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Things To Do in Yanagawa

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City | ​​landmark
乐吃购Liuchuan is a moat next to Liuchuan City, Fukuoka Prefecture. It was originally a moat of Liuchuan City. Now it provides travel services for passengers with a boat trip river (お めぐり). Down the moat, with the song of the boatman, the natural scenery of the town is unobstructed. In summer, it will also increase the night boating cool activities Oh! Moonlight, breeze, but also a special flavor!
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Other Places of Worship
TaleTellThat day encounters the 8th typhoon, the wind and rain mixed, the wind and rain added without any price, added some mysterious color. Like antiques and history, it is still very suitable to come to the National Museum to punch the card ~ Dazaifu Tianman Palace and the National Museum are connected, through the long indoor passage, can be directly reached, it feels like a crossing ~ Dazaifu can draw lots, My companions have drawn different degrees of "Ji", and it's a happy picture. Maybe there is no sign of "Ji" ~ The specialty here is a kind of umecake, in fact, our tatami and bean paste and then fried it. It is very famous and cheap. You can try it. When the weather is good, Dazaifu is very photogenic, the view and architecture are beautiful.
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真的在一起的时候Saga Castle (さがじょう) is a castle in Saga City, Saga Prefecture, Japan. Located in the center of Saga, the structure of the castle is a compound-style Heijo castle with Lungu and Tikaku, and it used to have multiple Soabori. Saga Castle was remodeled by Nakamura Castle of the Ryuzoji family. In 1584, Ryuzoji Takanobu and Shimadzu Arima's combined forces were killed in battle, and the Nabeshima clan took the real power. Although Naoshige Nabeshima had a plan to transform the castle at the time, he was still afraid of the main house and did not implement it.
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Observation Deck
E30***49Romantic view because Fukuoka Tower is Love ❤️ I highly recommend to visit here coz I bet you'll fall in love with it.
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E33***78beautiful park in the city. best for elderly until childrens.best view
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John EwaltThe architecture for the castle is similar to what one associates with Japanese castles. The screens inside are impressive, as can be the view from inside. The flower garden on the grounds is also nice.

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Yanagawa OhanaYanagawa,Japan

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Tachibana House ArchivesYanagawa,Japan

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Yanagawa Castle Moat Water GateYanagawa,Japan

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Namikura WarehousesYanagawa,Japan

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Yanagawa Kawakudari (Yanagawa River Kanko)Yanagawa,Japan

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