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Stone Lake

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"Shihu Scenic Area, National Taihu Scenic Area. Located about 4.5 kilometers southwest of Suzhou Ancient City, Jiangsu Province. It is a landscape-type natural scenic spot integrating Wuyue Relics and Jiangnan Countryside Landscape. In the spring and autumn, it is the place where Wu nobility hunted and wished, and Wuyue contended for the ancient battlefield. In the Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the famous and elegant people often built a house here, indulging in landscape. The total area of the scenic spot is 34.62 square kilometers, and the planned area is 26.1 square kilometers. It is divided into 7 scenic groups: Shihu, Shanfang Mountain, Wushan, Binhu, Qizishan, Qianjiawu and Shangjinwan. Protected area 12.27 square kilometers. The core area of the stone lake scenery group and the mountain scenery group above, composed of the stone lake water system, the hengshan mountain system and the lake between the mountain mountain mountain mountain mountain mountain mountain, the lakeside zone. The topography, landscape and cultural sites are complete, still retain Wucheng, Yuecheng, suburban platform, the island of Wuyue ancient ruins. The water surface area of the Stone Lake is about 3.6 square kilometers. It was originally an inner bay of Taihu Lake. Because the Vietnamese soldiers advanced, the rock at the foot of the mountain was named after the stone to Suzhou. Qing Gaozong Qianlong emperor six to the south of the Yangtze River and six to the stone lake, praised: "Jiali Jiangshan everywhere, only the stone lake is the most." On August 18, the Wu people have the custom of seeing the moon. That night, early next month, moon Langxing rare, the Jiukong in the spring bridge is a magnificent moon shadow. Shihu Guanyue is famous with the famous three ponds of Hangzhou and Lugou Xiaoyue in Beijing. There are barbecue, cruise and other services in the scenic area. Main attractions: Shangshan National Forest Park, Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Relics Protection Units Shen Shixing Tomb, Yangata Courtyard, Yuecheng Site and other 3, Suzhou Provincial Cultural Relics Protection Units xingchunqiao, Fancheng Datun, Zhiping Temple, Yuecheng Bridge, Guye Wang Tomb and other 5, Shifo Temple, Suburbs, Qianlong Yudao, Fishing Village, Baojiquan, Peacock Garden, Stone dyke, cross dyke, Wucheng ruins and so on more than 20."