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Things To Do in Xuancheng

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打了还打The landscape of south Fujian, ancient and modern by countless literati sauer song, depict, leave a lot of poetry and poetry and classic articles, can say not excessive! Please see this season of peach blossom pool, is not the world fairyland? You will be like a dream, floating, lingering and forgetting...
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M25***68Because it is the local Jingxian people, I am used to seeing the green mountains and green water hahaha Versailles, I feel that this is almost the same as the other Maolin Huangtian Moon Bay Qingshan, but the ancient architecture is more special, the rainy day will make people feel comfortable. I went in the new month, where fireworks can be placed. The whole village is the villagers in life, very comfortable, few tourists, blending in to really experience the feeling of the local villagers, more than 200 B&B, the street is a bit small business, a bit quaint, like it very much. Suitable for relaxation and leisure.
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小花992It is worth going. The car can be driven in, don't stop at the entrance of the archway, it is too far from the real entrance of the scenic spot. There are quite a lot of parking lots. The scenic spot is also more perfect. With children traveling on May 1, the traffic is OK, not crowded. The tour bus we took down the mountain, 10 yuan / person, reasonable price, has been sent to the gate of the scenic spot. Overall is still good.
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E01***10The pit is a mess, narrow, no one can manage, and a little two cars can't get through. It takes three or four hours for a block, every time. Very pit
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Geological Sites
龙龙Taiji Cave is very big, stalactites are strange, very novel, especially the water cave is very long, before the boat, don't have a fun, this time with seven other friends travel, in the May Day to Taiji Cave to play, not as crowded as originally thought, Trip.com booking is convenient and discounted, very good. Overall great, good value for money,
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M42***97It's more interesting to hear the explanation. The ancient village, it's best to go in the morning, be quiet, there are fewer tourists, you can walk slowly in the alley and feel the life of the village. The bridge, the running water, the farmland, the dog, is very comfortable. Some commercial development, villagers in the sale of local specialty, dried, dried vegetables, walnut ... also good.

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Wannan Incident Martyrs CemeteryXuancheng,China

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Chinese Alligator LakeXuancheng,China

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Longchuan Hu's Family Ancestral HallXuancheng,China

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Qinglong Bay Eco-Tourism AreaXuancheng,China

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Xiang Shan Fangkongdong Junshi Zhihui CenterXuancheng,China

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Taogu LabyrinthXuancheng,China

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About Xuancheng

Xuancheng, located in the southeastern part of Anhui Province, borders Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Xuan Paper is so named because it comes from here. Xuancheng is home of the Four Treasures of the Chinese Study. Xuancheng has cultural attractions spread throughout the city. The Xietiao Building, Jingting Mountain and Taiji Cave are all famous both in China and abroad. Jixi County, which is part of Xuancheng, has had many talented people come out of it throughout history. Hu Xueyan, Hu Kaiwen, Hu Shi, and Wang Jingzhi are but a few of the famous people born here. The Peach Pond in Jing County is also famous for being mentioned by the poet Li Bai in his poem "Gift to Wang Lun".

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Here are the best places to visit in Xuancheng, including: Taohuatan (“Peach Blossom Pool”),Chaqi,Jingting Mountain
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