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Trip Moments

Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple
Xishuangbanna, the first time this word was printed in my mind, I should have watched a TV series "Debt" at a very young age. The story happened in Xishuangbanna. When it was broadcast, there was a good song on TV. "Beautiful Xishuangbanna...". Since then, Xishuangbanna, the beautiful and mysterious place in the southern part of the motherland, has taken root in the heart. The impression of Xishuangbanna is a golden Buddhist building everywhere, the air is humid, and there are all kinds of rare animal and plant paradise. This place, which is completely different from my living environment, can finally be visited.
I got to Xishuangbanna to know the origin of this name. "Xishuang" means the proverb "12". "Banna" refers to the administrative area smaller than the county. "Xishuangbanna" means "twelve administrative districts". Xishuangbanna, the ancient proverb means "ideal and magical paradise." Xishuangbanna is connected to Laos and Myanmar, and is close to Vietnam and Thailand. It is the only tropical rainforest reserve in China. Of course, the most attractive people are its ethnic customs.
Xishuangbanna has golden dazzling sunshine, magnificent Buddhist temples and the Yi people wearing beautiful national costumes everywhere. This New Year's Day enters Xishuangbanna, walks through the tropical rain forest, feels the golden Buddha light, and makes a beautiful wish for the New Year~
Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest National Park Wangtianshu Scenic Area
Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest National Park Wangtianshu Scenic Area
Drive from Xishuangbanna downtown to the tropical rain forest ##, drive about three hours to the county.

Popularity is very high, buy tickets must also be lined up, the package does not include the plank road, it is recommended to take the boat to the entrance of the Phillips Trail, feel the South Lara River is not bad.

Wangtianshu is the best place to experience tropical rainforests in China, with water, land and air.

first arrive at the Phillips Trail. About 2 kilometers, the air is very fresh, but it is basically a variety of plants. If you don't understand and are interested, you can scan each introduction. It is good to have a mobile phone. It is boring to be interested in plants. The biggest feature is that One root is more straight than the sky, and it goes straight into the clouds. I heard that foreign countries did not recognize China's tropical rain forest until the discovery of the sky tree, so this scenic spot is worth a look, breathing fresh air.

There is a five-finger Optimus at the end of Phillips Avenue. It is actually a wishing tree, tied with a red ribbon, and the business opportunities are unlimited.

There are 120/one kinds of experience in the glass path and the canopy corridor. This corridor is representative, especially the canopy corridor is very high, and it is built in the air and there are many people involved.

If you like natural scenery, Wangtianshu is a good choice
#Where to go to New Year's Day
Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest National Park Wangtianshu Scenic Area
This time I came to Xitianbanna's Wangtianshu and walked into the depths of the rainforest, trying to feel the magic brought by nature. Choose the way the boat enters and exits, and intend to experience the rainforest from sea, land and air. You can reach the Wangtianshu Scenic Spot by boat on the Nanla River for about 4.3 kilometers.
Enjoy the scenery along the boat, the rainforest is close at hand. There is the world's smallest hoofed animal "Olk", and the peach blossom jellyfish, which is known as the "water panda".
Come to Wangtianshu Scenic Area, you must not miss the air corridor. A long canopy corridor is set up between the towering trees. Overlooking the rainforest giants, overlooking everything, it feels so good to get in touch with nature. The 500-meter-long, 36-meter-high Wangtian tree canopy is the world's tallest, China's first aerial canopy corridor. The canopy corridor is volleyed through the rainforest.
Come to the highest point in the air corridor, the Dai girl will sprinkle the blessed holy water on us. Shout here, let go of the seeds of the tree, and pray together. We must know that the seeds we fly are only one-hundredth of a chance to survive, and grow into a towering tree. No one knows if it will be the one.
Dinner must not miss the special rainforest feast. This rainforest feast, the preparation work in the early stage is very cumbersome and takes a long time. Peacock is a lucky bird in the hearts of the Yi people, symbolizing happiness and auspiciousness. The overall shape of the rainforest feast is an open-screen peacock.
Scenic opening hours: 8