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Fotoushan Forest ParkNearby City

Fotoushan Forest Park

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"📙 Fotoushan Forest Park is located on the north side of Jiangkou Town, where Pingchang County is located. It is surrounded by mountains and shaped like stars. Fotoushan is named after the legend that "Guanyin Dashi sent the Buddha head boy Xiafan to guard Longtanxi". 📙 Scenic Area Elevation 400-723 meters, forest coverage is 90%, belonging to the urban leisure scenic spot and patriotic education base. 📌 Detail Address: Jiangkou Town (County City) 🚙 Traffic Capture: Pingchang County 5 Bus; it is recommended to drive and navigate the "Foguang Square" or "Foshan Temple" at the top of the mountain. 💴 Ticket price: free, parking fee 7 yuan 🌟 Highlight Features: The main punching point of Fotoushan Forest Park is the Liu Bojian Memorial in the county seat of the mountain, as well as the Foguang Square and Foshan Temple at the top of the mountain. Shunyou calligraphy stele forest, Huayan Temple, bliss temple. Buddha Temple, located at the top of Buddha Head Mountain, was built in the Tang Dynasty. The top of Buddha Light Square observation platform cool wind, good air, here can look at Pingchang County. It is said that the weather is suitable to see Buddha light. 📝Tips:1. Liu Bojian Memorial Hall is located in the north of Pingchang County and the foot of Fotou Mountain. 2. The Foguang Square and Foshan Temple to the top of the mountain can be hiked from several places in the county town; you can also drive up the mountain by yourself and navigate according to the traffic strategy before. The Foguang Square and Foshan Temple are close to each other. Into the parking lot, there is no parking space at the door, you can continue to move on, to the left to Foshan Temple, to the right to Foguang Square, there are parking spaces. 3, the road up the mountain is a one-way clockwise loop, you can follow the navigation instructions. 4. The Buddha Light Square at the top of the mountain is also a good place to take pictures of sunrise and sunset."