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About Xuancheng

Xuancheng, located in the southeastern part of Anhui Province, borders Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Xuan Paper is so named because it comes from here. Xuancheng is home of the Four Treasures of the Chinese Study. Xuancheng has cultural attractions spread throughout the city. The Xietiao Building, Jingting Mountain and Taiji Cave are all famous both in China and abroad. Jixi County, which is part of Xuancheng, has had many talented people come out of it throughout history. Hu Xueyan, Hu Kaiwen, Hu Shi, and Wang Jingzhi are but a few of the famous people born here. The Peach Pond in Jing County is also famous for being mentioned by the poet Li Bai in his poem "Gift to Wang Lun".

Popular Attractions in Xuancheng

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Ancient Settlement
Chaqi is a little over 20 kilometers from Taohuatan (“Peach Blossom Pool”), and travelers often visit both places in the same trip. Here you will find an ancient village built during the early Tang dynasty in the Hui architectural style, where the clan surnamed Cha has continuously resided. Three creeks join up in this village, and the light walls and dark tiles of the Hui-style buildings line the creek. There are many Hui-style ancestral halls in the village that boast exquisite brick, wood, and stone carvings. You can see many students of portraiture capturing the beauty of this wonderfully scenic area.
Taohuatan (“Peach Blossom Pool”)
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Taohuatan, the “Peach Blossom Pool,” is located in Taohuatan, known in ancient times as Nanyang Town. Taohuatan is actually a section of the Qingyi River. The villages of Chen and Wan face each other across the lake on its east and west banks respectively. Although these ancient towns of Hui-style architecture are not exactly exquisite, they offer a sort of beauty in showing the effects of the passage of time. The old streets are paved in uneven cobblestone, and the walls on each side are motley-colored. As soon as you cross to the end of the narrow old street, the sudden opening up and view of the clear pool is a lovely surprise.
Jingting Mountain
1,257 Reviews
Jingting Mountain is located in the northern suburbs of Xuancheng District. The original name was Zhaoting Mountain. In the early Jin Dynasty, it was renamed Jingting Mountain. A branch of the Huangshan Mountains, it stretches from east to west for more than five kilometers. There are about 60 large and small peaks in total. The main peak is called the "Number One Peak." Over the many years of previous dynastic eras, over a thousand poems, texts and paintings of and about Jingting Mountain have been penned. Jingting Mountain is known as the "Poetry Mountain South of the Yangtze" and is well-known both inside and outside of China.
Taiji Cave
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Geological Sites
The Taiji Cave was formed by tectonic movement 250 million years ago. It was an ideal place for people to visit more than 2,000 years ago. The inscriptions of Fan Zhongyan in the Song Dynasty and Wu Tongchun in the Ming Dynasty were preserved. Taiji Cave is an enormous cave, ideal for touring. The depth of the cave spans tens of miles downward. Caves of different sizes are connected to each other and vary in temperature. The entrance to the cave is located at the top of the mountain and exits at the foothill.

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Trip Moments

Steven Zhang   
Yamano Jun's overall impression of Wenyuan Villa is beyond my expectations. Originally thought to be a relatively intimate, Huiyun cultural characteristics of the inn or homestay. However, when I arrived at the villa, I was shocked by the appearance of the entire hotel. Unexpectedly, this is a resort-style resort with a combination of private gardens, leisure vacations, business and leisure. The entire villa is large in size and consists of a combination of hotel room department, catering department, garden area, parking lot, Weinan flower drum stage and other entertainment facilities. If it is calculated according to the star hotel, it can be a five-star hotel, at least a four-star resort. From the point of view of the room, it is a typical Huizhou architectural feature. The black tile brick and the white horse head wall are the most culturally distinctive features of the hotel. The first time I feel the cultural atmosphere and the history of this place, this feeling is good! Yamano Jun I personally like it quite. So, I couldn't wait to pick up the camera and took a few photos. In addition, the room management department where the hall is located is also very distinctive. It is a separate building, which is separate from the different room departments. Each building is a different type of room, the classification is quite clear. I feel very professional and very comfortable, and I like the appearance of such a mountain-style hotel. I arrived in Hangzhou from Shanghai by high-speed train at night, then Hangzhou took the train to Xuancheng. After arriving at Xuancheng Railway Station, I arrived at the hotel by taxi and it was about 9 minutes. At that time, the day was just black and black. After the arrival of , my reception desk was a young and beautiful Xuancheng local sister. She was very beautiful and very spirited. Smile and say hello all the check-in procedures. Due to the need to pay a deposit of 300 yuan, and I did not have time to withdraw money from Bali directly to Shanghai, I had to use the Alipay transfer method. The front desk helped me with all the guarantees and check-ins. I also opened a deposit slip and breakfast coupon for me. The service is really very good. and the next day, 13 PM
Posted: Sep 23, 2019