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About Ya'an

Ya'an is located on the Ancient Southern Silk Road; it used to be the capital of Xikang Province. Ya'an received its nickname "the Rainy City" due to the abundance of rain. Ya'an has beautiful mountains and rivers, and an ecological environment which can overall be described as good; it is a natural oxygen bar and the birthplace of the world's tea culture and tea cultivation. In addition to its natural scenery, Ya'an has a rich selection of historical and cultural relics and revolutionary Communist relics. Ya'an has become a tourist attraction for people to remember the great achievements of their revolutionary ancestors as well as to feel the magnificent beauty of nature.

Popular Attractions in Ya'an

Bifengxia Giant Panda Base
2,840 Reviews
Bifengxia Giant Panda Base is located in Ya'an, Sichuan province. The area receives year-round precipitation and mist and is surrounded by forest. The beautiful natural landscape and fresh air attract a large number of visitors. The panda base offers a semi-wild environment for pandas, as well as a zoo with lions, tigers, and other predators. Visitors can feed the animals and watch entertaining animal shows.
Bifengxia Wildlife Park
2,248 Reviews
Located within the Bifengxia Scenic Area, the Bifengxia Wildlife Park offers clean air and beautiful scenery. You can see all kinds of wild animals at the park, which is a great place to learn about animals and get close to nature. It's a great place to bring kids for a wildlife adventure. Most of the animals here roam free, and guests can ride the feeding trucks and feed lions, tigers, and bears. It’s very exciting to watch these large, ferocious animals carry off their prey.
Laba River Park, Erlangshan National Park
574 Reviews
Nature Reserve
Laba River Park is located at the foot of Jinshan Mountain. The park is home to rare fauna and flora including the giant panda, snub-nosed monkeys, dove trees, and takins. Boasting beautiful natural scenery and fresh air, the park has something to offer in all seasons. In spring the rhododendrons come into bloom, while in summer the temperature is refreshingly cool, making the park an excellent escape from the summer heat. In fall the red foliage is the major attraction, while in winter the park is blanketed in snow. Hiking and animal watching are popular activities for visitors.
Shangli Ancient Town
362 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Shangli Ancient Town is located in Yucheng District of Ya'an City. The town is surrounded by mountains and rivers. Many of the Ming and Qing styles stilted buildings are preserved. The ancient town is not very big, and visitors can feel it in the layout in the shape of the word "井" in the ancient town ("井" means well, take "water in the well" to prevent fire). Surrounded by flowing water, the ancient town faces the field’s rolling hills and forms an idyllic landscape along with the surrounding ancient trees, streams and bridges. The first name of Shangli Ancient Town was “Luosheng,” which is an important stopover before entering Ya'an, on the Linqiong Ancient Trail of the Southern Silk Road. It is an important border of the Tang Dynasty and the location of the Office of Tea and Horse, as well as the place where the Red Army crossed in modern times.

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Trip Moments

As the birthplace of China's top ten green tea Mengding nectar, many cultures in Mengding Mountain are centered on tea, and there are also many anecdotes related to tea. Fog after the rain, strolling over the Mengding Mountain, not only has a fresh air, but also can listen to various historical or mythological stories: the tea tree in the Imperial Tea Garden is said to be planted by Wu Lizhen himself, and is also the predecessor of Mengding Ganlu; Hh/The dragon totem on both sides of the ancient stone monument is actually only a few decades of history, because the mountains are damp, the moss is covered, and there is a certain charm of the monument; The house of Figure 9 is said to be Han Shi Wu Lizhen The ground is quite sensible, but one of the two stone gates is also repaired after being damaged. Is it the one that looks out?
Posted: Sep 7, 2019
Mengding Mountain, located in Ya'an City, Sichuan Province, is not only a world-class tea culture sacred mountain, but also a good place for leisure and summer. When you are away from leisure every year, you will go to the mountains and this year is no exception. After entering the mountain gate, take the cableway up the mountain. The low and slow viewing cableway is suitable for watching the tea garden. After arriving, the door in front of the mountain, the blue smoke in front of the temple, the ginkgo covered with the ginkgo, and the fresh air blowing in the face, They are all so familiar. Stop and go, not only can take pictures to Suoqiao, but also see the little squirrel eating fruit, the environment is really good, especially the ginkgo around, if it goes in the autumn, the ginkgo is yellow, the golden is full, and it is Another beauty
Posted: Sep 5, 2019
Mengding Mountain is a scenic spot with a very high degree of experience. In addition to the Buddha worship and the fresh air, you can also walk in the canopy to go through the jungle. However, since Mengding Mountain is a sacred mountain of tea culture, it is natural to have a tea-related experience. Here you can watch kung fu tea techniques and tea performances. Baiwen is worse than seeing it. Its better to have a try. How can you enjoy it? Its interesting to learn how to make straw shoes and experience tea in the Song Dynasty. It is said that Japanese matcha is also learned from this time, so we have to know more about it.
Posted: Sep 12, 2019
There are two museums on the Mengding Mountain. One is on the mountain. It is a red museum. It records the hard years and history of the year. The friends who like it can find out. The other is at the foot of the mountain. It is a tea culture museum. I also like it. Museum. Although I have to give another ticket, it is only 10 yuan. Not only can you learn a lot of tea-related knowledge, such as tea classification, etc., you can also see a lot of tea, tea, tea and other related equipment, as well as small exhibitions of tea rooms in various countries, quite fun. This money does not lose money What is your favorite tea room?
Posted: Sep 14, 2019
Shangli Ancient Town has appeared since more than 2,000 years ago, and there are still Ming and Qing style sling-style buildings. I have been to so many ancient towns, the most ancient towns, the ancient town is not big but clean, still retaining the age of the stone bridge, antique farmhouses, can be said to be the most ancient in the ancient town, preserve the most primitive residents Living conditions. If you want to really experience the life of the ancient town, not just to visit here, you can experience it in Shangli Ancient Town.
Posted: Nov 29, 2018