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Shelter BridgeNearby City

Shelter Bridge

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Ranked #8 in Ziyuan Can't Miss Attractions
"From the Longsheng Terrace Scenic Area, follow the county road and provincial road to Ziyuan County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, at the junction of Hunan and Guangxi. I heard that the Fengyu Bridge in northern Guangxi is very distinctive, and the Fengyu Bridge in Ziyuan County is very spectacular, so I decided to visit Resources. It’s already evening when we arrive at Zijiang. The county is very beautiful and lively. When driving from Provincial Highway 301 across Zijiang into the county, look north to the pavilions on both sides of Zijiang. It is very beautiful, as if you have arrived at the Qingming Festival in Bianliang, Tokyo. Shanghe Park. Across the Zijiang River, there is also a tall and beautiful palace-like building with carved beams and pillars. It turned out to be Fengyu Bridge. Wind and Rain Bridge: It is composed of bridges, towers, and pavilions, all made of wood. The bridge deck is paved with railings, benches, and roof tiles on both sides to form a corridor-like walkway. The towers and pavilions are built on stone bridge piers, with multiple floors, flying corners, decorated with treasure gourds and other decorations. They are known as one of the ten most incredible bridges in the world. Because pedestrians can avoid wind and rain in the past, it is named Fengyu Bridge. In the evening, when the lanterns were on, we came to the bank of the Zijiang River. The lights on both sides of the river were shining, reflecting the pavilions on both sides of the river. Unexpectedly, the resources were so beautiful. Although this is a modern Fengyu Bridge, it has inherited the architectural culture of ethnic minorities in northern Guangxi, and its exquisiteness is truly outstanding among the Fengyu Bridge in our district."