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Things To Do in Xinji

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最宝贝隰羽朋The waiter's attitude is particularly enthusiastic. The only drawback is that there is no openness for outdoor play. You can also play on the computer on the third floor. It is a small Internet cafe. There is steaming on the fourth floor, which is quite rich. Wait until summer!
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PrincessttMy friend recommended it to us and came to a place. It is indeed a very satisfactory place. There are many experience projects in the Happy Valley Ecological Park, which is suitable for a family to experience the fun of the farm.
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Historical Site
s j j s y 20210115In the elementary school textbooks, we have all learned. Zhaozhou Bridge is a single hole cut round open-shouldered stone arch bridge, because the two small holes at the end of the bridge, so called open-shouldered bridge. Zhaozhou Bridge occupies an important historical position in the history of Chinese bridge building, and has a profound influence on the bridge architecture of future generations all over the world. Zhaozhou Bridge is awe-inspiring, with its beautiful shape, long span arch bridge and two small hole arches at both ends, which constitute a beautiful line.
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浩天5288Xinji Leather City is located in Xinji City, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. There is a shuttle bus from Shijiazhuang Airport to Xinji, three round trips a day. The train is also very convenient, and there is a direct bus line to get off the train. The Leather City is divided into leather, luggage and other areas, which are very convenient for eating, shopping and lodging. There is a five-star hotel opposite the Leather City, which is not expensive.
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黄海大智若愚The main hall of suin Ji Temple, which was one of the eight great temples of shojo, was built in the Ming calendar, and it was abandoned in 1959 and moved to takako Ji Temple for protection. The bronze statue of Pilu Buddha in the temple is high 6.72 meters. It was cast in the Ming Wanli years. It was the birth mother of the Ming gods. Zhu Xi was the empress dowager of the emperor Cisheng. Three-layer drum-shaped lotus seat, three-layer four-sided Pilufo seating statue, the lower large and small, a layer of cross-laying on the double-layer stone Sumi seat, unique modeling, is called the isolated products in the sea.
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滇国剑客This is a place that lets people all the whole body through, so a warm environment to create the feeling, really lets people feel comfortable, worth every friend who comes to this soaked hot spring, very comfortable.

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Aosen Hot SpringShijiazhuang,China

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Xinji Runzehu Park (East Gate)Shijiazhuang,China

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Shuangliushu Yuantong TempleShijiazhuang,China

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Xinji International Leather CityShijiazhuang,China

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9 Hao Youyong Jianshen Han Zheng ClubShijiazhuang,China

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Chongxing TempleShijiazhuang,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Xinji, including: Aosen Hot Spring,Huanlegu Ecological Park,Xinji International Leather City
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