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Fuxing Art CenterNearby City

Fuxing Art Center

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Closed on Mon;Open on Thu, Sat,10:00am-8:00pm;Open on Tue-Wed, Fri, Sun,10:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"🐢Tiptick DIPTYQUE Unbounded Trip Art Exhibition is beautiful, like the Chanel Exhibition in the West Bank, the sensory tour led by the aroma takes us into the unbounded territory of imagination, and it is eternal for a while ♾️. ·🐢 Show well, wool 🦙 is still rich, almost every node has wool, listen to the turtle one by one.·🐢 Queuing for ticket checking to collect 🦙 canvas bag + mask, for the love of the star show, canvas bag is the most popular companion gift, no one! (Be sure to pay attention to ⚠️ make an appointment in advance to avoid running empty) 🐢 After the entry, the first thing to come is the art section. 5 limited artworks record a place in a special way. The turtle likes to record the "Medical Curtain" figure 6⃣️ of the Greek Miris memory. ·🐢Enter the Paris journey, pay tribute to the origin of Tiptik, the scroll of paper art 📜Maze slowly unfolds, here 🦙 is a poster, with an electronic stamp.·🐢The Venice journey puts the audience in the center of the green island, surrounded by changing lights and shadows, The 🦙 of the Greek journey is an elliptical ceramic piece, delicate and durable. · 🐢 The coffee in the rattan basket of the Bruce journey gives off a aroma and takes a piece out. · 🐢 The last stop is Kyoto. The flower path is beautiful and you can also take a 💐 from the drawer. Insert linen curtains and participate in collective floral creation, this link is really very much. · 🐢 collect 5 electronic chapters to go out to collect 🦙 perfume sample. Curatorial heart, 🦙 abundant, is a free conscience exhibition ~~ 🔔 boundless trip 🧭 BFC Fuxing Art Center Zhongshan East 2 600 Road ⏰September 11 to October 7 💰Free, need gzh reservation 🦙Canvas bag, mask, poster, ceramic chip, perfume sample ❗️When making an appointment, be sure to pay attention to whether there is any manual activity to make an appointment at the same time to participate in ❗️ Turtles about ⚠️, the follow-up is full ❗️"