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Zaoyuan Revolution Former Site
The jujuyuan revolutionary site is the seat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Located 8 kilometers northwest of Yan'an City. It was originally a landlord's manor. After the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was stationed in Yan'an, it was the residence of the Central Ministry of Social Affairs. It was renamed as Yanyuan. On the two sides of the main gate, there are two words on the two sides of the book, Yanyuan. From 1944 to March 1947, the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee moved from Yangjialing to this place. During this period of residence, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China continued to lead the whole party in carrying out the rectification movement and the mass production movement carried out by the military and civilians in the Liberated Areas, preparing for the "Seventh National Congress" of the Communist Party of China, leading the national army and civilians to achieve the final victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, and leading the people throughout the country. In order to strive for democracy and unity, to build the country peacefully, and to wage a tit-for-tat struggle with the Kuomintang die-hards, they fully prepared for the comprehensive civil war of the Kuomintang reactionaries. In the jujube garden, there are also old comrades of Comrade Mao Zedong, old residences of Comrade Zhu De, old comrades of Zhou Enlai, old comrades of Liu Shaoqi, and old comrades of Ren Bishi, all of which have very historical significance. In addition, Zaoyuan is a garden-style revolutionary memorial. The spring, summer, autumn and winter scenery are beautiful, the environment is quiet, and there are a wide variety of flowers and trees growing inside. The buildings are looming and beautiful, and the scenery is beautiful. In 1996, the ceremony of collecting the "fire of the revolution" in the torch relay of the "National College Games" in the "National College Games" was held in Zaoyuan and was one of the important bases for the revolutionary traditional education in China.
The anti-Japanese movie and TV show in memory seems to be inseparable from the tears of devils and other dog-blood plots. At the beginning of "Yan'an Yan'an Red Show", the opening surprise was doomed to be a unique work. He skillfully combines the scenery around Yan'an and uses the terraced fields of Liangjiahe to make a stage design. It is comparable to the dance beauty of Broadway. It is a book of the northern Shaanxi storytelling that is embedded in the traditional old artist's neck. It has already made me dare to know how to use wow. expression. However, the biggest regret is that due to the excellence of the creative staff, we did not see the full red show. I only hope that I will have the opportunity to watch the performance of Yan'an and the Red Revolution for an hour worth 100,000 per second. Hong Xiu's epic grand scene and groundbreaking theater style show the fiery youth of the young people who are dedicated to the ideal and mission. Hong Xiu's "Yan'an Yan'an" is a combination of drama and show. In 1937, after Snow came to Yan'an, Snow published the book "Red Star Shines in China", which attracted a large number of intellectuals to go to Yan'an. Shanghai girl Bai Yanming went to Yan'an with a romantic revolution and met with the Red Army cadre Ouyang Jian. Because of the loss of the whole family's male studs due to the war, they found their belongings in the revolutionary ranks and regarded Ouyang Jian and Bai Yanming as relatives. Just as the distance between Ouyangjian and Bai Yanming was getting closer, the Japanese bombings came and the two sacrificed in the fire.
I haven't heard of Yan'an before, I heard that there is a unique noodle here - the festival. Such a strange name makes people more curious. When I went to Yan'an, I decided to refuse the big meal of my friends and went to the street to find the festival. The old Shaanxi North Festival store is shaped like a cave dwelling. The signboard of the red gold-plated, the door of the semi-arc, the curtain of the old cloth, each reveals the characteristics of the old northern Shaanxi. Uncovering the curtain, a warmth hit, the winter in the north is really comfortable. A large plate was brought up, and 15 kinds of spices were placed in a mahogany tray. It was amazing, and there was so much ingredients in a pasta. Some can understand it, some can't recognize it, so I asked about it before dinner. 15 kinds of seasonings According to the row, the first row has leek, scallions, shallots, Laoshanbei black sauce, lard. The second row of Ganquan tofu, then raspberry oil, sesame salt, tomato sauce, third row of green pepper, dried bean curd, beef sauce, mustard, pea garlic sauce. The main food is served on the table, with a yellowish color, like a small fish, made of three pea flour, a wheat flour, with the scent of peas. According to your favorite seasonings, you can add it as a noodle soup, or you can pour the soup into a noodle soup. I first tried to use it as a noodles. The taste was very unique and very fragrant. The ingredients I adjusted were not too salty. I added dried beans, mustard, and raspberry oil. The fragrance was very fragrant and the taste was very good. The face is not soft or hard, just right.
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