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Art Museum
Chongqing GalleryNearby City

Chongqing Gallery

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"Art Museum"
Open on Tue-Sun,9:00am-5:00pm;Closed on Mon (Local time)
"The travelers of Chongqing collect this post as the natives of Chongqing put their efforts into organizing this strategy including the Jiefangbei around the food, drink and play a dragon service - the Cathay Pacific Art Center is composed of the Cathay Pacific Theatre and the Chongqing Art Museum, where you can see the performance, For example, musicals and other paintings, sculpture exhibitions ~ The exterior architecture is very design, you must take pictures to remember the ceiling of the Laifushi Square, which I call the Chongqing mall. Hahahaha, you must take the best position to take 100 large films! ! ! Next to the biggest wholesale market in Chongqing to give me the cheapest and best-looking clothes to go shopping tired to the riverside blowing the river wind don't be too cool, Guojia small noodles to Chongqing how can not eat Chongqing small noodles key is this store it can also drink tea you can believe that this anti-tea person was actually this The smell of tea attracts even to drink three cups must go to the shop to eat the celery sauce signboard noodles and meat grains are large and more, I am afraid that the boss loses money to eat a bowl of noodles, drink a cup of tea, look at the Luohan Temple outside the window, don't want too leisurely Hongyadong eat and drink, Just go and see the reality version of Qian and Qianxun photo C is across the road. Don't believe the fast track that the people at the attractions said. We suggest to wear a simpler clothes to take a photo. The weather in Chongqing in November is slowly getting cold. The travel friends pay attention to keep warm. Welcome to the fog. Eat the most authentic Chongqing noodles # I have a love journey"