landmark in recent years. The exterior of the Bird's Nest is made up of intersecting steel sections that look like branches forming a huge nest. The unique shape of the stadium is truly stunning. The Olympic cauldron, shaped like a torch and originally mounted on top of the Bird's Nest, has been moved to the Torch Square northeast of the stadium. It is still visible from the outside of the stadium. Nearly 100,000 spectator seats fill the interior of the Bird's Nest. Their bright red color is magnificent.
Water Cube (National Aquatics Center)

Water Cube (National Aquatics Center)Nearby City

4.4/51,895 Reviews
Modern Architecture
Swimming Pool
High season (July-October) 9:00-20:00; Low season (November-June) 9:00-18:00; Swimming: Monday-Friday 12:30-21:30; Saturday and Sunday 9:00-21:30. (Local time)
The Water Cube (National Aquatics Center) is located to the north of downtown Beijing. It was the 2008 Beijing Olympics water sports venue. This strange yet magnificent building is composed of over 3,000 irregularly shaped giant bubbles, which, from afar, looks like a giant water molecule. If you want to cool off while in Beijing, the swimming pool and leisure park on the first floor are sure to fill your heart's desires. Furthermore, the brilliant show of lights at night makes it a great place for night photography.
Lianhua Mountain Ski Resort

Lianhua Mountain Ski ResortNearby City

4.7/5499 Reviews
Day: 8:30-17:00, night: 17:30-22:00. (Local time)
When you visit the Lianhua Mountain Ski resort, you will find that it has something for skiers of all levels and experience. The trail levels include beginner, intermediate and advanced. There is also a cable car and towing lift in order to help you get to the trails. There is also a snowboard park located at the resort. You will also be able to experience other snow activities like: snow circles, snowmobiles and dog sleds. It’s something that people from all walks of life will enjoy. There is also an ecological park with a restaurant located there. The park is able to show off the abundance of greenery along with the beautiful powdery snow. The restaurant is one that is known for its environmentally friendly practices and theme. The whole park itself embodies an ecological business approach.
Jiushanding Natural Scenic Area

Jiushanding Natural Scenic AreaNearby City

4.3/5232 Reviews
7:30-17:30 (Local time)
The Jiulong Peak Natural Scenic Area is located in Changzhou Village, Xiaying Town, Ji County, Tianjin. Xiyi is in Beijing, Tangshan in the east, Tianjin in the south, Chengde in the north, and the heart of the four major cities in Beijing, Tianjin, Tang and Cheng. It is connected with the Huangyaguan Great Wall, Baxian Mountain and Qingdong Mausoleum. It is a representative mountain body in the middle and upper Paleozoic standard strata of the National Nature Reserve.
Jizhou International Ski Resort

Jizhou International Ski ResortNearby City

4.4/5311 Reviews
8:30-16:00 (night 18:00-21:00) (Local time)
Pazhou International Ski Resort is a ski resort with primary, intermediate, advanced, and circular snow courses. The snowboards imported from the sizably voluminous headboard are utilized for the equipment, and the guests are conveyed utilizing magic carpets and chair hoists. A night market is set up on Saturdays and holidays (Christmas, Incipient Year's Day, Spring Festival, Valentine's Day) to accommodate accommodation, catering, skiing, and live ammunition. There is withal a free instructor's grounds for explicating fundamental ski skills in the ski area, giving you an indelible skiing experience. This can be a memorable experience and also a treat to the eyes.
Nanshan Ski Resort

Nanshan Ski ResortNearby City

4.6/5906 Reviews
9:00-17:00 (Local time)
Nanshan Ski Village is located in Miyun County. It has a good location and excellent snow quality. It is one of the large-scale ski resorts in North China and includes advanced, middle and beginner ski trails, teaching lanes and recreational ski trails, among which the famous “Wild Snow Park”. It is a beautiful wooded ski area and has become a training site for ski experts in Beijing.