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Things To Do in Xiangyuan

Xiantang Mountain
167 Reviews
Xiantang Mountain, located 25 km northeast of Xiangyuan County, Shanxi Province, ranks at the top of the eight scenes of the Shangdang Ancient Han Kingdom. With its unique style, the mountain has long been included in the Dictionary of Chinese places of interest . It is not only the holy place of Buddhism in the East Jin dynasty, but also a charming scenic area. Xiantang Mountain not only has abundant vegetation, but also has many natural caves, such as the Guanyin Cave, the Cinnabar Cave, the Black Dragon Cave, and so on. These caves are of various shapes and are spectacular.
Donghu Park
14 Reviews
City Park
The Eighth Route Army Cultural Park
193 Reviews
CCP Historical Site
The Eighth Route Army Cultural Park, located in Wuxiang County, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, is a large theme park that uses experiential high-tech methods to reproduce the historical facts of the Eighth Route Army in the Anti-Japanese War. Applying sound, light, electricity, and other scientific and technological means, humorous forms of expression and festive folk customs, the park vividly reproduces the eighth Route Army officers and soldiers and the local people who held hands together in resisting the Japanese invaders. In addition, visitors can wear military uniforms, participate in the role-play of the Eighth Route Army, and experience history.
Wahuang Palace
802 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Wahuang Palace is a compound of palaces and temples built to honor the Chinese goddess Nüwa. It was built into the side of a steep cliff during the Northern Qi dynasty (550-577). Most of the buildings that remain today were built in the Ming and Qing dynasties, although visitors can still see the remains of Northern Qi dynasty stone engravings and Buddhist grottoes. The palace complex covers a large area – visitors can explore the buildings at the bottom of the mountain before ascending the cliff to visit the hillside temples.
Hushan Hot Spring Resort
40 Reviews
Hot Spring
Hushan Hot Spring Resort has multiple hot spring pools with different styles. With the pavilion as its center, the resort has three function areas, namely, the health preservation area, the delightful forest area and the pine forest hot spring area. In addition, the resort also offers fish recuperating pools, a children's water area and two professional swimming pools, allowing you to enjoy the water sports. The resort also has a slate steam spa with ancient Chinese prescriptions, a salt spa and jade spa. In the hot spring area, visitors can enjoy the leisure bar, arcades, lounges and children's amusement park.
Taihang Grand Canyon
1,533 Reviews
Located near the boundary between Shanxi and Henan, the Taihang Grand Canyon offers the scenic areas of Baquan (“Eight Springs”) Gorge, Hongdou ("Red Bean”) Gorge, Qinglong (“Azure Dragon”) Gorge, Heilong Tan (“Black Dragon Pool”), and Zituan Mountain. The whole canyon is a natural oxygen bar, replete with verdant vegetation and clear stream water plunging down from the high mountains and forming marvelous waterfalls. The canyon's attractions are fairly far apart from each other, so when visiting you can take electric cars, boats, cableways, escalators, and other transportation provided by the scenic area to get around more easily.

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