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Trip Moments

Xining on the tip of the tongue | Eat like a local

Opening introduction: As a sister of Xi'an, I have always had a special liking for the food in the northwest. The menu of Xining first listens to the menu: Leather, hand-caught lamb, shabu-shabu lamb chops, sweet glutinous rice, yoghurt, yak strong bone soup, Qinghai earth hot pot, dog peeing, Wuyuan loin, glutinous noodles, artichokes, dry noodles, etc. are all popular and Delicious Qinghai cuisine.

For my senior food, food is definitely a very important part of the trip. I want to eat like a local, and the fisherman did his homework before leaving. When I arrived in Xining, I also consulted our chartered car masters and some small shops that local people like. Now let me introduce them to you.


19-1 (Daxin Street and Xiaoxin Street intersection The southwest corner of the mouth)

The place to come to Germany is the hodgepodge. The two people can order a double pot. It is full of haggis, and I have eaten the sausages that we dont have. It feels great too. Then there is a fish that loves the one that is so bad that it is really delicious! ! Very fragrant, but also better than the point, the things inside are also very rich, I feel very affordable and very nutritious. Then we ordered a little barbecue, which is not the same as ours. It is very solid. The potato chips are very tasty, crispy, and delicious. In short, the five-star recommendation!

2. Yi Xin hand grab

5 (50 meters east of the intersection of Huayuan North Street and Baiyu Lane)

Come to Xining must Eat the hand, this is an old-fashioned hand, the business is good to the kind of explosion, the taste is not disappointing, the hand is the best to eat these days, and the yogurt is also very good! ! In the days of Xining, I will drink a few cups of old yogurt every day, which is very special. And I feel that Xinings meal is really big and cant be eaten. . .

3. Stuffed

We also ordered the stuffed skin, but also one of the foods that must be ordered, the stuffed skin is delicious, and we Xi'an's cool skin tastes completely different, cuts thicker, and the method of modulation is different. Very strong, as long as I am hungry, I am going to eat stuffed skin!

4. Marsha beef chowder

Marsha is the most visited shop in Xining, how do you say it? I will go to eat every morning, hahaha. The soup is the old soup, the meat is super authentic! ! With a big pie, its the perfect day to start! ! This is an absolutely authentic old shop, all locals. Occasionally there are a few foreigners who come here like me. They open the door at 5 in the morning and sell out at 10 o'clock, so they can go to sleep late. .

5. Qinghai earth hot pot h

My friend in Qinghai told me that a casual Qinghai earth hot pot is very delicious, we just found a family, it tastes great, inside things It is too rich, it is too big! ! I really can't finish it. Too much is too much! !
Xining School for the Deaf
The main independent bookstore in the country, the main purpose of the Xining Geometry Bookstore

to come to Xining is to see the legendary Chinas largest independent bookstore. The entire bookstore covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. There are 450,000 books in the collection.

Location: An independent bookstore hidden in the downtown area, just in the 637 of Xining Tangdao, opposite the Wanda Plaza, the map search geometry bookstore can be found, there are many buses.

The largest collection bookstore in the country, in addition to books, as well as cafes, hand-made areas, pottery areas, exhibition halls, painting areas, often hold various cultural activities, we went out to correct the good times that day. To a writer's signing will drink and three or eight festivals of flower arrangement, a lot of games.

is divided into two halls, Hall A and Hall B. Hall B is a children's area. There is also a large children's activity area in the atrium, which is very intimate.

The overall decoration of the bookstore is partial industrial style, taking away the European architectural design, especially the long reading corridor, which is to take a look at the tool area when using

There are a lot of exquisite stationery and handicrafts, and you can also buy the gadgets of Xining.

There are many books in the entire bookstore that have not been opened. If you want to see it, you can tell the staff to help you open it. There are many books about literature and design here.