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Things To Do in Xinchang

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DBNDafo Temple - Big buddha Temple is one of the BEST place that one has to visit in china for sure. The smiling face of the buddha , the ambience of peace and eternity surrounded byThe main spots are 1. Reclining buddha 2. Buddha heart square 3. Gate to dafosi 4. Xiguang temple 5. Hall of three god's 6. Hall of god of wealth 7. Wanfo stupa8. Seven cascade water fall 9. Prajna valley 10. Cherry valley Reclining buddha - located top of the hill and the view from the bottom is a bliss - the water that swipes each slabs and gets to the pool which is green color with many of big koi fishes. Climbing the steps to reach the top have a clear view of the nature at its best. Mind-blowing architecture which was built decades back. Old drums , stone cravings , praying arenas are quite interesting. The place is so calm and peaceful. The buddha with that smiling face is amazing sculpture - damn positivity 🙏... Thousand buddha cave - was interesting and good we can find many creativity at its best inside and can see the old well( mouth not so big) near the exit area. City gold temple with 3000 years old tree and fossil trees, longetivity stone that are really a natural gem , with kind people to explain each and everything . The pools with centre spray attractions are really good to see. Jiagnan gaint buddha - very most of the prayers done, people come here and worship for wellness , health and wealth. Many Monks are seen - which makes ones to admire their discipline. Thousand hand bodhisattva , golden buddha in the pool surrounded with golden lotus , mountain cravings depicting the scenario's are really impressive. Statue on top of the dragon fish and another statue on top of an animal made with pool entrance inside like a cave is way beyond words to describe .Overall the best experience in my life , will never forget and will never hesitate to go again.. will always recommend for one to have their inner peace & love #dafotemple #buddha #xinchang
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Geological Sites
旅行者552Nineteen peaks entered the gate and turned right. It is less conspicuous. There are not many people who have to climb the mountain. It is very easy to be taken into the Feilong path. The scenery at the top is not bad. There are 99 steep stairs and you should be careful on the top. The scenery is not bad. Nineteen peaks are mountains, and thousands of valleys are water. I am afraid that the path is not high. 20 yuan is not expensive
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我么是鱼The environment is very good. The Nineteen Peaks, Qianzhang Valley, Feilong Plank Road and other scenic spots are all together. As of October 2020, many places are actually still under repair. It feels that the government should want to turn that area into a resort. Yes, so it's dusty all the way. Entering the scenic spot, it feels very open and the scenery is very beautiful, but basically the scenery in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is quite the same. They are all very delicate ones. Walk around the valley bottom along the route set by the scenic spot for almost one hour, two hours Not. It would take a bit of physical strength to go up the Feilong plank road, and the way up was relatively steep, because I had to climb more than a dozen peaks myself, and I felt that it was a little bit smaller than the plank road in Tianmen Mountain, so I didn't go up. To climb the Nineteen Peaks, I still need to remind everyone to be optimistic about the uphill and downhill paths, especially the exit. For example, if you go up the mountain at the east gate, you may go out at the north gate. Although the two parking lots are separated by a mountain, they are flat for several kilometers. The mountain can't move, too miserable! Mountain climbing is relatively primitive, don’t think about seeing any scenery during the mountain climbing process, just enjoy sports
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charlesAlong the way, there are green shades and cool breeze. When you cross the suspension bridge, you will see two large candles. This is the origin of Tianzhu Lake. Climb up the top of the mountain, and you will have a panoramic view of the lakes and mountains. On the return trip, take a yacht at the pier, and it was nice to go around the lake for a week.
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Glass Skywalk
真诚7577Feilong plank road is built by mountain, twisting around more than 20 mountain foot, 128 meters for glass hanging plank road, is a shock to appear, cable bridge connecting the top of the mountain and the old pier rock scenic spot, cable bridge is also very thrilling.
Nearby City
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D11***85A great day out in Ningbo. Glorious scenery and a great hike, followed by a cable car ride back to the top of the waterfall.

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About Xinchang

Xinchang has beautiful scenery and many gorgeous natural spots, including the three major provincial scenic areas of Dafo Temple, the Nineteen Chuanyan Peaks and Wozhou Lake. It also hosts one national-level scenic spot, the Petrified Forest Geo-Park. In addition to rich landscapes built on a combination of nature and humanistic culture, Xinchang is also famous for its four traditional products, namely tobacco, tea, silk and handicrafts. It is known as the hometown of famous Chinese teas, as well as being a habitat for sweet-scented flowering osmanthus.

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Here are the best places to visit in Xinchang, including: Dafo Temple Scenic Spot,Chuanyan Nineteen Peaks,Qianzhang Canyon
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