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Art Museum
Linyishi Gallery (shushengge)Nearby City

Linyishi Gallery (shushengge)

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"Art Museum"
"Linyi Short-distance Travel ️Travel Guides (Compilation of Urban and Suburbs) Linyi is a treasure that is worth digging deeper. Today, I will take everyone to explore Linyi’s super complete travel guides. 1️⃣Transportation🚴‍♀️🛺🚋🚞Airport️: Also, there is bus line k201.89.18.6 directly to the urban area. High-speed rail station: relatively remote, less public transportation ~ G1.k10k81 train station: very good location, Brt1 reaches Wang Xizhi’s former residence. Bus station: Tourist special line 1 passes through to Wang Xizhi’s former residence. The bus station is very close to Linyi University. You can go for fun~ Self-driving tour: ️The transportation plan of Linyi is easy to step on, and the urban area is not as convenient as🚖, and shared motorcycles can also be used~2️⃣Food🌮Hunan Ya fried chicken, Gaowei fried chicken, lamb Qi tavern, Linyi grits, golden clams, large cups of Ashui tea, Shanzhu tea, Dayuan Mala Tang, fallen crayfish, snacks at Kaiyang Road Night Market. 3️⃣Accommodation🛏️Near the railway station It is recommended to see the good hotel of Mr. Yihe to Duo, high-end, cost-effective, good service, Mr.d. The Morandi Hotel is recommended in the downtown area, high-end, the fragrance of his gardenia is so good! Ramada Encore is also good, and Atour Hotel can also visit famous scenic spots: Mengshan Mountain🏞 Snow Mountain Rainbow Valley, Yishui Natural Underground Gallery, Yunpu Cave Sky, Lanling National Agriculture Park , Kwun Tong Hot Spring Resort, Jiujianteng, Longyuan, Wang Xizhi’s Former Residence, Yimeng 🏚 Small Town, Crouching Tiger Mountain 🏔, Pressing Yougou💫. 5️⃣Super-suitable photo check-in points 1. Old shiwei compound, a must for literary youth! A lot of creative designs 2. Wang Xizhi’s former residence, don’t miss it for antique lovers, bring the costumes and take pictures! 3. Linyi Art Museum, ins style, beyond film! 4. Yimeng Town and Yimeng Old Street: recommended for antique lovers 6. Longyuan: all styles are available 7. Crouching Tiger Mountain: blue lake, taking pictures super European and American fashion 6️⃣ one-day tour, two-day tour, three-day tour guide One-day city tour: day1: Wake up in the morning and have a grit, then go to Wang Xizhi's former residence and art gallery, eat a fried chicken at noon, check in at the compound in the afternoon, and then go to Wohu Mountain. Day2: Go to Lanling in the evening, live in the agricultural park, super comfortable air, fresh guest house, visit the Lanling National Agricultural Park the next morning, then go to Yimeng Old Street and Oil Hook. Day3: On the third day, you can choose to go to Longyuan, and then go to a feast in the world with Yimeng town, to see the prosperous beauty in the world~[飞吻R][飞吻R][飞吻R] Other choices of matching. @薯队长 @生活薯"