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About Xiuning

Xiuning County is under the jurisdiction of Huangshan City, Anhui Province. It is located at the southernmost tip of Anhui Province near the borders with Zhejiang and Jiangxi Provinces. It was one of the “one prefecture and six counties” of ancient Huizhou. It is home to Mount Qiyun, one of the Four Sacred Mountains of Taoism. It is known as a “paradise for rural tourism” and the “home of organic Chinese tea.” Its famous attractions include Mount Qiyun, the China Zhuangyuan Museum, and Baiji Scenic Area.

Popular Attractions in Xiuning

Mount Qiyun
1,903 Reviews
Mount Qiyun is located in Xiuning County of Huangshan City. It is also known as Wudang Mountain, Qingcheng Mountain, or Longhu Mountain. It is one of the four holy Taoist mountains, and contains four distinct areas that include Yuehua Street, the Upstairs Scenic Area, Yunyan Lake and Hengjiang Scenic Area. Even today, we can still see the inscriptions left behind by early Taoists. Yuehua Street offers a view of Xuantian Taisu Palace, a Taoist temple built on Qiyun Mountain by Emperor Ming Jiajing.
Huangshan Panda Ecological Paradise
106 Reviews
Qiyunshan W Ave, Xiuning Xian, Huangshan Shi, Anhui Sheng, China
Huizhou Grand Canyon
246 Reviews
Huizhou Grand Canyon Scenic Area is divided into three major tourist areas: Yuanfang Rapid Drifting, Yuanfang Cuigu and Yangshan Temple. The scenery in the scenic area is beautiful and the scenery is pleasant. You can walk and take a sightseeing bus. It is mainly based on the rapid drifting of Yuanfang and the source of Fangfang Cuigu. The characteristics of Yuanfang rapid drifting can be summarized by “risk, green, secluded and interesting”; the Qingfang rushing, Bitan, Cuichi and Yin Waterfall in the source Fangcui Valley are like a natural watercolor painting.
60 Reviews
Historical Architecture
East of Wan'an Town, Xiuning County, Huangshan City

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Trip Moments

Huangshan did not climb, first climbed Qiyunshan. The weather is really good, don't want it, flash lightning, I just lie down in the hotel and watch the photos of the little friends. Mi thinks that it will turn to the sun at noon, and the weather is nothing to say, just right. You can go up the mountain to see a cloud, and the sky helps me. Because I had a wound on my foot, I didn't want to climb up. I spent money on a cableway going up the mountain. The cloud-filled super cockroach was like a fairyland. The air was especially fresh after the rain, and then I dragged my injured leg all the way. Taoist famous mountain, less than 600m above sea level, but in fact it is not labor-saving from the process of going downhill. To go through many steps, be sure to make a bang. Talk about a few small scenes, one is a middle-aged man who looks like a Taoist priest in a cave, quite accented, also comes with sound-emitting equipment, creating a small atmosphere, no desire, no freedom It is him. There is also the Temple of the God of Wealth, to worship a worship, the heart is spiritual. There is a huge life word, you can live a long life, I have not touched, life and death are rich in the sky. There are a lot of homestays and catering on the mountainside. Similar to the farmhouse, the price will not be particularly cheap. If you want to eat, you should stick to it. The little friend is rushing down the mountain, then you dont want to climb the halo, then walk to the free home. Eating at the restaurant is also very hard to eat.
Posted: Jan 11, 2019
Regarding the wooden pear, all the imagination of it starts with the picture about it. Later, I began to understand it. The only small village in Huangshan City that does not have access to highways, with three sides vacant and three hundred years of history, is located on the ridge. There are only 52 households in a row, like a lost secret. Every year, the days of the sea of clouds are close to one hundred days, and it is known as the most beautiful mountain village in Huangshan. The first episode of the documentary "Awesome Village" is about the cloud village. After reading the documentary, I am worried that it will disappear. ~ There is no road in the village. If you want to arrive, you must follow the 800 steps. On the other hand, wearing Linhai, and entering the sea of clouds, hiding the ancient village that was built in the end of the Ming Dynasty, extending in a step-like manner according to the mountain, located in the mountainside of the bitter bamboo peak of Huangshan City, near the kilometer... the village is completely Isolated from the world, there is no earthly intrusion, birds and dogs, and the wind dances the leaves. The villagers whispers are all natural rhythms. Xikou Town, Xiuning County, Huangshan City Traffic: Arrive at Huangshan/Xiuning, take the urban and rural bus to Xikou, charter to the foot of Mulu Mountain, walk up the mountain along the step mountain road (about 20 Minutes), you can also walk from the Zuyuan Village along the ancient road for about 1.5 hours.
Posted: Jun 13, 2019
In the mountainous area of Huangshan City, Anhui Province, in addition to the famous Huangshan Mountain, there is a Qiyun Mountain 30 kilometers away from the urban area. Qi Yunshan's reputation in the past is much larger than it is now. Now it is completely robbed of Huangshan Mountain. Qiyun Mountain is a famous Taoist mountain. Qiyun Mountain is 585 meters above sea level, less than one-third of Huangshan Mountain. Mountain climbing is relatively easy, suitable for day trips, and of course there are cable cars that can go up the mountain. Qiyun Mountain and Wudang Mountain, Longhu Mountain and Qingcheng Mountain are also known as the four famous mountains of Chinese Taoism. There are still many Taoist temples on the mountain. In the early spring, the mountains are green. At the top of the mountain, it is the entrance to the scenic spot. Buy tickets here. Qiyun Mountain is called Baiyue, and the Emperor Qianlong praised it as "the world's first place in the world." There are many historical sites on the mountain, and the activity intensity is not large. There are not as many tourists as Huangshan. Yamashita is a rape field, but now the rape blossom season has passed, it has turned into a green, still can see the shape of the gossip. Earliest in the Tang Dynasty, there was Taoist activity here. During the Tang Dynasty (758-760), Taoist Gong Qixia traveled to this place and lived in the Tianmen Rock in the mountains. During the Baoqing period of the Southern Song Dynasty (1225-1227), Taoist Yu Daoyuan entered the mountain to practice and created the Yusheng Zhenwu Temple in Qiyunyan. Since then, the Yunyou Taoist priests have come one after another, and the Taoist architecture has become increasingly large. Qiyun Mountain is still a Danxia Mountain. The mountain is reddish-brown, red as cinnabar, and can be red.
Posted: Dec 22, 2018
Guchengyan, Shoushan, is located in the east of Wan'an Town, Xiuning County, 3 kilometers away from Xiuning County. In 1998, the development of Guchengyan Scenic Area was invested by Hong Kong bosses. It will be scattered in 7 Ming and Qing dynasties in all parts of the county. It is old and old. Under the lion's peak, it is erected on the mountain and re-emerges with the ancient Huizhou. The youthful charm of the building; the five stone arches distributed in the fortresses and spouts of various villages and towns, gathered in an orderly way on the ancient city avenue, with their tough personality, showing the face of the old. Enter the ticket office of the scenic spot and ask the ticket sellers that there are not many tourists in the scenic spot. The ticket seller is embarrassed to say it directly, telling me that there are quite a lot of tourists coming in and out today. As a result, one person has not seen it. The old houses here are all demolished from other places. There are very few tourists, which is most suitable for taking pictures. The wood carvings of the old houses are very beautiful and have a history of hundreds of years. The characteristic of the Huizhou architecture is that the courtyard walls are towering and called the horse head wall. The furnishings in the old house are very simple, the vases and paintings on the shelves look very historical, and the tables and chairs have been at least for decades. Like Huipai architecture can come here to appreciate carefully, silent to no one tourist. The Cheng's Miyake is a three-story house that is close together, and the layout is relatively close. The house is full of old objects.
Posted: Dec 28, 2018