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Things To Do in Ya'an

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蓝雨艳薛2012The animals that the little friends like, it's so fun, feeding the tiger 🐯 and the lion to eat meat, there are various small animals, and the largest bird forest in Asia, there are white peacocks inside, luckily, and see the peacock open!
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judy5430Run to Ya'an Panda Base, by the way to Bifeng Gorge, have to say, Bifeng Gorge will be a pretty good summer resort, especially close to Chengdu. My friends and I like to hike, but the time is a bit insufficient. I only chose a long canyon 7.5 km. The slope in the canyon is not big. It is very fast to hike along the stream. There are guardrails along the way, and it feels very safe. The canyon is a few waterfalls along the way. Bailongtan Waterfall is quite big here. The waterfall is very high. It is almost nine or ten levels. The winter water volume is small and is enough to be spectacular. The signs along the canyon are clear, and even a person walking the canyon will be very rest assured.
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滇国剑客It is mostly foggy, but on a nice sunny day, the scenery is beautiful and charming except for the famous tea, no wonder so many people like this place.
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M44***511. The scenic spot is very beautiful, it is just May Day when you go, the weather is very good, the photos taken are very good, the air is very good, suitable for a family to come and play with children, or a few friends to play together. 2. The ticket for the Wuyi Scenic Area is 50 yuan a person, the sightseeing car is 20 yuan a person, the scenery is good in about 10 minutes, and it goes to the main classics of the scenic spot. 3. The management aspect needs to be improved, and needs to be more humane. When you arrived at the scenic spot at 10 o'clock in the morning, you told the worker that the legs were not very convenient. I wanted to park the car in the parking lot in the scenic spot. As a result, the staff did not let it, and parked in the parking lot outside the scenic spot. The place that takes the sightseeing bus, after entering the scenic spot, it takes about 20 minutes to walk the main road, and about 40 minutes to walk the left viewing path. When you go to the place that takes the sightseeing bus, you find that the car of the tourists who come back can still park in the scenic spot. It is not possible to go in early. For the inconvenience of legs, want to less walk and want to see the scenery people always say it is inconvenient.
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206***88Panda 🐼 Rolling scientific breeding base, from the big panda baby with the palm to the big baby with the play, and then the big baby's mom and dad. There is also a panda neighbor who has a very close aboriginal homestay on the cloud to listen to the water. If you want to stay more in the panda garden, you must pay attention to live and go to the travel.
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M24***34Longcanggou Diecuixi scenic spot is located in Yingjing County, Ya'an City, is a provincial forest park, the park is lush forests, the negative oxygen ion content is very high, the surrounding farmhouse is not far away, suitable for weekend vacation, there are a piece of plant world giant panda elm trees to surprise us.

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Dongla Mountain CanyonYa'an,China

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Zhougong Mountain Spa GardenYa'an,China

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Xiakou DriftingYa'an,China

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Yunfeng TempleYa'an,China

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Shenlong Hotspring Holiday ResortYa'an,China

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About Ya'an

Ya'an is located on the Ancient Southern Silk Road; it used to be the capital of Xikang Province. Ya'an received its nickname "the Rainy City" due to the abundance of rain. Ya'an has beautiful mountains and rivers, and an ecological environment which can overall be described as good; it is a natural oxygen bar and the birthplace of the world's tea culture and tea cultivation. In addition to its natural scenery, Ya'an has a rich selection of historical and cultural relics and revolutionary Communist relics. Ya'an has become a tourist attraction for people to remember the great achievements of their revolutionary ancestors as well as to feel the magnificent beauty of nature.

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Here are the best places to visit in Ya'an, including: Bifengxia Wildlife Park,Bifengxia Giant Panda Base,Mengding Mountain
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