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Sanshi'erliang Tourism Sceneic AreaNearby City

Sanshi'erliang Tourism Sceneic Area

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"📙The 32 Liang Scenic Area is located in Yuntai Town and Qingfeng Town, Pingchang County. It mainly includes the three major attractions of Qianfo Mountain, Longjing Potential Medicine Huahai and Longwei Tea Cultural Industrial Park, with a total area of 25.5 square kilometers. Three sides of the scenic area around the river, there are 32 large and small peaks, the beams have wonderful, the mountains are beautiful scenery. The ancient rhyme of the Qianfo Hall, which was built in the Tang Dynasty, witnessed the ancient and elegant Liu Family Courtyard and the Guo Family Courtyard of the imperial examination, which had been in the past 300 years, and the colorful forest, the sea of peony, the ecological tea garden, the juli cherry blossom corridor and so on. 📌 Detail Address: Longwei Village, Yuntai Town, Pingchang County, Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, adjacent to G5012 Bada Expressway Qingfeng Interchange. 🚙 Traffic Raiders: 20 kilometers from Pingchang County, self-driving navigation "32 Liang Memorial Arch." 💴 Tickets are free, parking fee is 5 yuan. 🌟Highlights: Ancient architecture original appearance, health center, agricultural culture museum, style inn, organic handmade tea, homestay crafts and other special tourism products. 📝Tips:1. 32 beams refer to a large area consisting of several attractions, but some attractions are in a stagnant development or semi-waste state. 2. It is recommended to navigate the "32 beam archway" by self-driving. There is a visitor center, a parking lot, and you can also stay, suitable for a healthy holiday. If just punch in here, can go to the Guojia courtyard, Liujia courtyard to see, then go to the ancient tea garden. 3, there is a "Dashi fairy tale town" color street scene is very suitable for photographs, there is a playground."
Shiqiaozhen Lieningzhuyi StreetNearby City

Shiqiaozhen Lieningzhuyi Street

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"Historical Architecture"
"Featured Neighborhood"
"📙 "Leninist Street" is located in Shiqiao Town, Dazhou City, Sichuan Province, the old revolutionary district. There is a nearly 700-meter old street in the town, which is lined up from east to west with four wooden-like stone arches of the Qing Dynasty, quaint and beautiful, beautifully carved, heavy iron arch, and magnificent. 📙 On September 30, 1933, the Red Fourth Army commanded the south, Jiefang Shiqiao, and the four archways engraved slogans such as "Support the Red Army, Expansion of the Red Army". Among them, the Red Army engraved five words of "Leninist Street" on the most spectacular archway. It is this red mark that allowed the various movements experienced by the archway after the founding of the country to be retained. 🚙 Traffic Raiders: 55 kilometers from Dazhou City, Dazhou City to Shiqiao Town, there is a shuttle bus, self-driving navigation "Shiqiao Town Leninist Street". 💴 Tickets are free, parking is free 📝 Tips:1. The old street is being repaired and built into the "Shiqiao Ancient Town". It is relatively messy at present, and it is not recommended to go exclusively. 2. "Shiqiao Town Leninist Street" mainly consists of the old street, Qing Dynasty archway, folk culture exhibition hall, Red Army exhibition hall, Lenin Square and so on. 3. The field trip to "Leninist Street in Shiqiao Town" feels poor management, and there are good red tourist resources without protection."