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Cuoka Temple

Cuoka Temple

"We left Aden by car, and the next stop was to Seda. After searching various route information, we felt that we would return to Xinlong County for one night and then to Seda. Because I was going to Xinlong, I searched for any other scenic spots near Xinlong. The No. 1 spot is Cuoka Lake. Anyway, it is also on the way, so I located here and set off. From S217 to Mari Township, turn left and cross the bridge, and you will drive onto Panshan Road. The road is getting narrower, the slope is getting steeper, and there are many sharp turns. It requires excellent driving skills and twelve minutes of caution. As the car drove higher and higher, the mountain scenery outside the window was very magnificent. On the way, I passed a village. During the barley harvest season, the golden sunset gave the working villagers and mature crops a charming light, living in such a deep mountain far away from the earth. It must be very simple and peaceful inside. I drove about ten kilometers on the mountain road and approached the top of the mountain. Some villagers charged at the intersection. Each car charged 20 yuan, and each person charged another 10 yuan. I was a little confused and paid the money to enter the village, then drove in and turned around. The Tsokha Temple appeared in front of us, and the moment we got off the bus, the Tsokha Lake opposite the temple rushed into our eyes, which shocked us in an instant. An emerald-like lake is backed by dark green mountains, lying quietly on the ground of a mountain basin, the emerald-green lake is shining in the sun, the lake is crystal clear, and the blue sky is collected like a kaleidoscope. The figure of white clouds, green trees, green mountains, and red and yellow temples seemed to have embraced the whole world in her arms. The golden sunset poured down unobstructed, but there was a thin rain in the air, and the golden Buddha statue on the opposite bank of the lake was shining brightly in the sun. Language seemed to be superfluous, everyone held their breath quietly and listened to the call from nature. Suddenly, several gorgeous rainbows appeared behind the Buddha statue. We all looked at the other side. Maybe the fairyland is like this... Listen to the local people on the lakeside saying that Lake Cuoka is there all year round. Beauty, each has its own beauty, which makes us yearn for. I really hope that there is still a chance to change time, and take such a hard time to see her again. Next to the Tsokha Lake is the Tsokha Monastery, which is called "Tsokha Aye Mahayana Unchanged Temple" in full. According to historical records, this place is one of the important dojos of Guanyin Bodhisattva, King Horse Head Ming, and Vajrapani Bodhisattva. The color of the temple is dignified, full of vicissitudes, quiet, no one is exceptionally solemn, the temple is equipped with the fairyland-like Cuoka Lake, the top of this mountain is full of spirituality and mystery. Address: Mari Township, Xinlong County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province Transportation: Follow the navigation by car, very reliable. Charge: 20 yuan per car + 10 yuan per person"
Cuoka Lake

Cuoka Lake

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"Xinlong Impression Yongcuoka Lake from sugarcane to Xinlong, I ran to the second known Daocheng Lake Cuoka. Online material: Cuoka Lake, located in the Xinlong County, Sichuan Province, Mari Township, 32 kilometers away from the county, known as "world wonderland, nine days of Dianchi Lake." The lake is called the Cuoka Haizi, and praised Duo Nama, the Tibetan language meaning the black sea water in the rock clump, is a freshwater lake, the lake area of about 3 square kilometers, meaning "green stone". But as a solo backpacker, it's still not convenient to go to Tsoca Lake because there is no public transportation. Most people come to Xinlong by car. Such as me, who take the shuttle bus, should be excellent. Of course, money can handle, it's not a matter, right. This year, as long as money, vehicles everywhere. Hotel boss told me "to find a car at the bridge, where the car is carpool or chartered." Walking to the bridge, there are indeed a few off-road vehicles parked there. Talk to people, actually have a price of 500 yuan, robbed money, right? Go on. Actually, I chartered a car alone, the place of life is not familiar, really dare not find this kind of black car, experience told me "would rather find a taxi, after all, people have monitoring and company control." According to the information of the online predecessor, through the site and people communication, the last bid 300 yuan to and from the lake, and let it guarantee to stay in the lake 3 hours. At 8:30 in the morning, the taxi arrived at the hotel door on time, I smiled to take a vehicle photo, and got on the car. At least I have to know the right direction. The lake is heading to Litang. I have checked the map. From Xinlong County, the first 30 kilometers are repaired provincial road 217, about the seasonal reasons, along the general scenery, Yalong River is very turbid, not beautiful. Roadside signs "cuoka temple", from this past the cement bridge, starting to climb the mountain. In fact, the road up the mountain should have built a simple cement road last year, although every turn is a rotten road, but it is not said online, need to take a motorcycle up the mountain. Panshan Road up the mountain, almost half an hour, or not easy to walk. At last, at the top, a cloth line was intercepted, and an old man with a work card was asked to pay ten yuan for a "protection fee"? No tickets. In fact, it was all messy, repairing houses and white towers. There were two cars besides me, that is, five tourists in total. The weather is good, the lake is not big, but the color is beautiful. Unfortunately, there is no snowy mountains against it, and I personally feel that there is a lack of beauty. There are many houses on the lake, but no one, a lock on the door, I don't know why this lake is built, is it ready to build a resort? But there is not much to see on this mountain. The houses of the Tsoka Temple are not open, very cold. Fortunately, I am not interested in the temple, by the way, the Jingguan, meditation "peaceful and healthy." Although the lake is small, plus maybe the season is wrong? Photos are not amazing, the level is limited, just fine." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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