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About Xinxiang

Xinxiang (新乡) is located in northern Henan Province at the southeastern edge of the Taihang (太行) Mountains and abutting the Yellow River to the south. Ancient Xinxiang was the site of the Battle of Mingtiao (鸣条), the Battle of Muye (牧野), and other major conflicts, and many historical relics and artifacts can be found there. Baiyun (白云) Temple National Forest Park in Huixian (辉县) City in this region boasts beautiful scenery, and Weihui (卫辉) City offers numerous historical and cultural sights, including the Lin family's ancestral Bigan (比干) Temple and Xiangquan (香泉) Temple in the Cangyu (苍峪) Mountain Scenic Area.

Popular Attractions in Xinxiang

Baoquan Tourist Resort Area
1,875 Reviews
Baoquan comprises Henan's famous national forest reserve and Taihang rhesus macaque reserve. The scenic area includes the red rock canyons of the Taihang range and majestic waterfalls. The area is abundant in natural water sources and makes a great summer retreat. Baoquan's beautiful scenery inspired the Qing Qianlong Emperor to describe Baoquan as having “abundant springs and radiant beauty.” During the reign of the Ming Jiajing Emperor (1507-1567), imperial censor Li Zongshu inscribed a plaque calling the location “Red Mountains of the Clear Blue Water.”
Baligou Scenic Area
1,060 Reviews
Baligou Scenic Area is located within the Shimen Valley of the Taihang Mountains. Its main attractions include Peach Bay, Mountain Divinity Temple, Yangzhoudi, Hongshi (“Red Rock”) River, and One Line Sky (area of narrow canyon walls). The scenic area is covered in dense forest and boasts a waterfall cluster (rare in northern China) and a clear mountain stream. It is a natural oxygen bar, cool in the summertime, and great for a relaxing summer retreat. There is also a rhesus macaque habitat in the scenic area, where over 100 macaques live among the high mountain cliffs. Here, guests can get quite close to the monkeys and take pictures with them.
Wanxian (“Ten Thousand Divinities”) Mountain Scenic Area
1,151 Reviews
The Wanxian Mountain Scenic Area is made up of Guoliang Village (made famous by Huaxia Film Distribution), the beautiful secluded mountain village of Nanping, the heavenly paradise-on-earth of Luojiezhai, and the Thistle Mountains (Zijing Shan), which are revered in Taoism. Guoliang Village is the core attraction of the area, boasting a simple folksy style. It is a world of stone, where layers of stone are used to build the farmer's mansions against the precipice of the mountain. Many films and shows have been filmed here because of the interesting unique mountain village flavor. The scenic area has outstanding natural scenery, with cascading waterfalls, flowing streams, and towering cliffs all around.
Guoliang Village
537 Reviews
Film Studio
Guoliang Village is the core attraction of the Wanxian Mountain Scenic Area. On the road to Guoliang Village you can see the shocking “Precipice Gallery,” a road with a steep rock wall on one side and cliffs dropping away on the other. After passing the incredibly dangerous road, you will see the agreeable scenery of Guoliang Village. The village contains preserved stone tables, benches, walls, and even kangs (raised sleeping platforms heated by fire kept beneath them), and is rich in old hometown flavor. The village was also the filming location for many famous movies, including Bell of Purity Temple, Daomei Dashu de Hunshi (“Unlucky Uncle Lucky in Love”), Hands Up!, and more.

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Xinxiang Weather

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Trip Moments

Some time ago, I went to the Taihang Mountain at the junction of Henan and Shanxi with my friends. For a total of more than 9 days, I can say that I have climbed many places in the Taihang Mountains, whether it is a canyon or a mountain, but the most impressive thing is this hanging in the cliff. The village above can be said to be one of the most dangerous villages in Henan and even China. This is Guoliang Village in Shayao Township, Huixian County, Xinxiang County, Henan Province. When it comes to Guoliang Village, many people may have heard of it, especially those who love to travel by car because there is a very famous one here. The cliff road is also one of the most dangerous roads in China, and this cliff road was built by Guo Liang people to enter the village. Guoliang Village is located in the depths of Taihang Mountain. It is located at the junction of Shanxi and Henan. For a long time, the traffic here is inconvenient. The important mountain is isolated from the outside world. It is like an isolated paradise, only living here. Dozens of people, the total population is only a few hundred people, and the village where they live is the place that can be seen on this cliff, above a cliff about 1000 meters above sea level. Before the construction of this cliff road, Guo Liangcun was one of the poorest and backward places in Henan. From here, I want to enter the county. It takes about one day, fifty or sixty kilometers, basically Going away, there is a lack of material here, and there have always been "four difficulties".
Posted: Jun 18, 2019
Although it is a museum in Xinxiang City, because the former Xinxiang is the provincial capital of the plain province, the contents of the collection actually reached the provincial level, which is worth seeing and understanding history. Xinxiang City Museum is located in the Plains Museum, the core area of Renmin East Road, Xinxiang City. It is a comprehensive building integrating museums, archives history museums and urban construction archives. It is the second largest museum in Henan Province, second only to the Henan Museum, and one of the national key museums. can see the complete cultural context from the origin of the Central Plains to the brilliant Yin Shang in 8,000 years ago. There are various bronzes that I like very much, and there are also elegant Buddha statues and utensils in the Ming and Song Dynasties. Open your eyes. The exhibition hall on the first floor of the museum is called "Makino Huazhang". I think the name is so nice and it is so nice! ! ! Makino, which is very important in the history of middle school, is the new township of today, the famous "Wuwang slashing", and the Zhou Wuwang Shang dynasty army's decisive battle in Makino. It is an important criterion for the demise of the Shang Dynasty. The name of Makino is really much better than Xinxiang. Wow! ! ! The Plains Museum is white in color and is made into a frame-forward design, much like a shuttle in a time-space tunnel. I didn't care to take pictures of myself all afternoon, happily squatting in the torrent of history, spying on the ones. Ancient story.
Posted: Dec 19, 2018