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Source of Pujiang RiverNearby City

Source of Pujiang River

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Open from 9:00am-4:00pm (Local time)
"Chongyang is high, taking the place of hiking. Special trip to the niche scenic spot 55 kilometers from Shanghai - Pujiang head. Huangpu River upstream, north side of the Xietang River (from Jiangsu) and south side of the Yuanxijing (from Zhejiang) meet here, will synthesize Hengweijing (Huangpu River) rolling east stream. After the survey, this place is named as the zero kilometers of the 114 kilometers long Huangpu River, and Ya is called the head of Pujiang. The area of the scenic spot is 40,000 square meters, and the 1/2 on the west side is still under repair. The area open to tourists is from east to west (from inside to outside) and is Shi-Ta-Tang-Lake, which is quite interesting. Dunhou stone lying on top, and the waves of the river, and the Tianheng Han inscription "pujiang head", strong, simple atmosphere. Standing towers a tower more use, very interesting. The top of the navigation tower and the lower half of the water dragon king temple + "flow and luck" pagoda is a beautiful and solemn. The quaint Chunshen Hall is wide and deep, and Tang Yun is full. Look at the door, there are many treasures; ask the staff, answer the leader to open ~ speechless. Mini-Shenyuan Lake Bridge, the water, wild fun, for the scenic area added a few aura. Side of the scenic area, placed a steam locomotive locomotive + a few train passenger carriages, salute the development of the town of Shihu Dang made a great contribution to the Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway. The tourist service center and dining venue in the carriage, look good, few tourists. Tip: If there is no aerial photographer, can only understand its wonderful, difficult to see its true appearance. Pujiang, located in Songjiang District, Shihu Dang Town Dongxia Village, No. 1 Pujiang Road. From the subway line 9 Songjiang South Station, take the bus 1849 to the terminal (40 minutes drive), it is still a 40-minute walk to reach, it is recommended to drive to."