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About Xiuwu

Xiuwu County is located in northwest Henan Province and is under the administration of Jiaozuo City. In the course of defeating the Shang dynasty, King Wu of Zhou stationed his troops here and trained them, which is where the county gets its name: Xiuwu means “to rest troops.” Xiuwu has a long history and many historical artifacts. Historical sites here include the Ligu archaeological site of the Neolithic Longshan culture, the ancient Yuci kiln in Dangyang, the tomb of literary master Han Yu (768-824), the Shengguo Temple, and the pagoda of the Shengguo Temple.

Popular Attractions in Xiuwu

Yuntai Mountain Geopark
20,435 Reviews
The Yuntai Mountain Scenic Geopark includes Xiaozhaigou Valley, Red Rock Gorge, the Wanshan Temple, the Qinglong Valley, and Zifang Lake. The landscape at Yuntai Mountain is strikingly unique, and its scenery changes with the seasons. Spring brings beautifully colored mountain flowers, and the summer paints the forest in deep green. Red leaves burst out like flames in the autumn, and in the winter all is coated in silvery white. Yuntai Mountain is famous for its scenery of continuous peaks and mountains and is known as having “a spring every three steps, a waterfall every five steps, and a pool every ten steps.”
Red Rock Gorge
716 Reviews
Rock Monument
Hongshi Gorge is one of Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area's iconic sites. Most visitors to Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area make Hongshi Gorge the first site they visit. Hongshi Gorge is also known as "Bonsai Canyon.” When visitors first step foot on to the valley path, they are welcomed with the beautiful sight of the crimson rocks. The landforms here are all danxia types. The rocks are all shades of red, leaving little wonder as to why it is called "Red Rock" Gorge. The entire canyon can also be considered a geological museum, as many different rocks were formed across various geological ages.
Zhuyu Peak
277 Reviews
Zhuyu Peak is situated in Yuntai Mountain, Jiaozuo, Henan and had been the holy land where poets and literary men and monks to cultivate themselves according to a religious doctrine during the past dynasties. With lush plants, Zhuyu Peak has a forest coverage rate of 93%, making it a natural oxygen bar. Climbing up Zhuyu Peak with an altitude of 1,308 meters via a plank road, people will have heroic spirit for "other mountains look small against a backdrop of Zhuyu Peak."
Qinglong Gorge
203 Reviews
Qinglong Gorge is one of the main attractions of Yuntai Mountain. The graceful waterfall of Wangrong, the emerald Tongxin Pool, and the extremely beautiful Shishangchunqiu, constitute the three-dimensional portrait of the Qinglong Gorge. The gorge is long, the mountains are green, the vegetation is lush and the climate is unique. The area here is known as a beautiful portrait of nature and a great summer resort. The spirituality of nature and the vivacity of life are vividly alive here.

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Trip Moments

Yuntai Mountain in Henan Province is located in Xiuwu County of Jiaozuo City and is a summer resort. In the Yuntai Mountain, there are many streams and waterfalls in the summer. In summer, there are some water-cooling villages, and there are some ancient villages in the mountains, which have gradually become tourist hotspots. Yutoushui Village is a small village affiliated to Yuntaishan Town. There are only more than 50 households in this village, hidden in the Taihang Mountains. The traffic in the past was so inconvenient that it was unknown. With the development of tourism, the village has a highway connection with the Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area. The biggest feature of the village is that it is a "stone village." The villagers built houses on the spot, surrounded by mountains. These stone houses have gone through hundreds of years and are not bad. The villages are well preserved, such as the Jia Family Courtyard and the Li Family Courtyard, which have a history of more than 100 years. The Jia Family Courtyard was built in 1850 and is still inhabited. It is also open to visitors and is free to enter and exit. The house is made of stone, neat and sturdy. More and more tourists come to Yidoushui Village for tourism. The village also benefits from the development of tourism. Many villagers have opened farmhouses in their homes. They can not only eat but also stay, and taste the farmhouse food in the mountains. The dishes are the villagers themselves. Home-made, pure natural green food, the taste must be excellent. Yutuoshui Village is located at the junction of Henan and Shanxi provinces. Since ancient times, there has been a commercial road passing through the village. The current commercial road still shows the Qingshiban Road.
Posted: Dec 20, 2018