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About Xiapu

Xiapu County is situated in northeastern Fujian province close to the city of Ningde. It was the province's first port to be opened up to trade from Taiwan. The county is known for its unique scenery – major sites include Gehong Mountain, the teaching place of the Song dynasty philosopher Zhu Xi, Jianshan Temple, an ancient fortress and Sansha Liuyun Cave.

Popular Attractions in Xiapu

390 Reviews
Rural Area
The maritime advantages of Xiapu are particularly outstanding. The coastline here is hundreds of kilometers long with copious harbors. Numerous islands spread over the area, offering small- and large-island resources. This is also a fine place for photography. Photography enthusiasts from around the country gather here year-round to capture the beach’s scenic beauty. Here, you can enjoy a sunrise or sunset on the beach and stroll among the seafood stands in the county city at night. Sampling the wide variety of local seafood is also extremely satisfying.
Beiqi Wetlands
341 Reviews
The Beiqi Wetlands are as beautiful as a painting, attracting countless photography enthusiasts. The Xiapu Wetlands have very beautiful scenery and is highly esteemed as one of twenty-two photography meccas. Every year, over 200,000 photography enthusiasts come to take pictures of the wetlands. During the seaweed production season, visitors can see tens of thousands of bamboo stalks sticking into the wetland to form a net grid that goes on over several miles.
Yang Jiaxi
159 Reviews
Ancient Trees
Yang Jiaxi is located in the town of Yacheng in Xiapu County. A sight worth mentioning is the “Banyan King,” which has lived more than 800 years. The trunk is hollow and has 7 enormous holes, each able to accommodate several people within. When the morning sun pierces the woods, the mottled tree shadows create a dreamlike atmosphere under the twinkling of light and shadow.
Xiaohao Village
103 Reviews
Rural Area
Situated in the eastern Xiapu Town, Xiaohao Village is home to Mindong Fishing Ground, which is well-known across the country. Mountains in the East and West embrace a golden beach. New twisted watercourses emerge after each tide. Embellished by the sea waves, the beautiful lamination of the beach creates reflections, resulting in a unique scene and making it an ideal place for photography.

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Trip Moments

Posted: Oct 12, 2019
captured happiness   
Xiapu - photographer's paradise

"free travel" to Xiapu, just find a "local guide" in Trip. I did not expect Xiapu's tour guides have another job title - "Guide ".
Please have such a "guided photo" is really happy for the traveler!
When he waits for the setting sun on the "East Wall", he will point to the tiger skin beach under the bridge to let you press the shutter;
Before going to the "Mangrove" attraction, he will remind you to take the telephoto pat Net;
He will park the car on the roadside of "Egret Village", let yourself go to the "sun kelp" side to hit the luck and choose a good work scene;
to "Shajiang S Bay" he will Telling the fishermen's tile house is another local scenery. It is not easy to save it in such a large area.
He said that although the scene of "weaving fishing nets" during the fishing season is good, it is difficult for the weaver to make a face, so he will You will be led directly into the "Sansha" Xiapu Shipyard, and the "maintenance of the hull painting" is a good scenery for several consecutive photography awards.
Xiapu's "Guide" will take you to the commanding heights and will lead you to a good angle; he knows that at sunrise and sunset, he remembers the season of the tides in the lunar calendar; he carefully reminded the hotel of Xiapu that breakfast can be Continue until you finish shooting at 10 o'clock after sunrise; seeing that I use a Sony camera, he can still talk to me accurately about the model and new features. It turned out to be a professional certificate master, seeing the beautiful beaches He will also set up a tripod to open "time-lapse photography."
Posted: May 19, 2019
captured happiness   
Xiapu's star model

Going to Xiapu for a half-month tour is sure to punch in. The "half-month" here is actually a place name, which sounds particularly interesting.
Half Moon Village is the purest Yi village in China that preserves the most complete historical and cultural heritage of the Yi people. Most of the villagers are surnamed Lei, and the village has a large number of talents. They have produced four talents and one person. The layout of the village is like an ancient city in Hollywood blockbusters. The buildings are arranged along the mountain shape, descending from the highest level. Most of them are made of blue bricks and cobblestones. There are more than 40 old buildings in the village. The style is uniform and well preserved. .
Come here to see the customs of the Yi people, a grandmother in the village who is wearing a Dai head of the Yi nationality is a big star. Her family moved to the new village, but she did not want to go; the old lady is 88 years old and still healthy, lived for decades, not willing to live in the old house. Because there are a lot of tourists in the village, there are many photographers, and they are very busy every day. The old people often put on beautiful costumes and act as models for photographers. This has become her life. The phoenix head is also called "panlong gong", the style is very complicated, but also the wig is tied. After the girl worshipped the church, she could make a phoenix head. On that day, there was a beautiful woman and a model. Let everyone have a good eye and a shutter.
Posted: May 17, 2019