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One Kilometer Landscape Painting Gallery

One Kilometer Landscape Painting GalleryNearby City

4.5/519 Reviews
"Cultural Experiencial Area"
Cangyuan Top 4 in Can't Miss Attractions
"It is a comprehensive scenic tourist area with a total length of 78 kilometers and a total planned area of more than 600 hectares, relying on cliff paintings, fully displaying the Wa folk culture as the core, and integrating ethnic culture, ethnic customs, natural and human landscapes. The scenic area is divided into Canglong Valley Scenic Area, Qianmi Traditional Chinese Painting Corridor Scenic Area, Cliff Painting Scenic Area, Mengdong Port Scenic Area, Yonghe National Gate Scenic Area. The thousand-meter traditional Chinese painting corridor is located in the middle of the scenic spot. The murals in this scenic spot are about 3 kilometers long. The cliffs are 80-180 meters high and the highest is 280 meters. The frescoes stand steeply into cliffs. Some cliff faces form cliffs, while others are uneven. The honeycomb-shaped dissolving holes are densely covered, some are like a knife and axe, and some are like terraces. The cliff surface becomes colorful due to impurities and embellishment of epiphytic climbing plants, like a giant mural depicting The vicissitudes of the ancient land. The cliff painting of Cangyuan is a vivid historical picture left to us by the ancestors of the Wa ethnic group more than 3000 years ago. The gallery of thousand-meter traditional Chinese painting is another natural picture given to us by nature. There is no artificial carving and no artificial shaping. It fully displays the original masterpieces and real emotions of nature, and the cliff paintings form a unique cultural and natural landscape of Wa Mountain. But as the people living here, they don't believe that this beautiful and unique landscape is entirely formed by nature, so the thousand-meter Chinese painting corridor is accompanied by a beautiful legend." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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