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Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Nature Museum

Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Nature Museum

4.3/5373 Reviews
Ranked #4 in Xining Can't Miss Attractions
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"Before writing, I want to criticize the Qinghai Provincial Museum and Xining Municipal Museum. Come here a long way, the Qinghai Provincial Museum is decorating, endure; specially take a taxi to Xining Municipal Museum, the result is raining to see the moving, this lets people how to endure? A provincial capital city, provincial museums and provincial capital museums are closed, where this empty window to release the desire? This reminds me of the Qinghai Plateau Natural Museum and Qinghai Tibetan Cultural Museum. 1. Location: Within the new area of north of Xining, the natural museum and cultural museum are opposite the door, and buses are convenient. Open 9-6 hours. Price: 45 yuan. 4. Collection: (1) The entrance hall, the atrium is the bear, wolf, snow leopard in the snow mountain hunting hunting scene recovery, the momentum is relatively huge, impressive. (2) The museum has two floors, one is the geomorphology, mineral climate hydrology introduction, the second floor is the plant and animals introduction. The first floor is mainly the analysis of the formation of Qinghai Lake, Salt Lake and Yadan Landform, and Qinghai as "China Water Tower", the introduction of the source of Sanjiang River trace and protection; The second floor botanical museum is not interesting, too detailed, science is too scientific, the physical objects are not attractive, the animal museum because of the collection of antelope, vultures, eagle specimens, but more pleasing. There is also a butterfly show, which can see very, very beautiful, dazzling. Four stars, can't compare with Chongqing Natural Museum, but as a natural bo of the plateau, still worth a visit, study good place. Here, I know, Qinghai Lake will one day become the natural law of salt lake."