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Things To Do in Xiangxi

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Ancient Settlement
MaxSWonderful! This is the fantastic place! I've never seen such charming ancient town in my life! That was interesting step by step study its hidden beauty ,explore the narrow curved streets and meet surprises at every corner. The river side offers spectacular view. Day and night experience is different. Amazing night illumination is transforming this fairy tale land into magic view!
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Ancient Settlement
_FB***19เมืองนี้สวยแปลกตามาก ถ่ายรูปไม่สวยเท่ามาดูด้วยตาตัวเอง เป็นการตัดสินใจที่ถูกมากที่ครอบครัวเราแวะนอนที่นี่ก่อนจะไปต่อจางเจียเจี้ย เหมือนได้ชาร์ตแบต
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131***93Very good scenic area in Western Hunan, especially the unique karst topography canyon and the four world-first Aizhai super-big suspension bridge, especially shocking, praise China's infrastructure madness, and the international geological circle called the golden nail face ask the roof, especially attracted me, And the hospitality of the original Miao residents here, so that the tour is very happy, satisfied.
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MaxSThis wonderful and amazing place could not be compared to any other place. This is the world from good fairy tale! Water in the river is cristal clean.The magic view let us stand still for... actually, time disappeared. no matter where to stand, every position opens the magic view.
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伊來Shen Congwen with "Border City", a one-off to establish the name of godfather Phoenix. This work was so influential that the Nobel Prize for literature nominated Mr. Shen, for special reasons, the final awards fell away, regret. In the Phoenix performance "Border City", really can not be seen, who would not want to see the CuiCui? The performance venue in a small hill, the development party is also a step down, directly set the mountain and forest for the stage background, both natural and shocking. Dance beauty, special effects and acting are good, the first half of the plot slowly unfolded, smoothing, the story is good, the latter half is like rushing time, a glance at the end, a bit of a tiger. The biggest failure is the paddling when the selling of the painting link, too low...
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Geological Sites
RITNBOur secret tip for Hunan visitors with access to private transport. When traveling to Zhangjiajie and/or Furongzhen make the detour to see this geo park. We discovered it by coincidence thanks to the exit sign on the highway. During the dry season the stones show their actual red color but even in rain it’s a dreamlike experience to see the 450 million year old stones.

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Fenghuang Ancient City MuseumXiangxi,China

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Wanshou PalaceXiangxi,China

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Chongde HallXiangxi,China

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Alaying TownXiangxi,China

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Xiangxi Travel Tips

About Xiangxi

The Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture is located in the northwestern part of Hunan Province. It has numerous caves, canyons and waterfalls. The scenery is very beautiful. Fenghuang County, within the jurisdiction, was listed in the first batch of national historical and cultural cities. There are also a large number of natural landscapes and cultural relics. Over 400 years of local governance has left behind unique worship, marriage, and funeral customs along with a shamanic culture. There are also various museums and attractions that reflect the history and culture of the Miao nationality in Jishou City—the capital of Xiangxi.

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Here are the best places to visit in Xiangxi, including: Fenghuang Ancient Town,Furong Town,Tuo River
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