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Lion Guan Tourist AreaNearby City

Lion Guan Tourist Area

4.1/5452 Reviews
Ranked #4 in Enshi Instagram-Worthy Locations
Open from 01/01-12/31,8:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"Compared with Xiaoguan and Dongmenguan, lions are more profound and unpredictable. The Tujia Diaojiao Building ticket office and entrance with national characteristics. The staff of the scenic area are warm and hospitable. When entering the scenic area, store your luggage in the ticket room on the left side. 12:20 After the scenic area back, because only 14 o'clock to the county bus, here to drink tea chat, know a lot of lions pass past life. If you're going to the hydroelectric plant, you have to consult with the staff when you enter the scenic area, A few hundred meters into the gate, I left, and then down to the middle of the water plank (commonly known as the pontoon) - the pontoon panoramic view. No tourist buses, as travel agencies do, take the road directly to the other end of the water plank and then down to the pontoon bridge. From this point of view, the whole river appears a semi-arc + S-shaped direction, like a gem inlaid between two peaks, zigzag to the far side, and finally disappears out of sight. Looking over the fence, the green hills, the white clouds, the lake sky, people intoxicated. When the travel team crossed the bridge, the quiet canyon became lively in a moment; when the tourists were in threes and threes, such as birdsong, filament sound in the valley, echoes. The macaque monkeys play play, chase play...... deep mountain "spirits". Fortunately, saw the macaque monkeys. Macaque monkeys are cute, light-weight, they are quick, in the mountains and woods to borrow bamboo point, tree-tops walking and playing. Sometimes, three or five partners swing on the vines, climbing and sliding, basking on the rock boards, catching oranges, haircuts... this is a macaque's warm picture. Standing at the top of the hill, the peaks around the middle, a thousand blue waves. Landscape connected, other caves. Lake has an island, trees, green drops, like a green gem embedded in the lake, is a perfect. It is especially amazing that a mountain lies between the first reservoir (liangdong) and the second reservoir (hongjiahe reservoir), because at the foot of the mountain is a dark river passage, the lake fills up between, like a "floating" on the lake surface "tunnel", communication between the two reservoirs. That is to say, the hills at the foot are empty, green lake water, filled with the mountain space. Walking on the mountain, is floating on the lake, this feeling is worth to be experienced. From a distance, the deep valley stood on all sides, the sun was spilling over the jungle, falling to the ground, and the whole person seemed to be in a vast abyss, cool, but the scene and the feeling were amazing. Few scenic spots can be surprised to this extent. Both sides of the cliffs are becoming steeper and steeper, although it is August, it is also a shower of rain. In many places, water drops down, rubs down on the face, it is cold and cold, but it does not feel cold; although it is sweating, the heart is in the scenery, and there is no fatigue ....... The endless cliff, a jasper, such as mirror, there is some dizziness in the moment ...... the color of the water, because it has just rained, some murky, but blue and green. Look down, like a beautiful man, hanging on the edge of the cliff branch vine, and like its long eyelashes, hooking people's soul..."