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Things To Do in Yan'an

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JerryI don't know why they call it yellow, I say it's brown. It's one of the most beautiful waterfalls I've seen in the province of Shanxi.
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Historical Site
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qtrqqclFinally came to my heart of the holy place Yan'an. The night view is beautiful, the pagoda mountain, rolling Yanhe water. Yanhe water is not much, Anlan Gate spectacular. But we did not have the opportunity to go to the pagoda to see, let alone climb the tower far away.
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M10***80May 1 in order to avoid the crowd, specially choose the more cold route, I didn't expect to get the unexpected harvest, everyone likes the attractions, the scenery is very good, especially by boat to the island of Dingqing, really a Eva resort, and like in the sea, children can dig sand to tread water is particularly interesting.
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头妹ktOn May 4, 2021, we went to the Yuyao Grand Canyon. The Ganquan Yuyao Grand Canyon is located in the town of Ganquan Xiasiwan Zhangjia Village. Hundreds of millions of years ago, a strong earthquake separated the loess mountain into a large crack, after hundreds of years of rain, slowly formed such a canyon. The magical geology and landscape here is known as the "Antelope Canyon" in China, attracting countless photography enthusiasts to visit. Yan'an takes about an hour and a half to set off, there is a small bridge in repair, need to walk a small road, the overall road is OK. Gaode navigation paths are also accessible. The overall is ok. There are not many curves, but you also need to drive carefully. If you drive by yourself, you have to pay a 10-yuan parking fee at the gate of the scenic spot. I am worried about the number of people in the holiday. We arrived at the Yuyao Grand Canyon Scenic Area at 6 o'clock in the evening in advance. There are a lot of farmhouses. I chose one of them to live in. The farmhouse is not very clean. The water pressure is not enough. There is no bath. It is a slight cleaning. I need to bring my own toiletries and sheets. There are only farmhouse meals near the scenic spot. I live in a farmhouse dinner of 20 yuan a person home cooking rice soup dumplings. At 7:30 in the morning, you can take the bus into the canyon. There are more groups going to the canyon. We rushed into the canyon in the first wave. The first stop of the maple tree ditch took a lot of good-looking photos while the people were less. There were more people in the back two canyons. For the tourists watching, they took a quick photo and walked. You need to buy tickets and transportation fees when you enter the gate of the scenic spot. The ticket is 98 yuan. The transportation fee is 70 yuan. Children and elderly people are free of charge. If you are traffic, it is a bus. It takes about 30 minutes to drive from the gate of the scenic spot to the birch ditch. Best viewing time: 12:00-14:00 The lines are flowing across, the light and shadows are unpredictable, the phantom is amazing, and people sincerely admire the magic of nature. There are lines 1 and 2 to choose, we choose line 2. Distinction: Line 1 is Mudangou → Longbagou → Yushugou. Line 2 is Mushugou → Mudangou → Longbagou. In fact, the order is different, the scenery is the same. The scenery of the birch gully is the most beautiful. The sunlight is scattered from the top of the canyon. Each angle is a large piece, and the colors in the canyon are also different. The total length is about 1.2 kilometers. The scenery of Longba gully is also good, compared with the birch gully, which is a little less, with different characteristics, and overall is not bad. The total length is about 800m. Mudangou, deep ditch, dark light, but the landscape formed by the wash over the past 100 years is also beautiful. Full length 100m+. About wearing: Choose high saturation bright colored clothes, bright colored clothes are very good to see! Remember not to choose brown, curry colors that correspond to the background, the effect will be worse. The ditch is colder, take a jacket. The photo is colored, +2 contrast and saturation. But the original scene is also very beautiful, the color is to make the photo very color, visually better. Again, the ticket problem. Tickets and transportation tickets are together, it is equivalent to one person is 168 yuan. When you return to the scenic service station after visiting the attractions, you can get a large gift bag with the ticket, that is equivalent to a gift box, which contains some local specialties: beans.
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Monimika☘️ Yan'an Care Center Theater adopts the first domestic full-automatic stage to achieve the overall tilt and 90° vertical lifting. ☘️ Yan'an Care Center is a red classic song and dance drama that combines historical, national, artistic and innovative. It witnessed the main period of the Anti-Japanese War and the Liberation War, and is an important part of the history of Chinese revolution. ☘️ High-tech 3D imaging technology makes warplanes roaring, fierce wars, romantic stars, dynamic quicksand, hanging waterfalls and other special effects realistically presented. ☘️ The profound content, the magnificent scene, the unique style, the impact of the brand-new red performance boutique, let many old comrades who experienced the storm of that era moved to tears.

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Chairman Mao's Former ResidenceYan'an,China

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Wanhua MountainYan'an,China

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Wayaobugeming SiteYan'an,China

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Wazi Street Battle Martyrs' CemeteryYan'an,China

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Mulan CemeteryYan'an,China

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Shu Ding Manbu Huaxue BaseYan'an,China

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Hukou Waterfall: a thousand miles of Yellow River poured from a teapot # Few in the world have seen the golden waterfall # Hukou Waterfall, located in Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province. It is a national scenic spot with 4A rating. The upstream width area of the Yellow River is 300 meters, but within a distance of less than 500 meters of the waterfall, it is compressed to a width of 20-30 meters. The river pours 1000 cubic meters per second from a steep cliff that is more than 20 meters high, hence forming "a thousand miles of Yellow River poured from a teapot." Every summer, owing to changes in the flow of water above the mouth of the teapot, everyone can see the wonderful sight of multiple waterfalls.
avtarTripBlog   Nov 25, 2019

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Located in the northern part of Shaanxi Province, Yan'an was the end of the Long March of the Red Army and the base of the Chinese Communist Party from 1935 to 1948. Among all the revolutionary base cities in China, Yan'an is the city with the largest scale, the largest number and the most complete layout of the old revolutionary sites. It is an educational base for patriotism, revolutionary tradition and the Yan'an spirit. There are also Xuanyuan Huangdi Mausoleum, which is the "Number One Ancient Tomb in China", Baota Mountain and other historical monuments. There are an abundance of natural landscapes including Yan'an Yellow River Hukou Waterfall and Wanhua Mountain, the country's largest wild peony colony and the hometown of Mulan.

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Here are the best places to visit in Yan'an, including: Hukou Waterfall,Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor,Qiankun Bay
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