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Things To Do in Xinping

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Nature Reserve
博士小美女If the sky mirror of Bolivia has breathtaking beauty, pure and clear like the cloud, then the Yuanyang Hani terrace in the Ailao Mountain in Yunnan is the mountain and river created the heavenly mirror, the sky ladder of the mirror, has the magnificent color that lets people lose in it. The terraces pour down from the depths of the cloud sea, intertwined in the valley, under the shadows of light, shining stars, so-called flowing colors. For me, this is the sky of Ailao Mountain, but more people call it the Yuanyang terraces.
34 Reviews
拭目以待12You must visit Ailao Mountain when you come to Kasa. Nanen Waterfall, Shimenxia, Tusi House, and Ancient Tea Horse Road are the main attractions to visit. Ailao Mountain is also a rare animal sanctuary. The only remaining green peacock habitat is the Xinping Cansa River. Upstream, there are of course other national protected animals. It is very cost-effective to stay at Gaga Youth Hostel in Cansa. It is also more convenient to eat local wild wild vegetables. There is a restaurant in the hostel called "Cooking Class", which is the first military catering in Cansa. Due to limited space, I will introduce you to this for the time being. It is better to see it after hearing it. It is better to go to the field to visit and experience the enthusiasm of Huayao Dai and the local exotic folk customs.
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社会颜色Mopanshan National Forest Park is located in the southeast of Xinping Yi and Yi Autonomous County. It is 20 kilometers away from Xinping County. It is named because of its mountain body. Mopan Mountain is the nearest semi-humid evergreen broadleaf forest area in Zhongshan, Kunming. Its active wood accumulation 443059.2 cubic meters, forest cover 64.2%, add shrub 83.4%, total area of 242 square kilometers. The plant resources in the park are abundant, there are 98 families, 137 genera, 324 species of higher plants. Mopan Mountains show vertical distribution belt with the increase of altitude, and have higher value of scientific research, teaching and ecotourism development.
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天边的海999Shimenxia is located in Gasa Town, Xinping County, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, hidden deep in the mountains at the eastern foot of Ailao Mountain. Anyone who has been to Shimenxia loves her, calling it "Jiuzhaigou on Ailao Mountain". Because Shimenxia is simple and natural, it has not been over-exploited. In addition to the necessary safety measures, there is almost no artificial carving and decoration, and it retains the original wild style.
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且吃且增重The Ailao Mountain Scenic Area in the Xinping section mainly has 4 major attractions. Along the provincial highway s307, it will pass through the Ailao Mountain terraces, Nan'en Waterfall, Shimen Gorge, the Ancient Tea Horse Road and the Jinshan Primeval Forest. This attraction is free and can be viewed on the side of the provincial highway. The waterfall is more than 20 meters high and more than 40 meters long. It was blocked by the road and changed its direction. The current was not too big on the day we went, but it was still quite spectacular .
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Historical Architecture
燕归来文化Xinping Tusi Mansion, also called Ailao Mountain Tusi Mansion, is located on the mountainside of Yaonan Village, Gasa Town, Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County, Yunnan Province. It covers an area of 4.2 acres and consists of three major buildings including a courtyard, a garden and a stable. There are 65 rooms in total. It has a novel layout, unique shape and rich historical and cultural heritage. What’s more peculiar is this Tusi Mansion in the depths of the Ailao Mountain. The gate design is a combination of Chinese and Western styles. To prevent fires, the Tusi Mansion built in the Song Dynasty also thought of building a fire pool in the courtyard for heating. And built heating channels and so on. The Tusi Mansion was established in the Song Dynasty and belonged to the "Yanwang Tusi Yamen" of Xinping during the Dali Kingdom of the Song Dynasty and was under the hereditary jurisdiction of the Yanwang family of the Dai nationality. During the Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty, the original Dai "Yanwang Tusi" was transferred to the Li family in Longxi to manage the Ailao Mountain hereditary, forming two chieftains of the Dai and Han people, and a history of the Xinping chieftain for a thousand years. At that time, the chieftain Li Runzhi built his Tusi Mansion on such a high place. It was condescending, easy to defend and hard to attack. Moreover, the Feng Shui was backed by the main peak of the mountain, and the mountains on both sides were majestic and the front view was wide. The geographical location was high and the air was fresh and cool. The hot climate is in contrast, suitable for human habitation, and a good place for leisure.

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Mopanshan (Mopan Mountain) National Forest ParkYuxi,China

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Ailaoshan Honghegu Tourism Sceneic AreaYuxi,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Xinping, including: Ailao Mountain Nature Reserve,Jiasazhen,Mopanshan (Mopan Mountain) National Forest Park
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