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About Xiangtan

Xiangtan City is located in the eastern part of Central Hunan Province. It is sometimes called “Lotus City” because it has lots of Xiang Lotuses. The territory of Xiangtan is also the birthplace of many famous Hunanese military figures such as Zeng Guofan from the waning years of the Qing Dynasty, Mao Zedong (the founding leader of the Chinese Communist Party) and Peng Dehuai (the military general). Xiangtan is an ancient city with a long and storied history and many famous historical sites. "Guansheng Temple" is a famous temple from the Qing Dynasty. The white marble dragon column in front of the temple's Spring and Autumn Pavilion is nothing short of exquisite. Additionally, Xiangtan has a great deal of beautiful natural scenery such as the Shaoshan and Dongtai Mountains.

Popular Attractions in Xiangtan

Paragon Garden
177 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Paragon Garden fairyland is located at No.195 Furong Avenue, Yuetang District, Xiangtan City. It is known as a "rare plant kingdom, paradise of wildlife and the oasis of harmony between the heaven and human." It features ten themed parks, including Azalea Park, Sakura Park and Lotus Park, in the garden. By virtue of its large scale, abundant quantity and complete variety, it is an ideal place for people to admire the beauty of flowers in mid-south China.
Yuhu Park (Northwest Gate)
148 Reviews
City Park
33 Huyuan Rd, Yuhu Qu, Xiangtan Shi, Hunan Sheng, China
Juhuatang Park (East Gate 2)
143 Reviews
City Park
Yuetang Rd, Yuetang Qu, Xiangtan Shi, Hunan Sheng, China
Zhao Mountain Scenic Area
68 Reviews
Zhao Mountain Scenic Area is located on the east bank of the Xiangjiang River, northeast of Xiangtan. According to legend, during King Zhao's war against the Chu and the Jin, his armies advanced all the way here before he was injured in battle. Collapsing into a deep pool at the foot of the mountains, he drowned and died. To commemorate the king, it was called Zhao Mountain. Zhao Mountain is not actually very high. In ancient times, it was recognized as one of the eight famous sites of Xiaoxiang. Ever since antiquity, many famous figures, such as Mi Fu and Wang Chuanshan, have left inscriptions here. Zhao Mountain's Qianshanzheng Road is a sloping granite path that leads directly from the river bank to the top of Zhaoshan Zen Temple. Zhaoshan Zen Temple was built during the Tang Dynasty. Shrines within the temple include Xuangong Hall, Yuhuang Pavilion, Guanyin Temple and Guansheng Shrine. On holy days, pilgrims gather from all corners of the world, the temple is wreathed by incense smoke, and the sounds of tolling bells roll into the distance. It is like entering the heavenly realm of Yaogong Palace.

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Xiangtan Weather

Jun 3, 2020
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Jun 4, 2020
Jun 5, 2020
Heavy Rain
Jun 6, 2020

Trip Moments

After staying in Guangzhou for a long time, I missed the beef noodles and crayfish in my hometown of Fuyang. Before going out, the clouds were densely covered, and the rainstorms poured out, still not blocking a warm footstep. I heard that the boss of the shrimp head is a Xiangyang person, and my heart is a little intimate. The crayfish of the shrimp is from the Qianjiang River in Hubei Province---the largest crayfish breeding base in the country. It is large and full of meat. Before the meal, the boss brought us a few live crayfish to show us that the energetic crayfish were extremely powerful, put them in a basin, picked up one and turned them into a string. Shrimp heads are mainly spicy and oily. As long as the guests are satisfied, sometimes they can change the taste according to the requirements of the guests. Only the lobster is large to the palm of the hand, it is now killed, repeated cleaning, shrimp line, shrimp head, for the convenience of the guests to peel, very considerate to open the shrimp tail in advance, but also add some flavor, eat gently when you eat A glimpse of the fragrant and tender shrimp. The red soup made from more than 30 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines and spices is fragrant and fresh, and it is spicy and spicy. It is added to the washed crayfish and the soup is deeply dissolved into the shrimp and eaten into the mouth. It is crisp, tender and smooth and extremely refreshing. If you can't eat spicy food, you can choose the oily crayfish, which has a little bit of spicy taste and achieves an appetizing effect.
Posted: Jan 25, 2019