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About Xinhua

Xinhua is a county under the administration of Loudi City in Hunan Province. The county is located in the central area of Hunan Province, at the southern foot of Xuefeng Mountain, midway up the Zi River. Xinhua County is the central area of Meishan culture. The county is rich in tourism resources such as Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park, Meishan Dragon Palace, and natural landscapes like Ziquejie Terraced Fields. The county is also home to Meishan local cultural beliefs represented by the legendary character of Chi You.

Popular Attractions in Xinhua

Ziquejie Terrace
235 Reviews
Terraced Field
Located in Shuiche Town, Western Mountainous Area, Xinhua County, Hunan, the large Ziquejie Terrace has high terrain and beautiful scenery. Ziquejie Terrace features a unique gravity irrigation system, as there is no pool, reservoir and even a water channel. Terraced fields, residential buildings, forests and roads intertwine, constituting a primitive and natural painting of customs in rural areas.
Meishan Dragon Palace
315 Reviews
Geological Sites
Meishan Dragon Palace is also known as the Weapon-hiding Cave. According to legend, when the Yellow Emperor climbed the Xiong Mountain, he turned the Nine-dragon Peak into nine green dragons, which swam along nine springs into the Nine Dragon Pool which was accessible from all lakes and seas. When the nine dragons arrived in Zishui, they loved the alluring scenery of the Shizhu Bay in Meishan, and they have lived in the cave for hundreds of thousands of years. The Dragon Palace has nine layers consisting of tens of thousands of underground karst caves. Magic and beautiful, Meishan Dragon Palace has both an unusual underground landscape and more beautiful structures consisting of underground rivers and dry caves.
Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park
63 Reviews
Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park is a gene bank of species in mid Hunan Province. After Chi You's failure against the Yellow Emperor, he planted prune trees, rhododenron and maple trees with his Jiuli tribe to pay respect to the ancients' idea of "plum blossom amid snow accompanies a sea of maple trees." The Meri Mountain Dragon Cave is situated in the mountain. Legend has it that it is the place where the Yellow Emperor transformed nine green dragons. The cave features fantastic and abundant land-and-water combinations, including the landscape of the long underground stream, dry caves, halls, and the flowstone, as well as impressive stalagmites and stalactites.
Guanyin Cave Ice Springs Scenic Area
37 Reviews
Sites of interest with the Guanyin Cave Ice Springs Scenic Area include Ice Spring Canyon, Guanyin Valley, and Huashan Road as well as Yueguang Mountain, Eight Immortals Peak, and Jinji Cave. Sanlian is a branch of the Xuefeng Mountain Range. The peaks of the mountains undulate and form many beautiful valleys. because of the high volumes of rain in the area, the valleys have a number of beautiful waterfalls. The scenic area is surrounded north, south, east, and west on all four sides by magnificently beautiful and towering mountain peaks. The plateaus are broad and wide with vistas reaching all the way to the nearby Xinhua County. Within the valley there are many endangered plant species and a wide variety of wild animals.

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Trip Moments

Min Hua Emily   
Although it is not the first time to see the cave, but always think that the cave is the same fascinating landscape, especially obsessed with the fascinating and magical feeling in the cave, Can feel the magical mystery of nature. Meishan Dragon Palace allows me to witness his true feelings regardless of a thousand miles, naturally has his unparalleled. Longgong is a large underground cave group, composed of 10,000 caves in nine-story caves, is now 2876 meters in length, to the current route of 1696 meters, This includes the mysterious underground river that is 466 meters long and rare in the world.
Posted: Dec 24, 2018
The Meishan Dragon Palace in Loudi, Hunan is a typical karst stalactite cave, which is warm in winter and cool in summer. There are holes in the cave of the scenic spot, and the scenery is changed. The scenic spot is located on the bank of Zishui River in Xinhua County, Hunan Province. It is a large karst cave group with a total of 9 layers of caves. The length of the exploration is 2,870 meters. The development route has been developed at 1,896 meters, including the mysterious underground of 466 meters long. River. Among them, the bell-shaped stalactites in the Jade Emperor Tiangong scenic spot were awarded the largest stalactite (bell-shaped) plaque in China. Meishan Longgong Scenic Area is a strange stone, the same stone, as long as you use your imagination, it will turn out infinite magical images. Transportation: Meishan Longgong Scenic Area Express: One shift per day, 10 am
Posted: Dec 19, 2018
Xinhua County is a county under the jurisdiction of Loudi City, Hunan Province. It is located in the central part of Hunan Province, southeast of Xuefeng Mountain, and Zishui. The northeast to the southeast meets the border of Wuyuan and Lengshuijiang, the south to the southwest is adjacent to Xinshao and Longhui, the west to the northwest is bordered by Zhangpu County, and the north is adjacent to Anhua. Xinhua County is rich in tourism resources. The most representative ones are the Big Bear Mountain National Forest Park, the Meishan Dragon Palace, the Zijingjie Terraced Field and the Meishan Local Cultural Resources represented by Chiyou. The Ziweijie terraces are a fusion system of southern rice culture and Miaoyao mountain fishing and hunting culture, and are known as the terraced kingdom. The Great Bear Mountain National Forest Park was once hailed by the Qianlong Emperor as the green pearl of single standard clear victory.
Posted: Dec 23, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Ziquejie Terrace, Meishan Dragon Palace, Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park, Guanyin Cave Ice Springs Scenic Area.
Here are the best places to visit in Xinhua, including: Ziquejie Terrace, Meishan Dragon Palace, Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park, Guanyin Cave Ice Springs Scenic Area.