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About Xiangyang

Fuyang is located in Hubei. It is the primary origin site of Chu Culture, Han Culture and Three Kingdoms Culture. In the novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", many of the stories all take place in Fuyang. Some 13 kilometers to the west of Fuyang City you can visit Ancient Longzhong, the home of Imperial Chancellor, or Prime Minister, Zhuge Liang of the State of Shu Han. In addition to Ancient Longzhong, downtown Fuyang has scenic spots, including the ancient city walls, Migong Temple and Zhaomingtai. All of these places have borne witness to the city's history.

Popular Attractions in Xiangyang

China Tang Town
1,823 Reviews
Film Studio
Located in the Linjiang Scenic Area of Lushan Mountain, China Tang Town is an antique park built specially to showcase Tang Dynasty architecture and culture. The park is divided into six major districts: the city tower, the palace, the market, the mansion, the temple and the water system. It includes a number of classic buildings, such as the Kaixuan Building, East-West City, Qinglong Temple and the Imperial Palace. This location is also a popular filming location, having hosted such movies as "The Demon Cat Biography", directed by Chen Kaige. There are also a number of classical performances to watch.
1,584 Reviews
Famous Residences
Gulongzhong is a historic scenic park surrounding the former residence of Zhu Geliang. The park is quite beautiful. At the entrance of the park, a three-door facade is erected. Three characters, "Gu Long Zhong" are carved at the center of the facade. After you pass the facade, you will see a field. Not far from the field there is a thatch cottage. This is where Liu Bei visited three times to persuade Zhu Geliang to work with him. There are also smaller attractions in the park, such as the Gubo Gazebo and Longzhong Academy. You can visit these sites as well.
Xiangyang Ancient City
502 Reviews
Historic Town
Xiangyang Ancient City is located in the Xiangcheng District of Xiangyang City. The Han River passes through Xiangyang City, dividing the city into the Xiangcheng district in the South, and the Fancheng District in the North. The south, north, and east sides of Xiangyang Ancient City are surrounded by water, which made this city easy to defend and difficult to attack in ancient times. It has been known as the “iron-clad city of Xiangyang”. This is also a city full of historical stories. There are thirty-one chapters in the famous Ming dynasty novel, "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" that mentions Xiangyang. In the popular Wuxia novels, "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" and "The Condor Heroes," most of the plot takes place in Xiangyang.
Wudaoxia Scenic Area
240 Reviews
Wudaoxia Scenic Area is located in the southern part of Baokang County. The peaks of the Gorge are connected by a stream, the stream is clear, and the natural scenery is complemented by historical relics and folklore. There are cave groups represented by Xianren Cave in the scenic spot, a group of villages represented by Longwangzhai, and a waterfall group represented by the goddess waterfall. Famous attractions include Longwangzhai, Wolong Cave, Sunjiazhai, and Longxian Women's Bath Hot Spring.

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Trip Moments

Adam Yue   
I came to the Yulin Military Academy and waited for the upcoming exciting Wuwu Emperor School. In AD 36, Liu Xiu went through a unified war that lasted for ten years and unified the countries that fell apart. However, the northern Xiongnu and Xianbei repeatedly committed the Dahan border. In order to resist the invasion of foreign enemies, Liu Xiu decreed to summon the generals in the "Yuntai 28" and held a grand military exercise at the Yulin Military Academy. The weather for a few days is very good. There is no hot and blazing sun, no pattering rain, warm and gentle weather, just like the feeling of the small city of Zaoyang, warm and comfortable.

But at this time, the school ground still has a strong heat, and the heat wave is followed by a burst of heat, and the persons cheeks are hot and red, which is an impassioned passion radiated from the bottom of my heart. The galloping horses and the flying dust test not only the Yuma's superb technology but also the sensitive reaction ability. The battlefield is full of winds and waves, and it is lost when you accidentally. Therefore, it is not only necessary to liberate the hands and wield the knife and gun on the galloping horseback, but also to respond to the surrounding environment with extreme sensitivity, and to make the most favorable judgment and the most effective response in an instant.

seems to have returned to the turbulent era of the yellow sand. Thousands of young lang have left their parents, left their sweethearts, left their hometown and rushed to the front line, throwing their heads and sprinkling blood, just for the dream in the heart. Only to solve the battlefield for the country to die, why the horse is still wrapped in corpses, is a singer and lovely person.
Posted: Jan 7, 2019
In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it is described that the mountains are not high and elegant; the water is not deep and clear; the land is not wide and flat; the forest is not big and flourishing; the cranes are close to each other, and the pines are cross-linked.

Gulongzhong Scenic Area has rich cultural landscape and beautiful natural scenery. San Gutang also has an allusion to perform three times a day. I want to say that the actors who play Zhang Fei are really full of enthusiasm! ~

Gulong Zhongwu Houyu is one of the traditional ten scenic spots in Longzhong. It was built in Tang Dynasty and is the main building of Longzhong. It is located on the Dongshanliang of Longzhong Mountain. She is dedicated to Zhuge Liang. Yu, the entire building is majestic. The statues of the civil and military ministers of Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and the Shu Han regime are magnificent and powerful. The big tree at the entrance of Wuhou Temple is covered with red cloth for blessing. The pavilions at

Laolongdong Scenic Area are particularly beautiful, and a green water is hidden here.
Longzhong College, built in the Yuan Dynasty, the current building was rebuilt in 1987, the main body is Zhuge Liang and Xiangyang Gulongzhong Exhibition Hall. Tickets for

Gurung Zhongjing District also include the Botanical Garden, which can be reached by the scenic traffic car, but there are only trees in the botanical garden in winter. It is estimated that it will take another lap to have a beautiful flower scene.

Grasshopper Theater, starting in May each year, through the "grass" entity, fully excavating the cultural connotation of Zhuge Liang, taking the image of Zhuge Liangzhi as the core, using metaphysical, Feng Shui and other elements to interpret Zhuge Liang "Wolong" The essence of the middle of the world.
Posted: Dec 19, 2018
Xiangyang City, located in the hinterland of China, is located in the northwest of Chuzhou, in the middle reaches of the Han River, and enjoys the scenery of the mountains and rivers. It wins the humanities, and the mountains are steep. According to the dangers of the river, the people are outstanding, the treasures of heaven and earth, the generations of historical celebrities gather together. herein. Now North Street has been opened as a pedestrian street. The North Street has a long history. It began to develop during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties. It was very prosperous during the Tang and Song Dynasties. Although it has experienced vicissitudes of war, the position of the street has not changed. Today, the North Street of Fuyang is the most prosperous business in the ancient city of Fuyang. street.

The location of Yucheng North Street is a commercial and cultural pedestrian street. It mainly focuses on the buildings in the northwest of Hubei Province during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The horse head wall and the flying rafts are patchwork, and the doors and windows are simple and elegant. It is the historical and cultural style of Fuyang. One of the important symbols of a famous city. It is said that Xiangyang North Street is the longest antique pedestrian street in the country. When it was rebuilt, it scored out a museum. The current North Street, in addition to the surrounding shops, there are several archways, which have a special charm.

Although some shops have closed their doors during the Chinese New Year, the North Street is still a place where people come and go. In addition to various shops, there are also folk snacks and entertainers. For example, this small baked sweet potato stand is very popular.

This inconspicuous glass bottle is actually a musical instrument that can blow beautiful music.

One of the North Streets is connected to Zhaomingtai. It is now the Xiangyang Museum. It is open to the public free of charge. If you have time, you can go in and watch it.

The stone lion here is a little different from the stone lion in the south of the country. It seems that there is a little more sense of dignity.
Posted: Dec 19, 2018
Liyang City is valued by the dynasties of the dynasties. It is one of the most famous ancient city building defense systems in Chinese history, and it is also the most complete ancient city defense building in China. The first stop went straight to the ancient city of Xiangyang. There are six large city gates in Xiangyang City, namely Dabeimen, Xiaobeimen, Changmen, Dongmen, Ximen and Nanmen.

Yangyang Xiaobeimen City Tower has experienced vicissitudes of life and tastes the north-south wind. It has been intact as ever and has become the symbol of the ancient city.

The city of Liyang, one of the three famous ladies' cities in China, is next to the Hanmen Gate. In order to commemorate the efforts of Mrs. Han to build a city against the enemy, later generations called this section of the city wall a lady city. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, the sub-city of 24.6 meters long and 23.4 meters wide was expanded here. It was repaired several times in the later generations. The stone was "Mrs. City", and there was a monument such as "Yi County Yimin Shengsheng, Lady City is the most". It is only 5 yuan for the lady city wall, and it is also the most conscience attraction for the ancient city wall tickets.

Lady City is not only a historical monument, but also the best foothold for mountain, city, continent and water. On the verge of the Lady's City, the beautiful scenery of Hanshui, Changhong Bridge, Hanjiang Bridge, Yangzi Mountain and Zhenwu Mountain will make you feel good and happy.

and the city of Xiangyang in the city wall, located in the hinterland of China, in the northwest of Chuzhou, the middle reaches of the Han River, and the scenery of the mountains and rivers, winning the humanity, with the mountain, according to the risk of the river, The outstanding people, the Huahua Tianbao, the generations of historical celebrities and masters gathered here.
Posted: Dec 19, 2018
Posted: Jul 25, 2018