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Things To Do in Xingcheng

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Ancient Settlement
枫叶飘ya飘The ancient city was built in the Ming Dynasty (1428), it was the Acropolis of Ningyuan, which was rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty and renamed Ningyuanzhou City. The ancient city of Ningyuan and Xi'an, the ancient city of Ganzhou (now Jiangling County) and the ancient city of Pingyao in Shanxi are listed as the four ancient cities that have been preserved in China to date. Ningyuan City is square, the wall is 8.8 meters high, the circumference is 3200 meters, the four cities have a gate, there is a bell and drum tower in the city.
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Hot Springs Resort
202***38Pure hot spring water, clean outdoor hot spring environment is good. There are many seafood buffet varieties, fresh. It is said that there are many people on weekends. Swimming, bathing, massage, sweating and steaming. Red wine bath, milk bath...
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_We***89xingcheng sea beach is very nice i really enjoyed,with seaside you also have to visit juehuadao island, Island is very nice
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M27***52Very good island, the sea is clear, the farmyard is called the fisherman, the environment is good, of course, can not compare with the star hotel, the fish is delicious, the taste is awesome, the seafood is very cheap, will come back to play!
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Observation Deck
JingbsuomiThis is a scenic spot with no level, it is a sea-viewing point repaired by the road. There is not only a large viewing platform, but also a plank road for viewing the sea. You can also go down from Guanhaitai and walk to the beach to play in the water. The car can be parked on the side of the road for free. [Scenery] Beautiful, condescending to watch the sea. [Fun] The tourists linger. [Value for money] No tickets, free parking.
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枫叶飘ya飘There are arch buildings and there is a picture of a column bonfire on the top of the mountain. It is not the head mountain in Henan Province, it is the head mountain in Huludao Xingcheng, Liaoning Province. Because the side looks like the name of the person. Originally, there were bonfire platforms on all three tops of the mountain, and the war was damaged. Now it is rebuilt in the millennium.

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Gaojia ResidenceHuludao,China

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Tianwaitian Escape Room ClubHuludao,China

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Xingcheng Tangshang Hot Spring Water ParkHuludao,China

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Bajiao WellHuludao,China

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Children Amusement ParkHuludao,China

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Xingchenghong Beach Farm TourHuludao,China

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About Xingcheng

Xingcheng is one of China's famous tourist destinations. This is an excellent tourist city combining urban landscapes, springs, mountains, the ocean and an island. The urban landscape of Xingcheng is an ancient city dating back to the Ming Dynasty. Attractions include hot springs, Shou Mountain, Bohai Bay and Juehua Island. Xingcheng offers visitors a beautiful seashore, the magnificent scenery of Shou Mountain, the glorious ocean view of Juehua Island, a group of hot springs suitable for leisure and recuperation, and a well-preserved ancient city dating back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. All of this attracts tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists year after year.

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Here are the best places to visit in Xingcheng, including: Xingcheng Ancient City,Xingcheng Shuidiaogetou Hot Spring Hotel,Xingcheng Seaside Scenic Area
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